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5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make

Social Media can be a great way to grow your business when done right. Here are a few mistakes you'll want to avoid that can help give you the best chance of growing on these platforms.



If you are seeking to make the most of your business’s social media marketing efforts, then it is vital that you avoid making some key mistakes.

By now, you likely already know that social media can actually be one of a business’s greatest assets when it comes to growth.

This is even more true for small businesses. Whether you are a proud business owner or simply a marketer, learning to promote to your brand’s audience on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is increasingly important.

It is important to note, however, that beginning to see some growth with regard to both your brand’s audience size and engagement numbers is not something to become complacent with.



Growing Your Business With Social Media

Most companies and marketers can do far better when it comes to social media marketing, and few businesses are currently operating at their brand’s full potential on social media platforms.

Even though you may have found an efficient social media marketing strategy for a particular platform, you cannot assume that other platforms will be equally suitable to the same approach.

It is necessary to vary your business’s social media marketing strategies in order to see the highest return.

When initially creating a business social media marketing strategy, the number of options can often be a source of intimidation for business owners and marketers.

When you set your sights on connecting with your customer base over social media platforms, there are a variety of mistakes you could end up making if you are not well-informed.

Learning about these social media marketing mistakes, as well as how to correct them, can give your business, large or small, a much higher chance of reaching its target audience via efficient social media marketing.


#1. Excessive Self-Promotion

By far, the most common trap that businesses fall into when running their social media accounts is excessive self-promotion.

With the number of competing companies on popular social media platforms increasing all the time, average consumers who visit these websites have become bombarded with unpleasant amounts of spam and promotion.

Marketers are to blame for this issue, and those who do not make adjustments to the way they manage a business’s presence on its social media platforms are in for a rude awakening.

Spamming, as well as automatic links, are things you will need to avoid as you pursue social media marketing for your business.

Otherwise, your brand will see a decline in both its followers and its engagement.

If you are curious how you can still promote your brand to its precious social media audiences without becoming an obnoxious spammer, then you will want to find a subtler way to accomplish your social media marketing goals.

For example, finding others on these platforms who are already speaking positively about your brand’s services, events or products is typically quite simple.

From there, you can begin communicating with these individuals.

By actively engaging with the actual customer base of your brand and showing significant appreciation for them, you will ensure that they continue to sing your brand’s praises.

This strategy allows a business to cultivate a strong online presence on its chosen social platforms without coming across as too salesy.


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#2. Talking at Your Brand’s Audience Instead of Communicating With Them

It is quite alarming how many businesses refuse to listen to their audiences on social media.

The individuals who manage these brand accounts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook commonly stick to just sharing their chosen information without listening to the opinions of their customer base and followers.

Posting in this manner can cost a business both online engagement and real-life revenue. It is important for businesses to remember that talking “at” their followers without paying attention to what those people reading the content have to say is not communication.

In order for your business to achieve the best social media marketing ROI, it is vital that your social media marketing strategy incorporates two-way communication.

If you truly want your brand’s message and services to be noticed, then it is crucial that you not only listen to your audience’s opinions but also respond to them.

Being ignorant to your customers’ pain points and interests is a losing strategy, after all.

Unfortunately, this is a social media marketing mistake that many businesses do not seem to be correcting.

It takes both time and feedback to learn which types of content your business will get the most mileage out of with regard to social media marketing.

The fastest way to correctly adjust your content strategy for a business social media account is to listen closely to the conversations that your audience members are having so that you will have a stronger understanding of what it is that they truly want.


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#3. Failing to Properly Track Social Media Marketing Results

It is easy to underestimate or overestimate how powerful your business’s social media marketing strategy is if you fail to appropriately track the results of your brand’s posts.

Real-time progress tracking is quite simple for businesses to do, yet it is incredibly underused.

Tracking the effectiveness of your brand’s social media strategy will allow you to immediately implement changes that could enhance the overall campaign.

Additionally, it will allow you to better target your business’s audience.

If a particular ad or post is proven to be under-performing, you have the ability to simply stop it and put your social media marketing budget toward future, more well-optimized efforts.

Without meticulously tracking your brand’s social media marketing results, it will be much harder to make the necessary tweaks to develop an optimized social media campaign.

This, ultimately, will hinder your business’s social media goals. While running a business social media account, you need to constantly be seeking out actionable insights.

Otherwise, you will not be able to get very much return out of your business social media marketing efforts.

What information, though, should you be looking at? If you have any experience with running other types of marketing campaigns for your business, then you already understand how valuable a campaign’s data can be.

This is where social media analytics come into play.

When you begin using social media analytics, you are able to select the best performing social networks for your brand, which will save you from putting too much time into creating brand-based content for platforms that do not perform as well.

Additionally, you will be able to gain a lot more insight on your business’s competitors and their approaches to social media marketing.

Finally, social media analytics create remarkable audience comprehension, and this insight can help you craft much stronger social marketing strategies for your future campaigns.




#4. Not Humanizing Your Brand’s Voice

Most business owners would like for their brands to be perceived as trustworthy on social media, and that requires building not only credibility but also a positive and unique reputation with your audience and customers.

This is one reason that the aforementioned spamming mistake can hinder a business’s growth on social media.

If all your audience sees from your brand are promotional posts and business ideology messages, this can become quite tiring.

It is also very impersonal. Business owners who are just starting out in social marketing need to focus on humanizing their brand’s voice.

Try to avoid posting non-engaging, generic writing on your brand’s social accounts. Instead, it is typically much better to adopt a personal voice.

What should your brand’s personal voice be on social media, though? This will vary widely depending on the demographics of your customers and the nature of your brand’s services.

Therefore, it will take not only experimenting, but also close observation with regard to your audience’s own behavior on these platforms.

Business owners need to keep in mind that all of these social platforms were not initially created for corporations to connect with normal people.

They exist to help average consumers connect with each other.

By coming up with a unique tone that is suitable for your brand’s core audience, you can enhance your social media marketing metrics, such as engagement, click-through rates and revenue.

It is vital that you find a way to actually establish a connection between your brand and your increasingly important audience.

Humanizing your business’s social media interactions is an effective way to accomplish this because it allows your audience to more easily relate to your brand’s message.


5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make 3


#5. Not Planning Appropriately for You Business’s Social Media Marketing

One of the most ill-advised things a company can do when it comes to social media marketing is failing to sufficiently plan.

Be sure to craft a clearly defined social marketing strategy before you begin risking your brand’s reputation, budget or time.

A well-defined social marketing plan should include budget’s, specific goals and KPIs.

If you and your business fail to create a proper social marketing action plan, then the entire endeavor could end up being a major waste of both time and marketing dollars.

It is astounding how many companies end up falling into this social media marketing trap.

With no clear objectives, they decide to make sporadic posts, share some of their brand’s content and promote their offers.

Taking this approach to social media marketing is futile, and businesses will rarely gain any significant traction this way.

Whether the goal is reach, revenue, followers or something else, this type of social marketing is doomed to fail.

Having no plan in any marketing endeavor, for that matter, is a mistake.

If you would plan meticulously for another type of marketing, such as an email marketing campaign, then you must put the same effort into your business’s social media growth.

Think carefully about what your brand’s budget and goals are.

Next, put together a concrete and actionable social marketing plan that will allow you to work toward accomplishing your social marketing objectives while accurately measuring your performance.


So What’s Next?

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