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11 Business Ideas Fit For a Leo

Are you a Leo looking for business opportunities that might be a good fit for your personality? Check out some of these ideas.


Leos have a strong personality, are very assertive, trustworthy and work well with others.

Because of all of their strengths, they are able to make solid relationships that serve them well when they become entrepreneurs.

Leos tend to be fit for these 11 businesses.



Which Business Should a Leo Start?

#1. Event Planning

Most Leos are very social and love to attend events. If you find that this is true for you, why don’t you use this as an opportunity to start your own event planning business?

Event planners will need to work well with others, have excellent leadership skills and be highly organized.

They may need to plan events for under 50 people or large events that will have thousands of attendees.

It is crucial that event planners form relationships with their vendors as there’s a good chance that they will need to work with them on future events.

Many event planners do earn a bachelor’s degree with a concentration on hospitality, marketing or business. Some individuals also complete internships as well so that they can obtain experience in this field.

It’s not uncommon for event planners to work for others for years in this industry before branching out to start a business of their very own.


#2. Graphic Design

A lot of individuals and businesses need graphics designed for a project or their own personal use. Some Leos are cashing in on this by starting their own graphic design business.

In order to be successful, they will need to have a solid foundation in certain computer programs as well as be comfortable marketing and have organizational skills.

Many graphic designers do earn a bachelor’s degree in this field, but some individuals can be successful without one as long as they have an adequate amount of experience and a good eye for design.


11 Business Ideas Fit For a Leo 2


#3. Cosmetology

Leos like to see the beauty in things, and they tend to excel when they are helping others feel good about themselves.

A beauty salon is the perfect business to start for those Leos that like to cut, color and wash hair and provide skin and nail treatments.

The salon owner should expect to have to work on the weekends and in the evenings. However, they can tailor their hours around their clients’ needs once they get established in the community.

In order to become a cosmetologist and start this type of business, Leos will need to pursue training in cosmetology. Each class can range from just a few weeks or several months at a time.

While it isn’t required, they should stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that they are familiar with certain looks or treatments that may become trendy in their area.

This will ensure that they are able to meet the needs of all of their customers.

Cosmetologists do need to have good interpersonal skills and a high amount of energy as they will be interacting with their clients on a consistent basis.


#4. Life Coaching

Many Leos have been successful at a lot of the different things that they’ve tried throughout their life, and they want to share some of their knowledge with others.

A life coaching business can be the perfect business for them.

In this type of business, they will help guide others towards making some important decisions about the direction that they need to go in their life.

Some of these decisions may seem obvious to the life coach, but they may not seem so obvious to the client.

This is why it’s imperative that Leos going into this type of business are great at communicating.

They should also be able to work well with others in order to develop a relationship with their clients.

In order to become a life coach, you will need to gain a certificate in this field. Some individuals are able to complete the necessary coursework in a couple of months.

However, many life coaches do work in this field with others for a bit so that they can get comfortable working with clients before starting their own business.

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#5. Nutrition

If you are a Leo that has a passion for health and eating well, you may want to consider becoming a nutritionist.

You will meet with your clients to discuss their needs and help them figure out what eating habits would be most beneficial to their health.

The nutritionist should have a substantial amount of knowledge in the different food groups and the effects that different types of food can have on the human body.

They should also be aware of different medical conditions and how food can play a part in someone’s overall quality of life.

Nutritionists do need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in nutrition. Many individuals do go on to earn a master’s degree as well.

In addition to coursework, aspiring nutritionists will need to complete an internship that will generally consist of at least 900 hours of clinical hours in this field.

While it may seem like a lot of requirements to have to complete, nutritionists do have the potential to make a lot of money as this tends to be a very stable business to start.


#6. Carpentry

Many Leos like to build things from scratch, and they turn this passion into a carpentry business.

They will need to be good at math and be comfortable working with a variety of different types of machinery.

Carpenters can provide their services to either individuals or business, and there’s limitless opportunities in this field.

They don’t need to get a college degree in order to start a business. They will need to take vocational classes in order to obtain a license to work in this area. The requirements will vary by state.

It’s not uncommon for successful carpenters to make over $100,000 a year.


11 Business Ideas Fit For a Leo 3


#7. Advertising

A lot of Leos are creative and have a personality that’s perfect for the world of advertising. They put their ability to problem solve and their desire to help others to good use by creating their own advertising business.

In this type of business, they will use a variety of different techniques to spread the word about a particular product, service or upcoming event.

They will need to work with many different types of people, and they shouldn’t mind having to tweak things in order to make it the perfect fit for their client.

It’s imperative that they are able to take constructive criticism as they will hear it quite often.

No degree is needed to start this type of business. However, many individuals do get a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

For those that don’t want to attend college, they will find it beneficial to work in the field of advertising for a bit before they try to start a business of their very own.

This will allow them to gain a vast amount of experience, make connections and help them gain a positive reputation in the community.


#8. Public Relations

It’s not uncommon for an individual or business to need the assistance of a public relations agency.

For those Leos that start a business in this field, they will have to handle issues that involve the reputation of their clients.

They will need to be able to communicate in a clear way that gets their message across. They should also be comfortable dealing with difficult situations and work well in environments that come with a lot of pressure.

Those interested in starting this type of business should have a bachelor’s degree with a major that’s related to this field.

This can include public relations, marketing or communication. Many individuals do work for a public relations agency before starting a business of their very own.




#9. Ballroom Dancing

Because of their desire to stay fit, Leos often excel as ballroom dancers. For those that have taken quite a few classes and possibly danced competitively, they may want to consider opening up their own dance studio.

They can use their knowledge and passion to teach clients all that there is to know about ballroom dancing.

Many entrepreneurs are able to work when they want to as they can offer classes when it best suits their schedule.

They may find that they build up a consistent client base as well as clients that only want to learn a dance or two for a specific event, such as a wedding.

It’s not necessary to obtain a college degree to open up a ballroom dancing business. However, it may be wise to take some business-related classes.


#10. Music Teacher

It should come as no surprise that a lot of Leos have a background in music. They may have taken music lessons starting at a young age and are now wanting to start their own business so that they can pass on their gift of music to others.

Music teachers can provide lessons in a variety of different places including at their home or their client’s home.

No college education is needed, but it isn’t uncommon for many music teachers to go to college with a major in music.

This is a great business to start for those that don’t have a lot of money for start-up costs as they typically won’t need a substantial amount of money, and there is a great potential for earning a decent living.


#11. Market Research

Have you ever stopped to think about what all goes into all of the advertisements that you see?

There’s actually a lot of thought and research that’s done before a commercial, flyer and ad campaign is created.

Companies are in need of individuals to do market research so that they can determine what factors are the most important to consumers that are looking to make a purchase.

Many Leos get a lot of job satisfaction when they start this type of business. They love learning about consumers through thoroughly researching their habits and what motivates them.

This is a great field for those that like data and analyzing things.

If you are interested in starting this type of business, you should first earn a bachelor’s degree in market research, social science or statistics.

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So What’s Next?

These are just a few business ideas for Leos who are more entrepreneurial. One growing trend with a lot of business opportunity is ecommerce.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this opportunity, check out this program that shows you how to get started selling on Amazon in 5 simple steps.


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