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ActiveCampaign vs. Klaviyo: Which Email Marketing Tool Better at Ecommerce?

ActiveCampaign vs. Klaviyo are two of the most popular email marketing platforms.

But keep in mind that they are quite different and come with their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses, which means that you’ll have to study each one to see which best fits your particular company goals.

In the review below, we’ll an in-depth comparison between the two products, look at where each one excels, how they stack up against each other in specific areas, and finally give an overall opinion about how you can decide which is ideal for your own purposes.


ActiveCampaign vs. Klaviyo

The main goal that the Klaviyo creators set out with is ease-of-integration.

The product is uniquely constructed so e-commerce companies can rapidly integrate with all the top e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and others.

The other side of Klaviyo is that it’s meant to be used both as a B2C solution as well as a way to conduct B2B campaigns.

ActiveCampaign is not meant to be a clone of any other email marketing tool.

In fact, it focuses on three components of the marketing/sales effort, namely CRM (customer-relationship-management), fully automated marketing functions, and standard email marketing.

Companies who opt for ActiveCampaign are often comfortable with in-the-cloud solutions that excel in making all kinds of connections with potential customers and engaging them on many levels.


Features Face-Off 

In the head-to-head feature lineup below, I’ve listed a “winner” for each category, but you need to consider which features are most essential for your own daily operational efficiency.

It’s helpful to scan the list of features and rank the ones that you value the most. After that, it’s easier to make a decision based on your company’s unique goals, needs, and budget.


Email Delivery Rate

For companies of all sizes, it’s vital to know the chances that a given email message will arrive safely in the intended recipient’s box.

That’s why email testing is just as, if not more important than design testing and spam testing.

If your delivery rate is not high, you will have ended up wasting time, money, and physical energy for very little return.

Poor delivery rates typically mean your beautifully crafted messages go to spam boxes or simply don’t get delivered at all.

With ActiveCampaign , you get the full support of a team of real people who carefully examine the first several emails and make sure everything is running smoothly with delivery. The Klaviyo email marketing tool, however, has no human team at your back.

But they do have services of third parties that can check your delivery rates with human eyes.

Keep in mind that you can always bump up your delivery rate by doing diligent design testing and spam testing first. But all things being equal, ActiveCampaign has a delivery of about 90 percent compared to Klaviyo of around 80 percent.

It’s nit-picking here, but ActiveCampaign edges out Klaviyo in the deliverability race by a measurable amount, at least 10 percent. So, winner for deliverability of email is ActiveCampaign.



ActiveCampaign 00



Both products have free 14-day trials and basic plans that offer unlimited email messages and 500 subscribers as a maximum.

The difference is that Klaviyo charges $20 and ActiveCampaign charges $15 for that standard package. However, because Klaviyo is more geared toward e-commerce companies, you’re likely better off spending the extra $5 for the product if it’s what your company needs.

Again, we’re getting down to nearly unimportant differences in this category because you can opt for annual billing with Klaviyo and only pay $17 each month. So, is there a winner?

ActiveCampaign edges out Klaviyo in the price category, with the caveat: if you are an e-commerce merchant, the minuscule span in pricing doesn’t make a hoot of difference.



ActiveCampaign 00



Both these products have an excellent array of native (you don’t have to fork over extra money) integrations.

You’ll hear a lot of advertising about how Klaviyo is the king of this category because it has so many native e-commerce integrations.

That is not a balanced advertising claim because what competitors, like ActiveCampaign in this case, lack in e-commerce integrations they make up for with social media and CRM integrations that Klaviyo does not have. So, it’s a balancing act once again.

Each product has its strengths, which means there’s no category winner here.

ActiveCampaign excels with CRM, SM, while Klaviyo is e-commerce integrations.


Winner: Tie.

ActiveCampaign 00Klaviyo 00


Customer Service and Support

There are key differences in this category because Klaviyo does not offer live chat support to any of its free plan members, only to customers who have paid plans.

Plus, ActiveCampaign has a pretty impressive array of support for onboarding, training, migration, and seminars for individuals or several people at a time.

ActiveCampaign gets this contest hands-down because of its wide-ranging, helpful customer support options, even for users of the free plans.



ActiveCampaign 00


User-Friendly Rating

The Klaviyo team worked hard to make user-friendliness a top priority, and it shows. While some higher functions can be tricky, the entry-level components and functionality are a breeze.

Even if you have zero experience with these types of products and are having trouble at first, you can get detailed instructions on how to get from “point A to point B” as you set things up.

With ActiveCampaign, overall user-friendliness is good but not up to the level set by Klaviyo. For instance, lead-scoring setup can be a pain with ActiveCampaign.

Klaviyo has no co-dependent features, so you can set up each feature in whatever order you choose.

Klaviyo gets this round as a clear winner. Even green beginners with email marketing tools can get up and running in no time.



Klaviyo 00


Flexibility of Use and Design Ease

Here’s a category where it’s easy to see how each one of these products is designed for a different purpose.

In the Klaviyo dashboard, most of the data is geared toward e-commerce information.

ActiveCampaign does not arrange things that way, instead opting for a dashboard that shows items like amount of activity and quantity of contact growth.

And, while both ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo have more than 30 pre-built templates, you’ll be able to do HTML coding and layout editing with the ActiveCampaign templates.

Another tie, because the tools are designed to excel in different areas.



ActiveCampaign 00Klaviyo 00



Every merchant who sends out marketing email messages wants to know whether the items will end up in spam folders.

Plus, they want to have good information about whether the design works.

With ActiveCampaign, you can do all that with in-built features. Klaviyo users need to opt for third-party functionality to do spam, design, or any other kind of email testing.

ActiveCampaign clearly wins this feature category.



ActiveCampaign 00



If you want to create your own dashboard from scratch and put all your own relevant revenue information in it, the Klaviyo marketing software is up to the job.

Additionally, you can create reports that quickly show results of individual products, marketing campaigns, and other parameters.

On top of that, Klaviyo lets you select a viewing format that is fully customized by your needs. And the data you see at any given moment is “live.”

ActiveCampaign has decent reporting functionality but users can’t connect revenue and earnings data, for example, to the analytics.

Klaviyo wins this round without a doubt because it offers powerful reporting functions like revenue-based data analytics and customer reports based on subscriptions, to name just a few.



Klaviyo 00



Special Features for Each Product

No product is perfect, but most excel in a few categories.

For instance, ActiveCampaign comes out on top with components like, email delivery rates, spam, customer support, design testing, and total features for email marketing.

If you’re looking to spend less, obviously ActiveCampaign is the way to go. But, if you want what Klaviyo has to offer, it might be worth your while to spend more to get all that e-commerce power.

But in general, the strengths of the Klaviyo marketing platform are the range of reporting options and user-friendliness.

Plus, you can choose from event-oriented or data-oriented reports depending on what you need at the moment.



Klaviyo Standout Features:

  • Reporting in either event or data formats
  • User-friendly interface all around
  • Perfect for Shopify users
  • Top-notch analytics and very simple email creation
  • Segmentation potential is virtually limitless




ActiveCampaign Standout Features:

  • Customer service and support
  • Functionality of design testing
  • Email delivery rates
  • Avoiding the spam folders of your potential customers
  • Number of email marketing features


Klaviyo Pros and Cons

Klaviyo Pros:

  • The sheer number, 300-plus, of integrations for e-commerce platforms
  • Excellent reporting functionality
  • Quick, easy, and useful form generation
  • Comprehensive automation of most email marketing functions used in day-to-day operations

Klaviyo Cons:

  • Pricing is higher than most competitors and could be lower
  • A bit on the complex side for a few of the higher functions, overall, for beginners and those new to email marketing


ActiveCampaign Pros and Cons

ActiveCampaign Pros:

  • Total ease-of-use with super-easy interface so anyone can monitor entire marketing campaigns
  • The price can’t be beat in this product niche
  • It’s a cinch to do split testing on whole sequences instead of just one item at a time, which saves hours
  • Some of the best machine-learning capabilities of any email marketing product out there

ActiveCampaign Cons:

  • The final reports could be better, are hard to navigate and don’t meet the overall quality level of the rest of the product’s features
  • AC’s CRM system is baked into the product, which means you can’t use your favorite stand-alone version that is possibly better than AC’s.


The Verdict

Obviously, both Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign have their strong and weak points, so neither one is an ideal purchase. In fact, they’re both pretty good at what they do.


ActiveCampaign Home 00


You’ll probably be happiest with ActiveCampaign if:

  • You prefer to have online and in-person training from the beginning
  • Your main goal is building superior customer relationships
  • Your business is sized between small and medium
  • You want a very low price for a generous number of worthwhile features


Klaviyo Home 00


Likewise, Klaviyo will most likely suit your needs best if:

  • E-commerce is at the heart of what your company does
  • You need simple integration with platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and similar ones
  • You value the ability to use your own customized website for both business-to-customer and business-to-business purposes
  • You prefer the very best in email testing, spam testing, and want powerful email marketing functionality with multiple features


Our Pick

As with every customer experience automation product, do a free trial if possible and put each contender to the test of actual day-to-day operations of your business.

Remember, this kind of software is an investment for long-term business success, so do your due diligence and select the one that meets the greatest number of your unique requirements.

Overall, we like ActiveCampaign because of its advanced marketing automation features and accessibility for a wise range of businesses, and not just ecommerce like Klaviyo.


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