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BlueHost vs. GoDaddy: Which Web Hosting Company Should You Choose?

In order to get your business online, you’ll need a website builder and reliable hosting with solid security.

This article will take a closer look at Bluehost vs. GoDaddy and compare their packages, hosting options, and more.


BlueHost vs. GoDaddy

Head to Head


Bluehost sells a regular WordPress service and a managed WordPress service. Both options include features that can build a brand.

The standard hosting plans for WordPress are optimized to provide the highest level of reliability and performance.

Each plan includes basic setup and access to automated updates. There is a WordPress Hosting plan, a WP Pro plan, and an E-commerce plan.

The WordPress Hosting plan is the most popular package; it’s great for a brand new WordPress user who needs to manage more than one low-traffic website.

A WP Pro plan is a step above the entry level plan. It’s equipped for higher traffic volumes. The E-commerce package is the only option for an online store.

A site on this plan can handle very high traffic volumes, and it can process secure payments as well.

The competition has a Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate, and E-commerce plan for WordPress. Typically, the Ultimate plan has the best value.

However, since the company runs sales regularly, it’s very easy to get a great deal on any of the packages.

GoDaddy has the edge because its WordPress plans are strategically structured and conveniently priced.


GoDaddy 00



There are three hosting plans offered by Bluehost. The most popular option is the Shared Hosting plan. It costs $4.95 a month, and it’s a suitable option for anyone who just wants to build a general blog or website.

The VPS plan is best for a business that’s on track to grow. The Bluehost top-tier hosting option is called the Dedicated plan. It includes all of the building blocks for a high-traffic website.

GoDaddy includes four hosting packages. The cheapest plan costs $8.99. It features a free email and a domain.

The Deluxe plan is the next package. It includes all of the Economy’s features and adds unlimited websites and storage.

The Ultimate package and the Maximum package are for high-traffic websites.

They basically have the same features. The other difference is the available processing power. The Maximum package’s software delivers the most power for demanding applications.

The GoDaddy hosting plans win because they’re reasonably priced, and they’re even more affordable during a sale.


GoDaddy 00



Both services have the same basic domain services. However, there are some differences that relate to features and perks.

The main selling point of Bluehost is its easy domain management system.

It has a convenient interface that makes the process of managing all aspects of different domains easier.

Other highlights that add value to the Bluehost hosting packages include an extremely fast domain search tool and access to many geo-location domains.

The GoDaddy domain management software is also easy to use, and it allows you to create up to 100 subdomains.

Although the Bluehost domain features are very solid, the GoDaddy option for up to 100 subdomains gives it the edge.


GoDaddy 00


Online Store Packages

If you want to build an online store using Bluehost, you’ll have two options. You can select the monthly $12.95 Standard plan or the monthly $24.95 Premium plan.

The Standard plan includes everything that you’ll need to launch an online store, and the Premium plan has tools that can help you customize and grow a successful store.

No matter what plan you pick, you’ll get great customer support from the Bluehost team. The team will help you

  • Set up the store
  • Stock the store
  • Custom the store
  • Use plug-ins


The process of launching a store on the GoDaddy platform is a breeze because you can get started for free.

The GoDaddy online store package gives you access to hundreds of templates, smart integrations, and convenient shipping and payment options.

Bluehost wins this round because the dedicated customer service team provides peace of mind every step of the way.


bluehost 00



As a Bluehost customer, you’ll have access to very powerful email tools if you sign up for one of the hosting plan.

In terms of the email packages, there is an Email Essentials plan, a Business Plus plan, and a Business Pro plan.

The Email Essentials plan is suitable entry level package because it costs $2.99.

GoDaddy has a professional email suite with three tiers. There is an Email Essentials plan, an Email Plus plan, and a Business Premium plan.

The recommended package for GoDaddy is the Business Premium plan. It costs $15.99 a month, and it includes 50 GB of storage and access to Office 360.

Bluehost has a cheaper email service packages give it the edge.


bluehost 00


Website Security

Bluehost  has an all-in-one security solutions protect websites from a variety of threats. The backbone of the security package is the SSL software.

It’s reliable, efficient, powerful, and free. A malware detection tool is also included. This website security tool provides a very strong layer of defense against hidden threats.

For new threats, Bluehost provides automatic security updates regularly and expert support around the clock.

Websites that are hosted by GoDaddy have great security options too.

The security highlights include SSL certificates, managed SSL certificates, website backup, a firewall, and malware detection.

However, all of these features aren’t available to all members. To gain access, all members must buy one of the available security packages.

The standard package only protects one website, and the Advanced plan mimics the standard plan and adds Ddos security, unlimited cleanups, and 25 GB of storage for backup.

The best GoDaddy plan is the Premium package. It includes prioritized repairs, maintenance, and 200 GB for backup.

The GoDaddy tiered website security packages have more value.


GoDaddy 00


The Standout Features




A full-service website

If you opt for this service, you won’t have to build a website from scratch; a team of professional designers will build it.

Your website will have a large reach because the designers will optimize every page for desktops and mobile devices.

After the website is finished, the company’s SEO experts will take the proper steps to rank your site on the top search pages, and they will strive to maintain these rankings.

In terms of advertising, it’s included in the full-service package well. This aspect of the service focuses on local search engine listings.

SEO services

Bluehost has an SEO service that helps you optimize your website to boost its visibility on the web.

The optimization strategy is built around keywords; the Bluehost SEO software only gathers targeted high-traffic keywords that relate to the content on a specific page.

If you don’t have content on a page yet, this won’t be a problem because Bluehost gives you access to custom content.

A team will create this content specifically for your website to enhance its search relevance.

The Bluehost performance reports are updated each week, so it’s always easy to gauge the effectiveness of an SEO keyword that relates to the content on a page.

Pay-per-click service

The pay-per-click service delivers more traffic in less time. Bluehost has its own PPC experts will manage everything.

They will create many campaigns in order to effectively market your site.

However, you’ll pick when and where your promotional ads will display on the web throughout each campaign.

Website migration

There are two ways to take advantage of the website migration service from Bluehost. You can opt for the free service or the paid option, which includes migrations for up to five sites.

Both options will include a one-on-one consultation; a consultation is done before the migration begins and after the migration is completed.





GoDaddy Guides

You can get support in a variety of ways. The most effective way is by contacting a customer service agent.

GoDaddy help desk is open 24/7 throughout the year.

You can also gather information about products and services by accessing one of the how-to articles, the forums, or the blog.

The mobile app

GoDaddy mobile app has features that allow you to build and run your businesses on the go.


Bluehost Pros and Cons

Bluehost Pros

  • The integrations: You can add many powerful plugins to a website.
  • The setup: All of the setup procedures are quick and easy.
  • The prices: The prices are very affordable.
  • The dashboard: The dashboard has a sleek layout that’s easy to navigate.

Bluehost Cons

  • The custom tools: Bluehost’s tools make certain custom design tasks somewhat challenging.
  • Customer support: The customer support team doesn’t respond to emails very quickly.


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GoDaddy Pros and Cons

GoDaddy Pros

  • The website builder: The website builder has many helpful features that are easy to use.
  • Great customer service: The customer service team resolves problems in a timely manner.
  • The prices: Each package has an affordable price.
  • The dashboard: The dashboard is sleek and organized.

GoDaddy Cons

  • The banner designer: The process of designing a banner isn’t always easy.
  • The printing feature: Sometimes the cart’s printing feature doesn’t work properly.


The Verdict

Bluehost Home 00


Bluehost services are worth trying if:

  • You need help every step of the way while building an online store.
  • You want a very affordable email package.
  • You need web design solutions that are easy to set up.
  • You want to save money on a great web design package.


GoDaddy Home 00


GoDaddy services might be a better choice if

  • You want to create a website with a refined website builder.
  • You want to buy an inexpensive hosting package.
  • You’re going to create many subdomains.
  • You want to buy a website security package.


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