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Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which Tool For Ecommerce Success?

If you’re having problems selling products on Amazon, you’re probably not tracking and managing your progress properly.

In order to succeed as an Amazon seller, you’ll need to know your projected profits, the competitors’ rankings, the market share, and more.

There are two services that can help you on this journey that we’ll be covering in our Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout review.

Both services can launch an Amazon business to new heights. However, read on to find which has an edge on the other.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout



Helium 10’s Company Background


Helium 10 00


Helium 10 is a successful Fortune 500 company. The platform has more than 1,000,000 users around the world and over 1.4 billion dollars in sales.

Helium 10

On this platform, users can access analytic tools and marketing solutions. The analytic portion of the service focuses on Amazon data.

It collects data and creates smart metrics. There are also tools that create graphs, track rankings, manage profits, and more.

The marketing tools target two types of traffic. There are solutions for outside traffic and options that target shoppers on Amazon.




Jungle Scout’s Company Background


JungleScout 00


Greg Mercer founded the business in 2015 with a mission; he wanted to help Amazon sellers succeed by giving them access to proper data and resources.

Today, the company has a large team that consists of more than 180 Amazon specialists from around the globe.

Jungle Scout

This is a well-designed Amazon suite.

There are tools that cater to people who are just starting an Amazon business, solutions for growing an established business, and options for an agency and brand.


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Head to Head


Helium 10 has a free plan, a $97 platinum plan, a $197 diamond plan, and a custom enterprise tier. The platinum option appeals to most customers.

Jungle Scout has a $29 basic plan, a $49 suite, and a professional $84 option. The $49 suite is this company’s most popular plan.

Because Helium 10 has free plan, it wins this battle.

Winner – Helium 10



There are several resources on the Helium 10 website. In the learning category, users can access:

  • Amazon training tools via Freedom Ticket
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • E-books and guides
  • An Amazon case study
  • The Academy
  • Elite software


The platform also has free tools. This lineup includes

  • An Amazon keyword research tool
  • A pay per click audit tool
  • An extension for Chrome
  • A URL builder


Jungle Scout has more resources that span multiple categories. The highlights include a beginner’s guide, an estimator tool, and a million dollar case study.

Great resources give users a competitive edge during all research and marketing phases. Since Jungle Scout has a resources library, it’s the winner.

Winner – Jungle Scout


Standout Features

Helium 10’s Features

This company’s suite for Amazon sellers is vast. The solutions range from research tools and marketing solutions.


Product Research

  • Black Box: The Black Box within Helium 10 is a very tactical product research tool. Its filters can pinpoint practical opportunities on Amazon.
  • Trendser: Trendser creates appealing charts that reflect sales trends on Amazon. It can detect seasonal sales trends, hidden trends, and more.
  • Xray: Xray is an extension for Chrome. It can help you find new opportunities, monitor the competition, and calculate sales.
  • Profitability Calculator: The Profitability Calculator measures costs. It can also calculate an ROI.

Keyword Research

  • Cerebro: Cerebro within Helium 10 monitors the competition on Amazon. It crawls product pages and finds the competitors’ top-ranking keywords.
  • Magnet: Magnet finds high-volume keywords and search terms. This software pulls information from a very large database that contains dozens of traditional Amazon keywords and long-tail keywords.
  • Misspellinator: Misspellinator finds commonly misspelled keywords. These keywords are quite valuable because they have less competition.

Listing Optimization

  • Frankenstein: Frankenstein cleans up keywords and prepares them for an Amazon advertising campaign.
  • Scribbles: Scribbles scans your keyword lists. It will provide strategic recommendations if an Amazon product description is poorly optimized.
  • Index Checker: The Index Checker in Helium 10 senses where a product lands in Amazon’s search results, and it highlights the product’s most profitable keywords and the top-ranking keywords.


  • Refund Genie: Refund Genie eliminates the need for manual calculations. It calculates refund estimates quicker, and it auto-checks your inventory reimbursements.
  • Alerts: There is a built-in 24-hour security system. This software tracks all ASINs, and if it detects strange activity, it will send an alert.
  • Inventory Protector: Inventory Protector creates a layer of protection against common threats following product launches. It stops malicious activities and blocks coupon stackers.
  • Follow-Up: The Follow-Up tool is a time-saving feature that enhances customer interaction. On its dashboard, you can create email templates, set up automations, check orders, and more.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app has data management features that track sales and notification tools.
  • Seller Assistant: Seller Assistant is a review acceleration tool within Helium 10. It can send a review request to one previous shopper or multiple requests to a group of customers who have placed an order within the last 30 days.


  • Inventory Management: The inventory management tool helps you complete orders from suppliers. It can also manages different aspects of your inventory that focus on replenishment and quantity updates. This software is highly intelligent because there are many advanced presets that you can customize. You could create presets for reorders, lead times, shipment times, and more.
  • Profits: Profits is a tool that relies on data points by Amazon. Each data point serves a key purpose during an Amazon campaign. Profits takes advantage of this by scanning all negative and positive data. The data that Profits collects helps you create profitable Amazon product listings.
  • Market Tracker: The Market Tracker gives you opportunities you make strategic moves before the competition does because it tracks where your products rank in an entire market.
  • Keyword Tracker: This keyword tool within Helium 10 tracks the rankings for sponsored and organic keywords on Amazon.


  • ADS: ADS automates and optimizes all Amazon pay-per-click management tasks. You’ll need to be a Diamond member to access this tool
  • Portals: Portals helps you control the traffic that goes to your Amazon product listing. If your traffic comes from multiple sources, Portals within Helium 10 can funnel it to one location.



Jungle Scout’s Features



  • Extension: Extension is a product research tool. It can find opportunities before every product launch and help you submit review requests following each transaction. Extension can also validate product concepts and grade them with a score.
  • Product tracker: The product tracker found in Jungle Scout organizes, sorts, compares information about Amazon product listings, and it creates very useful metrics that track daily prices, sales, and rankings. The metrics helps you find the most competitive products on Amazon.
  • Opportunity Finder: The Opportunity Finder helps you get the most out of a keyword. It basically unlocks a keyword’s potential by transforming it into a strategic marketing segment. The Opportunity Finder has very refined data management features too. It gives you access to data that represents rising trends, current sales trends, and your competitors’ insights.
  • Product Database: There are more than 475 million products in Jungle Scout’s Amazon Product Database. It’s a place where you can get ideas before a new product launch.
  • Suppler Database: The Suppler Database in Jungle Scout is where you’ll find a list of legitimate suppliers from around the globe. It has a convenient filter that lets you validate various suppliers based on their total shipments and order volume.
  • Academy: Academy has many lessons that break down strategies and techniques for sellers on Amazon. This program was created by Amazon pros and Greg Mercer.
  • Alerts: The alert system helps you make adjustments fast. You can set up alerts for new sellers, product ratings, price changes, and more.
  • Keyword Scout: The Keyword Scout monitors shopping habits on Amazon. When a shopper enters a keyword, Keyword Scout tracks it. Keyword Scout searches ASINs in reverse as this is the best way to uncover the keywords that most competing products are ranking for.
  • Rank Tracker: Rank Tracker is a long-term tracking tool like Keyword Scout. However, when Rank Tracker reverse searches ASIN, it compiles historic keyword data and finds the best keywords. It can pinpoint keywords that are helping your listings and terms that cater to the competitors.
  • Listing builder: Listing Builder is another ranking tool within Jungle Scout. It recommends keywords that can skyrocket your ranking.
  • Review Automation: Review Automation interacts with Seller Central. It minimizes the time that it would normally take to request reviews.
  • Sale Analytics: When transactions are made, the Sale Analytics tool tracks and organizes the data and creates metrics. It generates metrics for operating expenses, fees, revenue, and the costs of goods.
  • Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager is a data-driven inventory management solution for Amazon products. It tracks stock levels and recommends how much stock a user must order. It will also suggest the best times to order more stock.
  • Promotions: In the Promotions area of Jungle Scout, you can implement procedures to jump start sales. The Promotion Abuse tool in this section is very helpful. It can control your sales volume so that each promotion will have a chance to gain momentum.


Helium 10 Pros & Cons

Helium 10’s Pros

  • Amazon Freedom Ticket is included with all paid packages.
  • This platform has powerful tools for a variety of tasks.
  • The top tier provides access to great workshops
  • The free plan is great for beginners.

Helium 10’s Cons

  • The lowest plan is somewhat expensive
  • Only Diamond plan members get multi-user access.


Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

Jungle Scout’s Pros

  • All of the software is very easy to use.
  • The customer service team resolves problems fast.
  • There are guides that break down most of the features.
  • The software can capture screenshots.

Jungle Scout’s Cons

  • The monthly applications and extensions plan is somewhat expensive.
  • Some integration steps can be challenging.


The Verdict

Choose Helium 10 if…


Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout 00


Helium 10 might be the best marketing suite for your Amazon business if:

  • You want to test drive an Amazon marketing suite before you sign up for a plan.
  • You want access to cutting-edge training tools.
  • You want to expand your skills by attending workshops.
  • You want to share information about your progress with a community of Amazon experts.


Choose Jungle Scout if…


Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout 01


Jungle Scout is worth considering if:

  • You need suite that’s optimized for a brand new Amazon business.
  • You need a suite that can improve an existing Amazon business.
  • You need a training guide that caters to beginners.
  • You want to manage your business like Amazon pros.




Our Pick

Each of these services would benefit anyone who runs an Amazon business.

However, Jungle Scout slightly outshines Helium 10 because it has a comprehensive amount of guides and resources by Amazon pros to help people launch their businesses online.


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