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7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Looking to find effective digital marketing strategies for your small business? Here are a few that work time and time again.


When it comes to effective digital marketing strategies for small businesses, you certainly have a variety to choose from.

As a small business owner, you likely already understand that digital marketing can be quite lucrative when done correctly.

It is for this reason that the majority of small business owners are interested in increasing their digital marketing efforts and investments.

If you want to get the most optimal results from your small business’s digital marketing efforts, then it will be important for you to stay up-to-date with various digital marketing trends.

Contrary to what many marketers and small business owners believe, digital marketing actually encompasses several marketing channels.

It includes channels like email marketing, mobile messaging, search engine marketing, display advertising, apps and, of course, social media marketing.

Many small businesses already employ a mix of both offline advertising and digital marketing strategies in order to attract new clients and customers.

This is ideal for a small business with offline services and products to offer.

However, a small business that generates the majority of its revenue online will need to go all-in on its digital marketing strategies.


#1. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

If you are operating locally, then your Google My Business listing should be of great importance to you.

Ranking it can help drive new local business for you. When it comes to targeting local clients, it is one of the most powerful, yet overlooked, digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

Why is your brand’s Google My Business ranking so important?

These are typically the first results that local users will see before they scroll down to the regular search results.

Being able to rank your brand’s Google My Business listing in the top three is a remarkably effective way to generate highly qualified local leads around the clock.

The best part, though, is that you don’t need to spend any money on paid online advertising in order for this strategy to work.

What exactly is included in Google My Business? Several components are necessary for a Google My Business listing.

For example your business’s Google Maps profile and Google reviews will be very important when it comes to your Google My Business listing. Google My Business, or GMB, is an efficient way to bring both visibility and credibility to your small business.

For those who operate locally, this is one of the first digital marketing strategies you should look into.


#2. Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you have not yet considered running pay-per-click (PPC) ads for your small business, then there are several reasons why you should.

These types of digital advertisements only end up costing your small business money once an end user clicks on them.

There are several online platforms that will allow you to run pay-per-click ads for your small business.

Your listings can show up at the top of a search results page, before online videos play and as mobile app ads.

What are the benefits that small businesses can gain from using PPC marketing? The largest attraction to PPC ads is that your business will only be charged for its actual results.

As opposed to buying billboards or other types of offline advertising, PPC marketing can deliver cost-effective, targeted results.

You can even target your PPC ads toward a specific city or geographic region. This feature will come in quite handy for locally run small businesses.

Keyword competition is the primary factor that affects theoverall cost of a PPC marketing campaign.

If your small business chooses to target low-competition, local keywords, then you will likely be able to run a relatively inexpensive PPC marketing campaign.


7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses 2


#3. Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

When it comes to web-based experiences, many consumers these days are accessing their favorite content via mobile devices.

Both your company and your products or services will be searched out by modern consumers outside the desktop environment quite often.

Additionally, they will also compare prices and even purchase your small business’s products through various mobile apps and devices.

It is for this reason that your small business cannot afford to not be mobile-friendly.

Make sure that the overall online presence of your business takes into account how many of your prospective consumers may be viewing your company’s website, offers or advertisements on their phones.

When you are putting together a digital marketing strategy, make sure that you do not neglect mobile optimization.

As a small business owner, engaging in mobile marketing is an excellent way to reach customers through their tablets and smartphones.

Whether your mobile marketing strategy involves social media, apps, a responsive website or even SMS marketing, there is much to be gained from promoting your small business in this way.

Targeting consumers via their mobile devices can be far more effective than many small business owners realize when they begin their digital marketing journeys.


#4. Utilize Email Marketing

Whether you are pursuing success offline or online, small businesses who refuse to engage in email marketing are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage.

Being able to promote your small business’s offerings via email newsletters, promotions or updates is incredibly valuable.

This is the core of email marketing, and it allows a small business to inform consumers of its services and products electronically.

One Core piece of this digital marketing strategy, however, takes some time. That is, of course, building up your small business’s email list in the first place.

Once you and your small business have a list of emails and names, you can begin to ramp up your email marketing efforts.

Your small business’s email list should include both prospective customers and your existing customers.

Being able to reach them in order to promote your newest offers can be quite an effective digital marketing strategy for a small business owner.

The leads that you gather for your small brand’s email list will typically be people who chose to opt in so they could gain access to special coupons or helpful product or service updates.

Regardless of how you grew the list for your small business, you cannot underestimate its value.

Marketing professionals constantly praise the email list as being one of the most crucial, long-term digital marketing strategies for growing a small business.


#5. Try Content Marketing

If the idea of using content marketing to help your small business reach new prospective customers sounds a bit intimidating, rest assured that it is simpler than many small business owners realize.

If you use this digital marketing strategy, you will be providing information to your brand’s potential customers.

Some of this information will be about the products or services that your small business offers, but a portion of your brand’s content will also be a bit more general.

If you can inform your prospective customers well, they are more likely to turn into actual customers later on.

That is how small businesses are able to drive sales via content marketing. Readers will trust your small business and attribute a higher degree of expertise to you after they have read through your informative branded content.

Years ago, printed pamphlets and brochures were the standard form of content marketing.

Those tactics, though, are becoming less efficient due to the expenses involved in printing up that type of content for marketing purposes.

Now, small businesses often rely on digital content marketing in order to deliver highly relevant information via their company websites.

These valuable articles and guides are used to draw people in, who will often begin spending money with your small business.

You can guide them to purchase your small business’s services or products with a simple call-to-action once they have finished reading your brand’s informative content.


7 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses 3


#6.Leverage Location-Based Search Marketing

If you are not familiar with location-based digital marketing, its two main components are search engine optimization and maps.

With Google, your business can show up in search with its address and mapping information visible.

This is especially helpful when it comes to getting local web users to actually come down to your small business’s physical store or office.

In addition to your business’s address, your company website and phone number can show up in local search results too.

Business websites that are properly optimized for local search will be favored by google, particularly with regard to mobile searches.

Mobile users have actually made up the majority of search engine traffic for the last few years.

Location-related keywords should certainly be a priority when it comes to a small business’s search engine optimization strategy.


#7. Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the most popular and reliable digital marketing channels in recent years.

It is not surprising that so many companies have invested into this type of online marketing, given how much time their ideal customers are spending on such platforms.

It is important for a small business owner to figure out which of the various social media platforms their ideal customers spend the most time interacting with.

Once you know which platform you are most likely to find your target customers on, you can adapt your small business’s social media marketing strategy accordingly.

For this reason, you should also be sure to stay up-to-date on which platforms are currently rising or falling in popularity, as well as which new social platforms could potentially be great places for you to target prospective customers in the future.

Staying in touch with your small business’s current and future customers is a powerful digital marketing strategy for small businesses that can yield impressive results.

However, beware of casting too wide of a net with regard to your business’s social marketing strategy.

Focus only on the platforms where your small business is likely to perform the best and reach the most prospective customers.


So What’s Next?

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