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8 Beginner Friendly Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity for those looking to get started making money online. Here are a few beginner friendly ways to do so.



Stepping into the complex realm of affiliate marketing is, for many beginners, remarkably daunting.

Learning some beginner-friendly affiliate marketing strategies can help you navigate this tricky online business venture.

In order for a strategy to be appropriate for an affiliate marketing newbie, it needs to not only attract new leads but also engage them.


Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

Promoting various affiliate offers is a quest that many few individuals actually stick with for a long enough duration to actually receive their desired results.

Besides simply giving up, most beginners in the affiliate marketing space are also attempting to bring in new revenue for themselves with terribly inefficient tactics.

There are several reasons for the failures of inexperienced affiliate marketers. The goal of this video is to help you avoid joining the masses of inexperienced, uninformed and unsuccessful affiliate marketers.

The affiliate marketing industry, as you are likely already aware, offers tremendous opportunities for those who are dedicated enough and knowledgeable enough to implement efficient affiliate marketing strategies over the long term.

Many fresh affiliates, though, become quickly overwhelmed due to the amount of endless, and often contradictory, affiliate marketing techniques being shared throughout the internet.

If your affiliate marketing goals center around simplicity and a sizable income, then it is important to understand which strategies professionals in the space are actually using.

Paying attention to the actions of affiliates who are already promoting their chosen offers with a high degree of success can deliver valuable insight, regardless of your experience as an affiliate.

Therefore, it is crucial that those just starting to become more familiar with this online business model focus only on the most beginner-friendly affiliate marketing strategies.


#1. Utilize Content Marketing

If you are currently pursuing affiliate revenue, then you cannot afford to overlook content marketing’s effectiveness.

This tactic has brought in substantial affiliate income for many of the marketers who have committed to it.

Many unsuccessful affiliates, however, are hesitant to utilize content marketing due to the amount of effort involved.

The ways that different affiliates implement content marketing vary widely. What are your options when it comes to the beginner-friendly affiliate strategy of content marketing?

You could, for example, write up some comparison articles. This is a time-efficient content marketing tactic if you compare the features of multiple affiliate offers in the same article.

If you take this approach, then be sure to include an informative table or chart with your conclusions clearly displayed, as some of your visitors will inevitably skip to this feature instead of reading through your entire comparison article.

Another popular tactic is the honest review. With this tactic, your content will clear up various doubts and questions those considering your affiliate product may have.

If you go this route, then it is vital that your content is designed to educate your potential buyers first and market to them second.


#2. Use Email Marketing to Your Advantage

Although this digital marketing channel seems to constantly be talked about, there are good reasons for this.

Email marketing is what is known as “evergreen marketing.” Fortunately, affiliates can utilize this channel just as well as large brands.

This is even more efficient when an affiliate chooses to combine both email marketing and content marketing.

Whether you message your recipients to gain their trust, tell them about new promotions or drive immediate affiliate conversions, emails are something that aspiring affiliate marketers should certainly be taking advantage of.

Collecting these email leads as an affiliate marketer is a very similar process to collecting leads to promote your own products.

Landing pages, forms and other lead generation tools are widely used by the most successful affiliates on the planet.

Do be cautious, though, about becoming the “spammy affiliate marketer” who sends out far too many automated, promotional emails.

It is wise to gather more details about your buyers persona first.

Although this list will ultimately be used to push your various affiliate offers, most of the emails that individuals on your list receive should be necessary updates, informative messages and the occasional affiliate offer.


#3. Promote Reputable Offers

Some of the most common advice that beginning affiliates receive has to do with finding niche offers that do not have as many competing affiliates as more popular products do.

This can work, so long as those offers are from well-established brands, are truly valuable to your audience and have stellar reviews.

If the niche offers you chosen, however, do not meet those standards, then you should probably think twice about promoting them.

As a beginning affiliate, you can run into trouble if you place too much emphasis on obscure offers.

These can seem appealing as a marketer, but the same can rarely be said for a consumer.

You will typically see drastically lower conversion rates when promoting obscure affiliate offers from brands that most consumers are unfamiliar with.

A product’s creator and seller will contribute heavily to the overall sales conversation.

Consumers whom you promote your lucrative affiliate offers to will be far more likely to trust your opinion and spend money using your various affiliate links if you present them with offers from brands they already consider to be reputable.


8 Beginner Friendly Affiliate Marketing Strategies 3


#4. Seek out Affiliate Offers With Recurring Commissions

Choose products that you can generate recurring commissions with will definitely pay off in the long term.

Many professional affiliates swear by recurring revenue products when it comes to building a highly sustainable affiliate marketing operation.

Longevity in the affiliate marketing realm will be far more achievable if you select such offers.

If, in the future, you find it more difficult to generate many new leads for a particular offer, then being able to capitalize on previous conversions will ease your worries.

Changes to search engine algorithms, social media platforms and paid advertising platforms can do serious damage to an online business that was previously gaining the majority of its traffic from those sources.

Subscription-based affiliate offers are a great way to protect yourself from this potential affiliate marketing catastrophe.

Even if you still promote offers with one-time commissions, it is advisable to have at least a few products that deliver recurring revenue in your affiliate marketing business at any given time.


#5. Find High-Paying Offers

There is certainly nothing wrong with new affiliates choosing to promote several low-paying products.

However, most long-term affiliate marketers find it necessary to add some products to their list that earn larger commissions.

With a similar amount of traffic and an average conversion rate, an affiliate will reap larger rewards from a high-paying offer.

This remains true whether you are a beginning affiliate marketer or a veteran in the space.

Many popular affiliate programs are paying out relatively low commission rates these days. To combat that issue, beginning affiliates should prioritize high-paying affiliate offers.

This way, their promotion efforts will be much more valuable.

Seeking out high-ticket affiliate programs is something that many inexperienced affiliate marketers do not even consider, let alone attempt.

Do not be one of the naïve affiliate marketers who refuses to acknowledge the importance of pushing high-paying offers.


#6. Improve Your Landing Page And Sales Funnel

Whether promoting third-party offers or your own products, an important tool in the online marketer’s arsenal is the landing page.

If you want your affiliate conversions to be as high as possible, then it is crucial that your landing page is not only visually pleasing but also strongly optimized for conversions.

Traffic sources vary among successful affiliate marketers. One thing is certain, though.

Most of the traffic you manage to drive from direct searches, email marketing, PPC advertising or social media will be directed toward the landing page you have set up for your affiliate product.

Making sure this page is of the highest quality should be a priority to any online marketer, and beginning affiliates rarely spend enough time working on this asset.

An affiliate product’s landing page, however, is just one step in your overall affiliate sales funnel.

An affiliate’s new leads, however, need to be kept up-to-date and nurtured through the conversion process.

This usually takes place through a series of automated email messages.

Improving both your affiliate landing page and your overall sales funnel after you have collected a brand-new lead will go a long way toward making you a more successful affiliate marketer.


8 Beginner Friendly Affiliate Marketing Strategies 2


#7. Try Social Media Marketing

Many profitable affiliate marketers find social media marketing to be of great value.

For most people who are still trying to get their feet on solid ground when it comes to affiliate marketing, social media should not be the primary focus in the early stages.

These individuals are much better off using social media marketing as a complement to their other strategies, such as publishing content and nurturing the growth of an email list.

An affiliate marketer who is able to confidently connect with an audience relevant to their offer will be in a great position.

Social media campaigns offer the benefit of helping an aspiring affiliate get in front of a relevant audience for free.

If you are already confident in your social media marketing know-how, then it may be beneficial for you to set up an affiliate campaign on your favorite platforms.

Focusing on the other strategies we’ve mentioned in this video, though, will likely be a better use of your time.


#8. Learn About Search Engine Optimization

While this is a more long-term approach to affiliate marketing, it is one of the most beginner-friendly options available.

One major disadvantage that affiliates who prefer paid advertising must deal with is the possibility of their advertising budget dwarfing their overall commissions.

This is even more likely for inexperienced affiliate marketers because they will be unfamiliar with PPC best practices.

If you elect to prioritize search engine optimization instead, then you will not have the same worries as other affiliates when it comes to overhead and acquisition cost.

Organic, sustainable traffic is one of the key selling points for affiliates who want to learn about search engine optimization.

This beginner-friendly affiliate marketing strategy is almost always used alongside content marketing.

Together, this duo can work wonders for a new affiliate looking to drive cost-efficient, low-stress traffic to their offers.

Beginning affiliates should research backlinking strategies SEO best practices if they want to take this approach to building a dependable affiliate marketing business.


So What’s Next?

Looking to get started quickly with affiliate marketing? This training program can help you get your affiliate marketing business started quickly even if you don’t have any prior experience.


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