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Best Email Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best email marketing tool for small businesses is, then we recommend ActiveCampaign as the best one. 

Email marketing is a great way to create progress and help your small business reach the sales goals you set for the year.

There are several options on the market, but the best email marketing tool allows you direct contact with customers and the ability to prioritize the marketing strategy you’ve created.

Once you have determined the need for a dedicated email marketing platform, it helps to know what tools would best serve your business and what type of platform is the best fit.


Here are the top email marketing tools:


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Why It’s Important to Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for Your Business

Email marketing is recognized as the best marketing strategy for business because it offers the highest return on investment.

The initial investment in both time and money, as well as getting your brand in front of customers the right way the first time, makes it essential to choose the best email marketing tool for your business from the start.

When it comes to choosing the right tool you want to look for dependable software, a program that offers a variety of easy to use tools, complete control over your email list and the content you send out, and fair rates for the services that are offered.

The messaging of your marketing strategy is important, but the timing and delivery of those emails are more important.

Without a reliable system and well built software that is capable of performing even the best planned and scheduled marketing strategy will fall flat.


What to Look for in Email Marketing Tools

Different email marketing tools place varying levels of importance on the several factors that make advertising emails work.

Determining what is the most important to your business and marketing strategy will lead you to the best option for your needs.

However, each and every option out there should be offered and be well functioning.

An easy to use interface and content creation system is essential to any business needing to connect with their customers.

There is nothing more frustrating the not being able to create a simple email layout after several hours, so find the option that places a lot of importance on making the process as idiot proof as possible.

Targeted email lists are essential to promoting your business and necessary as marketing laws are adopted and implemented.

You want tools that give you control over the email lists that you create and allow you to create email that target each and every buyer through targeted email lists.

Processing large email deliveries in bulk is also another tool that is key to a great service.

Delayed and slow delivery systems are sadly common among email marketing tools, but when you are trying to run campaigns that are time sensitive the impact gets lost by a service that cannot handle bulk delivery.


What Are the Benefits of an Email Marketing Tool?

First and foremost email marketing is going to increase the amount of money your business is able to earn over time, but there are several other benefits that provide you with more than financial returns.

The ability to communicate with an audience that you are creating content for is one of the biggest benefits of a dedicated email marketing tool.

Building a loyal and engaged email list makes it easier to gather information and feedback that you would have to otherwise pay for.

Generating traffic to your site, online content, or a physical space, outlet, or event is possible when you create enticing campaigns that folks are able to connect with.

Emails allow you to get the word out faster, to a bigger audience, in a way that other types of advertising are unable to replicate.

Opportunities for self promotion can be hard to come by, but your own dedicated email lists are the perfect place and time to do this.

People that sign up for your newsletters are already ready to hear your message, they are leads that you don’t have to spend time or money to find.

Take advantage of this opportunity to share your message, toot your horn, and spread the word about all the wonderful things you or your brand has going on.

Purchasing an email marketing tool is an investment, and it’s a wise one because it comes with the built in benefit of allowing you to launch, conduct, and reap the benefits of a marketing campaign that does not need to cost you any additional money.

Marketing campaigns that are able to be carried out entirely through email require less of a budget simply by utilizing something you already pay for.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits to anybody interested in email marketing is the ownership of the email and contact list that you have accumulated over time.

This information and resource is yours and more valuable than almost any other aspect of your business.


Best Email Marketing Tool For Small Businesses 01


Email Marketing Tool Reviews

A great tool will help you hone and grow the list of contacts that you can reach out to for as long as necessary.



GetResponse 00

GetResponse is an all in one marketing platform that seamlessly aligns with your email marketing tool needs.

It has a wide range of advanced features give you complete control over every segment of your content creation and email list delivery. The ability to create and focus on targeted email lists.

It has autoresponders that can be customized and transaction emails reduce any workload across every department.

It makes email creation easy with the help of customizable templates makes it easy to create content while ensuring a unique look and feel.

GetResponse also includes key email analytics and email reports that give you an up to the minute report of how well your marketing campaign is performing, when your contact list is active, and what types of messaging lead to sales.

The price points that are feasible for email contact lists of all sizes and creators of all budgets, with some discounted pricing available to certain types of users.

There is also an entire e-commerce service at your fingertips that gives you the ability to expand your operations and saves you money on multiple services. Webinar hosting, custom landing pages, and sales funnels can all be integrated.



GetResponse Pros

  • Attractive interface
  • Comprehensive tools for various levels of marketers

GetResponse Cons

  • Limited dedicated support and hand-holding




ActiveCampaign 00

ActiveCampaign includes one on one training and support for as long as you are a client and need to use the service and tools that are part of the platform.

It has powerful automation features that still feel unique and are able to be customized to both your brand and your contacts through smart software that becomes familiar with your style and needs.

ActiveCampaign also includes premade email marketing segments and layouts that make it easy to quickly create messaging that resonates with readers and is able to generate leads and sales.

The smart organization features and sales automation within ActiveCampaign takes out a lot of the legwork associated with follow up, data collection, and updates.

The engagement tools give you the ability to connect with users at any time, going one step beyond emails.

There are also built in chat features, engaged tracking, and message segmentation leaves every person on your email list feeling like they have a direct line to you.

ActiveCampaign also has the ability to track the moves and interaction of every email recipient with your content in order to tighten up or modify your marketing strategies.

Overall, it’s affordable for any business no matter how small or how large your email contact list gets.



ActiveCampaign Pros

  • Comprehensive email marketing automation tools
  • Workflows and automations can save you a lot of time in your business

ActiveCampaign Cons

  • Can take a while to get up and running
  • A bit of a learning curve




AWeber 00

AWeber is best for small businesses just starting out and in need of a service that has tools and services that become more valuable as you grow.

It offers a free version that is incredibly generous in the tools that are available, and is priced reasonably for the full marketing platform.

It’s really made to help you grow and cultivate your email contact list while providing the tools to create successful marketing campaigns.

Included with AWeber is a well tuned push notification email system that ensures your campaigns go off without a hitch and your emails make it into every inbox it is intended for.

This email marketing software also includes layouts, landing pages, and access to stock photos take all the work out of putting together emails and sourcing the necessary digital content for a clean and branded look.

We like the in-person assistance around the clock and helpful blog and video training tools that can be accessed by anyone that uses their platform.

Also, the email automation and automatic newsletters that pull content from your website save you time and energy, making it easier to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.



AWeber Pros

  • Great customer support
  • Lots of resources to learn email marketing

AWeber Cons

  • On the pricier side




Wishpond 00

Wishpond has the ability to build and create emails, landing pages, and marketing campaigns in minutes with the premade layouts and digital tools.

It has automatic website features that offer additional ways to market through your emails such as pop ups and a referral program.

The automatic marketing features that track and then prompt leads as they interact with your emails and content.

Wishpond also has the ability to personalize emails based on the activity and information gathered from your email contacts. This type of personalization is valuable to any marketing campaign.

Detailed lead profiles within Wishpond give you valuable insight into your customers and email list, helping you shape future marketing campaigns conducted via email.

Also, the social promotions across all social media platforms that are seamlessly connected to your email messaging.

There is also cart abandonment features that keeps track of possible leads for you and sends reminders to contacts automatically.



Wishpond Pros

  • Dedicated support
  • Access to a team of marketing experts

Wishpond Cons

  • May be overkill for your small business




MailerLite 00

MailerLite is a fully functional app that makes it easy to manage email and marketing campaigns on the goal.

It is available in multiple languages, and assistance available for users around the globe as well.

We think it’s an easy to use platform that offers just as much power behind the scenes as any other email marketing platform.

The pricing is based on the size of your email contact list and the tools that you require so you never pay for more than you need and can grow with the platform as your readership grows.

It’s functional within your own domain making it easier to work with a platform that you are already familiar with.

MailerLite also has the ability to connect your email marketing campaigns to other web services you are already using which also ensures that you get a clear and complete picture of your traffic and interactions.

We like the fast implementation into your existing platforms and tools that you already subscribe to, with full time support to help walk you through any problems that may arise.



MailerLite Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Specialized email marketing software

MailerLite Cons

  • Might eventually outgrow this software


Our Pick

Overall, no matter what the size of your email contact list, the level of skill you already possess, or what you are interested in doing before purchasing the best email marketing tool, ActiveCampaign is the clear leader.

The best tools and platforms are always going to be those that are able to anticipate your needs before you even realize you need them.

ActiveCampaign does this in every area of their platform, giving you more tools and options than you need, providing additional services that you will want, and helping you learn how to leverage all of it.

For the same price as all the other options reviewed, ActiveCampaign goes above and beyond providing the basics necessary to cultivate an incredible email marketing strategy and gives you the tools to scale up.

You will notice the difference almost as fast as your email contact list does, through the ability to personalize your message and branding in order to connect with each and every individual on your email list.

Finally, the complete suite of automation tools that require no extra work and reduces your workload in the end make ActiveCampaign the best email marketing tool on the market.


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