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6 Exciting Business Ideas For An Aquarius

Aquarius have many business opportunities available to them that they can excel in. Here are just a few to get you started.



If you were born between January 21st and February 19th, then you identify as an Aquarius. This sign is known for being analytical, assertive, original, easy-going, and independent humanitarians.

You like to do things at your own pace, prefer to be your own boss, and don’t mind finding unique ways to solve problems.

With that in mind, you may wonder what business ideas actually fit you. Here are a few exciting business ideas for an Aquarius.


#1. Freelance Writing

One avenue that might fit you well if you enjoy writing is freelance writing. In the world of professional writing, there are several different types of writing.

You may find technical writing to be your cup of tea. Technical writing involves the process of writing about scientific or medical research and making it a bit easier to understand for others.

You may be approached to write content like guides or manuals as well. If you have a mind for details and organizing them into step-by-step instructions, then technical writing may be more your game.

Another popular type of writing is copywriting. This style of writing is geared towards helping businesses make conversions on their websites.

You’re essentially writing ads but in a conversational and natural way.

The best copywriting tactics rely on telling a story or imparting valuable information, then gently guiding the consumer to make a purchase.

Honing your skills as a copywriter can completely change how well a business performs.

One final popular type of writing, although certainly not the last, is content writing. These are pieces designed to help build brand awareness or increase consumer engagement.

They’re usually conversational pieces written in an informal tone–although still using the brand voice.

The best aspect of freelance writing is that almost anyone can take part in it. It does require some level of research and honing your writing skills.

However, it can be a great opportunity to work on your own terms and write about subjects that actually interest you.

Freelance writing is a great pick for Aquarians because it allows them to use all of their personality traits. Writers must be original in their content.

They need to be independent and able to keep themselves on a good pace to reach deadlines. Their easy-going nature can help them not take edit requests personally.

Finally, their assertive nature can help them land clients in the first place.


#2. Life Coaching

Another fantastic business idea for Aquarians is life coaching. If you’re already an established individual, then you likely have lessons that you can help teach to others.

Even if you haven’t experienced very much, you can still do a lot of research into a particular subject and offer coaching lessons.

A life coach is someone that helps guide someone else on their journey of personal growth. There are several different aspects of life coaching.

If you’re a professional with a background in finance, then you may find finance coaching something up your alley.

Finance coaching involves the process of guiding clients towards wealth. It might mean that you help them figure out investing or how to set up their retirement funds.

You don’t perform the tasks for them. You simply give them advice, then let them make their own decisions from there.

Another style of coaching is nutrition. If you’re someone that has done a lot of research into nutrition and what certain foods do to the body, then you may be able to help others with their eating habits.

Perhaps someone wants to start a vegan lifestyle, but they’re not sure how to start. You can coach them. Maybe someone wants to lose weight. Your nutrition coaching could help them, too.

Personal fitness coaching is almost an empire itself. There are always clients seeking personal help and advice on how to become fit.

If you’re a personal trainer or have extensive experience with fitness, then you may be able to help them.

You can set up workout sessions and exercise regimes for them to follow based on their goals. You continue to support them throughout their journey.

Finally, there’s also a relationship coach. Someone who is single and looking for relationship advice may reach out to you.

Couples may also seek your services to gain tips and advice on how to solve some problems in their relationship.

As a relationship coach, you can help them understand themselves better and strengthen their relationship.

Being a life coach is a great fit for an Aquarian because it allows them to rely on their own experiences.

They always have original ideas for everything. Your unique ideas could truly make a difference for someone.

Since you’re a humanitarian, you may find life coaching to be emotionally satisfying as well. You’re helping people become the best versions of themselves.


6 Exciting Business Ideas For An Aquarius 2


#3. Doula Services

If you’re an Aquarian that loves helping people, then you may want to consider becoming a doula.

As a doula, you’ll help prospective mothers before they become pregnant, during their pregnancy, and sometime after they give birth.

Your role is to give them information, emotional support, and physical support, if possible.

The great aspect of working as a doula is that you don’t always have to be physically there either. You can make your doula services a virtual one.

By regularly video chatting with your clients and messaging them, you can give them the support they need 24/7.

Those who do prefer to be an in-person doula can help prospective mothers get to their appointments, provide massages, and perform other tasks to make their pregnancy that much more comfortable and successful.

Working as a doula is a great option for Aquarians because it’s humanitarian work. You’re providing someone else with emotional and physical support.

It requires you to be analytical as well. No two mothers are ever the same. What worked for one mother may not work for another.

You need to be able to analyze the situation and come up with new solutions.

Your easy-going nature also makes it easier for mothers to trust you. Because they’re in a vulnerable state, not all mothers are going to be so open with you.

It takes the right kind of person to get them to open up and lean on you. Your nature will help you accomplish this difficult task.


#4. Become a Photographer

Whether you love the outdoors, working with people, or promoting brands, you’ll likely find working as a photographer to be satisfying.

There are several different paths to walk as a photographer. You may be someone that loves to work with people.

In this instance, setting up shop as a personal photographer may be your best option.

You could take photos of weddings, birthdays, senior photos, special events, or even just personal family photos.

This career allows you to work closely with people and capture beautiful moments for them to remember forever.

If you’re someone that prefers to do their own thing and avoid people, then you need to consider life as an outdoors photographer.

These are individuals who spend weeks away from civilization. They’re on the trail hiking through thick forests, climbing mountains, and exploring depths of the ocean.

Their goal is to capture incredible and stunning images of nature at its best. Your photos could feature in National Geographic or other publications. You may even find them used in ads.

This brings us to the last career offshoot. You may enjoy commercial photography. This type of photography relies on taking invoking or stunning images of products or marketing imagery.

A brand may send you some samples of their products. It’s up to you to take photos that look great and drive people to purchase them.

A commercial photographer can earn a lot of money if they’re able to pull off successful campaigns.

Photography isn’t as simple as pointing a camera at an object and clicking a button. Luck plays a large part.

You also need to know how to edit photos. While some companies may prefer raw images, most will expect some type of editing on your end.

Photography is a great option for Aquarians because it allows them to be independent, assertive, and original.

All of the images you take are your own. However, you have to be assertive enough to rise to the challenges to capture those moments.


#5. Become a Lawyer and Start a Law Firm

As a humanitarian, you may find injustice intolerable. You crave to do something about it. Becoming a lawyer may help with that.

Not all lawyers have to work for corporations or focus on personal injury. Your law firm may be devoted to helping minorities receive the justice that they deserve.

Starting a law firm will require you to become a lawyer. If you’re already a lawyer working for a firm, then you may want to consider starting your own.

Take a look at your firm and take note of the things that they do right and wrong. Are they too willing to settle? Do they not prepare enough for court?

These lessons can help you form the principles of your own law firm.

When you focus your firm on a specific goal, such as earning the most settlement money possible for your clients or the best results for your client, then you can start marketing yourself as such.

Starting your own law firm is a great option for Aquarians because they make great lawyers. They’re already driven to help their clients.

They’re assertive which makes them great debaters in court. They’re original which allows them to find unique arguments and solutions.

They’re also easy-going which is important when landing clients. Your easy-going nature can give your clients confidence that you have their back.


6 Exciting Business Ideas For An Aquarius 3


#6. Become a Music Tutor

Finally, you may want to consider becoming a music tutor. If you’re creative and musically inclined, then there are a ton of people who could use your expertise.

No matter if you sing, play piano, or even the accordion, there is someone who wants to learn from you.

There are tons of different sites that can help you find exposure as a music tutor. Once you build up your audience, you can launch your own website.

You may even find using social media platforms like TikTok and Youtube to be helpful in spreading your name.

There are several ways to perform your business as well. You can be a tutor that visits clients, a tutor that has their clients visit them, or even become a virtual music tutor.

You can have group sessions that you tutor or work with clients on a one-on-one basis.

Being a music tutor is a great option for Aquarians because it allows them to express themselves creatively.

Because you’re independent and original, you may even compose your own music or write your own songs.

Those gifts can be used to help others which also satisfies your needs as a humanitarian.

There’s a good amount of competition out there, so your assertiveness can help you stand out from the others. Finally, it challenges you analytically. No two clients are going to be the same. You’ll have some that are complete beginners and others that just need their skills to be refined. You’ll need to analyze their abilities and make the appropriate curriculum for them.


So What’s Next?

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