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12 Business Ideas A Capricorn Can Excel In

Are you a Capricorn looking for ideas on businesses you can start? Here are a few that fit your personality type that you can potentially get started with. 



Capricorns are known for being extremely smart. They are consistent and can figure out how to handle things in a pinch.

They don’t let anyone stand in the way of them getting what they want, and they have a good eye for business.

For those Capricorns that want to become entrepreneurs, there are 12 business ideas that they will excel in.


#1. Professional Organizer

Organization is one of the qualities that many Capricorns have. Many of them are able to turn this trait into a successful business.

They can help individuals organize their homes and live a better life. A professional organizer business is best suited for Capricorns that like to work with people and have the ability to see the bigger picture.

They don’t need a degree to start this type of business, but many professional organizers do have a background in interior design.


#2. Caterer

This is the perfect business for those Capricorns that like to cook and are very organized.

Caterers need to have the ability to cook a variety of different foods so that they can put together a menu of offerings for their clients.

They should also know about food safety practices as they will often have to transport their dishes from their location to another venue.

This type of business doesn’t require that the owner have a college degree. Some caterers do go to culinary school, but many of them are self taught.

However, a license is needed before this type of business can be opened. It may require that the caterer take classes related to safely preparing and handling food.

Some caterers do make food right out of their home while others lease another location for them to make it at.

If you want to start your own catering business, you will find that it’s beneficial to have a professional kitchen so that you can keep up with the needs of your clients.

This type of kitchen can be quite expensive, but it will allow you to create a lot of high-quality dishes and allow your operations to run smoother.


12 Business Ideas A Capricorn Can Excel In 2


#3. Nursery

For those Capricorns who love plants and have a passion for gardening, they may find that they get a lot of satisfaction out of opening up their own foliage nursery.

This is a great business to start for those that only have a small amount of money to invest in the beginning and want to put additional money into it as they become more established.

Nursery owners can supply foliage to everyone from businesses to homeowners. In order to be successful, the owner will need to have an extensive knowledge of how to take care of foliage and which ones will work best in a variety of different terrains.

A degree isn’t necessary to open this type of business, but it is helpful to have taken some courses in botany and horticulture.

Some nursery do expand their services and end up offering things like garden design and plant installation.


#4. Debt Collector

Many Capricorns love to talk about money and figure out ways to work out resolutions with others. Opening up a debt collection agency may be the perfect business for them.

They can work with those that owe a debt in order to come up with a settlement or payment plan that they can commit to.

They will need to have strong negotiation skills and be very persuasive. It’s also imperative that they know how to deal with conflict without losing their cool.

If you are interested in starting this type of business, you will need to meet your state’s licensing requirements and become bonded.

Surprisingly, you may not need a lot of money to start this type of business. You can work from your own home as long as you have a phone and your own computer with internet access.


#5. Escape Room

Many people are looking for a way to have fun with their family and friends that will allow them to be active in an imaginative way.

Because of this, escape rooms have recently become popular around the country.

An escape room features clues that players will have to solve so that they can exit the room. They have to work together to solve these clues within a specific amount of time.

For those Capricorns that like to play games and have a competitive side, they may want to open up their own escape room.

In order for an escape room to be successful, it should be unique and appeal to a wide variety of different individuals.

If you are interested in opening up an escape room, you should take a few business classes so that you can successfully run your business.


#6. Computer Repair

Almost everyone has a computer these days. Because of this, computer repair can be a lucrative business.

Capricorns tend to excel in this type of business as they are very smart, and they just get the mechanics of how computers work.

In order to have a successful business, they need to know the complexities of computer hardware and maintenance.

They may need to fix simple issues like replacing a computer fan, or they might have to complete more extensive repairs like replacing an entire hard drive.

For those that want to start this type of business, it is helpful to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Many individuals do earn a master’s degree as well so that they can acquire more advanced knowledge that they can use to help them fix complex computer problems.


#7. Event Planner

For those Capricorns that are social, have an eye for detail and are good at delegating, they may find a lot of success as an event planner.

They will need to perform a variety of different tasks in order to turn an idea into a reality.

Event planners do have to work long hours, but they tend to be greatly compensated for all of their hard work.

Most event planners have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as hospitality.

They may also need to complete an internship so that they can gain some experience in this fast-paced field.

A lot of event planners do start out small and then expand their business as the demand for them to plan events increases.


#8. Restaurateur

Some Capricorns have a love for food, and they often are the ones that like to create new dishes to share with their friends and family members.

They can turn their passion of pairing unique ingredients together to open up their own restaurant.

In order to have a successful business, they will have to have other skills as well.

They will need to have good time-management skills, be able to effectively communicate with others and know how to effectively solve problems.

It’s best to start out with a small business as it will be easier to maintain. They can open up additional locations or expand their current business if the need arises.

No degree is needed to open up a restaurant, but many restaurateurs do go to culinary school as well as take business and marketing classes.


#9. Business Consultant

A lot of businesses find that they are struggling in some area and could use some advice from an expert in the industry.

Because of this, they may seek the assistance of a business consultant.

Many Capricorns do find a lot of success when they open up this type of business.

They tend to be naturally gifted at being able to find creative solutions to even the most difficult of problems.

For those that want to become a business consultant, they should have at least a bachelor’s degree that’s related to the field.

There aren’t a lot of start-up costs that are associated with business consultancy as many individuals are able to alternate between working out of their own home and working at the business that has hired them to do some consultancy work for them.


12 Business Ideas A Capricorn Can Excel In 3


#10. Daycare Owner

Many Capricorn love children so much that they choose to open their own daycare. This can be a lucrative business for those that live in areas with a lot of young children.

This is a great business to start for those that are patient and don’t mind teaching children basic skills like letter and number recognition.

As a business owner, they will also need to oversee daily operations of the business like managing staff and billing parents for tuition.

For those that want to start this type of business, they will need to fulfill a variety of educational and licensing requirements.

These requirements will vary based on the county that the daycare is located in.


#11. Resume Writer

Resumes are essential for those that are looking for a new job.

For those Capricorns that are good at creative writing and want to help others, they will find that writing resumes is a good fit for them.

In this field, they will need to collect pieces of information from their clients including their education and job history.

They will then need to add the client’s skills to the resume and highlight them in a way so that they will stand out from other candidates.

Many resume writers do go to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in English.

In order to be successful at this business, the Capricorn will need to pay attention to detail and be able to effectively communicate with their clients so that they can gather all of the pertinent information that’s needed to create an impressive resume for them.


#12. Bookkeeper

It should come as no surprise that a lot of Capricorns are good at math and like to work with numbers. Because of this, many of them choose to start their own bookkeeping business.

They can provide their services to both individuals and businesses that need help with their finances. Many of these tasks can be completed right from their own home.

What this means is that there’s little start-up costs for those that want to become a bookkeeper.

If you want to become a bookkeeper, you will need to take some classes in this area in order to gain certification. You will also need to have extensive knowledge or spreadsheets and payroll software.


So What’s Next?

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