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8 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Business

Content marketing can really help your business stick out. Here are a few content ideas that can boost your business visibility.



Are you looking for some stellar content marketing ideas that will grow your business?

As a business owner, recognizing the demand that consumers have for content is vital.

If you intend for your brand to supply that content, then how do you go about doing this in an efficient way that will not only generate leads but also help your brand stand out from industry competitors?

A creative and streamlined content marketing strategy is something that business owners can develop in order to drive additional traffic from search and shares, which will ultimately mean higher revenue.

When it comes to content marketing, what best practices should be prioritized by brands looking to begin their content marketing journeys?

In comparison to other forms of digital marketing, content marketing is a far more sustainable way to get in front of your ideal customers.

This strategy, however, requires multiple elements to be in place, such as top-notch content and effective content promotion.

When choosing to grow your brand’s digital presence via content marketing, you’ll want to give each piece of content you and your business publishes the best chance of being both wide-reaching and high-converting.

These content marketing ideas are designed not only to get consumers familiar with your brand’s product and mission but also to convert these consumers into eager leads.



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#1. Improve Your Content’s Meta Descriptions

Although meta description tags are not necessary for Google or other search engines to determine what your brand’s content is about, they are still quite valuable to the end user.

Many web users, for example, will read over your content’s meta description to decide whether they wish to click on it.

What does this mean for a brand’s content? If you give your business’s content strong meta descriptions, then you will receive a much higher click-through rate on those particular pages.

What should brands be writing on their pages’ meta descriptions?

This will vary, of course, based on the type of content. However, it is usually important to address what the web user is likely looking for, which you will already have a good understanding of based on the keywords that content has been created to target.

Additionally, including a few details regarding what they will find in your content and a call-to-action encouraging these search engine users to actually click through to your brand’s content will often be a wise strategy.


#2. Look at the Content Marketing Strategies of Competing Brands

Although creativity is a core component of content marketing, there is much value to be gained from checking out competing brands who are already having success in the content marketing space.

This can give you and your business incredible insight as to which types of brand content your ideal users are responding well to.

Thankfully, there are several tools available for dedicated content marketers who wish to take this approach.

If, for example, you want to see which of your competitors’ posts are driving the highest amounts of organic traffic, then one helpful is Ahrefs.

To determine which of your competitors’ content pieces are the most highly shared, you can take advantage of tools like BuzzSumo.

If link building is a priority for you and your brand, then provides an excellent tool that can show you where popular websites are getting their valuable links from.


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#3. Prioritize Relatability in Your Brand’s Videos

When seeking to grow your business’s presence on YouTube, you must keep in mind how personal this medium tends to be.

It differs from your company’s blog posts in that your potential users and customers can not only see you but also hear your voice delivering your brand’s message.

If you want your business to gain the trust of its YouTube audience, then it is crucial that you let your guard down a bit more than you would in a company blog post.

Storytelling, in particular, seems to do quite well on the platform. Content marketers will benefit from incorporating a bit of storytelling into their otherwise informational video content.

A potential lead will often end up trusting your business more after hearing something with a high degree of relatability.

While it is still important to present yourself and your company as authorities in whichever field you are in, letting consumers know that this was not always the case can be surprisingly effective.

Video audiences will find your business’s content more engaging when a relatable, short anecdote is mixed in with the educational video content you are trying to provide.


8 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Business 2


#4. Utilize Cuts to Make Video Content More Engaging

It is not a secret that online audiences typically prefer videos that move along at a rapid pace.

When beginning to create branded video content, it can be tempting to use very few cuts in an attempt to make your business’s YouTube content appear more natural.

This can actually cause an audience to become bored with your business’s video content.

This is something you should avoid because a bored video audience will simply leave and find something more appealing to click on instead. Your resulting engagement levels will be quite poor.

With subpar audience retention, you will not only convert fewer viewers into profitable leads but also receive less promotion from YouTube’s notorious algorithm, which is focuses quite heavily on engagement factors like interaction and average view duration.

Using frequent cuts can make your business’s content translate much better to the video format.

Pay attention to any dull moments of filler words that you find in your recording. These elements slow down the pace of your valuable branded content, and it is important for you to remove them before publishing your business’s new video.

If you are doing this correctly, you will often end up with several dozen cuts and a more fast-paced branded video. This, ultimately, is what audiences on most video platforms want.

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#5. Make Some Posts Available Only to Your Business’s Email Subscribers

While easily accessible branded content will make up the vast majority of your business’s content marketing strategy, making a few highly appealing posts viewable once visitors unlock them by handing over their email addresses can be a surprisingly effective way to leverage your company website’s content for increased email leads.

You can accomplish this by graying out certain posts, while leaving a short preview and an “unlock this content” button visible.

In order to gain access to the entire piece of content that your brand has put in front of these visitors, they will need to successfully fill out your website’s opt-in form.

With this content marketing idea, you can provide valuable information to your new and returning traffic while also capturing their details in order to fuel your increasingly important email marketing efforts.

Many successful content marketer’s have seen excellent conversion rates by occasionally publishing a piece of content that requires an opt-in to become fully viewable to a new or returning visitor.


#6. Don’t Forget About Native Content When Linking to Your Business’s Website on Social Media

Although most businesses have received the advice to share their offers and pieces of content of various social platforms, this advice can be somewhat misleading.

If your business’s social media posts serve only to direct users away from that particular platform, then they will often be buried by that platform’s algorithm.

What is the solution to this? Always include valuable native content in your brand’s social shares.

While social media algorithms differ from platform to platform, one thing remains consistent: native content is usually preferred rather than outbound links.

This presents a problem for brands that need these social shares to generate additional traffic.

Savvy content marketers, however, have found out that posting some high-quality native when you share your business’s link can help.

This will often increase your social share’s visibility. Do not fall into the trap of simply linking to your company’s newest blog post and writing the title.

By always taking the time to write up some engaging native content, the posts that are promoting your brand’s content will perform much better in the various social media algorithms.

By giving these platforms native content and satisfactory engagement, you will often be rewarded with better visibility and more resulting traffic to both this content-promoting post and the branded content you are linking to.


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#7. Audience Research Is Essential

One idea that new content marketers should prioritize is audience research.

After all, in order for your branded content to be as engaging and powerful as possible, you need to know what your business’s web users are actually looking for.

Keyword research a popular form of audience research because it lets a business know what kind of content will be the most appropriate for its audience’s needs.

Furthermore, Google Trends is an efficient tool that will allow a new content marketer to see a graph of a particular keyword’s popularity over time.

Being able to tailor your branded web content to the needs of prospective customers is crucial, and knowing what your business’s ideal clients are actively searching for will aid you when it comes to learning about these users and their needs.

With this additional knowledge about your company website’s readers, your content creation process can be far more targeted.

This is one content marketing idea that is sure to have a positive impact on the online growth of any brand. It is very difficult for a content marketing strategy to be effective if you choose to skip this step.


8 Content Marketing Ideas That Will Grow Your Business 3


#8. Focus on Trending Topics

Many keywords that you and your business would like to target with your various content marketing efforts can be discouragingly competitive.

This will often be the case for even low-traffic, extremely niche keywords. When faced with this situation, what would a savvy content marketer do?

Most experienced content marketers prefer creating their branded content around topics that have recently been trending.

This allows them to target new search terms that can drive staggering amounts of traffic without having to deal with the competition that an over-saturated keyword would have.

Shifting your focus to trending topics in your company’s industry is a clever content marketing idea, and it can facilitate rapid growth if done correctly.

Having your company’s branded content show up when consumers type in a trending search term will pay off when that topic begins really taking off.



So What’s Next?

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