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7 Important Things to Look For When Buying a Landing Page Builder

Buying a landing page builder should be something that you do with great care. If you are shopping around for a great landing page builder, be sure it checks out on these things.



If choosing a landing page builder seems overwhelming to you, then you are in the same boat as many website owners.

In digital marketing, landing pages are a requirement if you would like to smoothly capture lead information for sales purposes and also enhance your search engine optimization.

You will have a much better chance of achieving these things if you and your brand present a well-designed landing page to your visitors.

There are, however, some important considerations for online marketers when it comes to selecting an appropriate landing page builder.

Some landing page tools, unfortunately, are not as capable as others. Whether your focus is on affordability or advanced features, there is a wide variety of landing page building tools around.

If you prefer a more comprehensive landing page builder, then these platforms will often ask a premium price.

If you prefer affordability, then you will sometimes have to settle for landing page tools that make fewer options available to you.

In this video, we will go over some of the most important elements of a high-quality landing page builder.

Knowing how to select the most suitable landing page tool for your needs will allow you to deliver a high-quality site to your brand’s traffic.

It will also simplify the landing page creation process for you.

This is particularly valuable if you would like to devote most of your effort toward marketing instead of web page design.


#1. Optimization for Mobile Users

Most businesses receive large enough amounts of mobile traffic to make ignoring such users incredibly foolish.

If the landing page builder you are considering does not have tools that will allow you to optimize your page for traffic on mobile browsers, then this is a very bad sign.

A top-notch landing page tool will help you ensure that your landing page always looks good, regardless of the device your end users are visiting from.

This factor is becoming significantly more important year by year. Mobile web use is, of course, more widespread than ever.

Without a high-quality, responsive landing page builder, you will struggle when it comes to converting traffic from this portion of the web.

That is why a landing page builder that cannot create responsive lead pages does not belong in your professional sales funnel.

Regarding mobile optimization, you should look for a landing page tool that makes optimizing for mobile traffic quite intuitive.

You do not want to waste time having to redesign your entire landing page just to please visitors from phones, tablets and other non-desktop devices.

The ultimate purpose of a landing page builder is to help business owners like yourself publish stunning lead pages confidentially and in a time-efficient manner.

If a landing page tool cannot help you do this, then it does not deserve your consideration.


#2. A/B Testing Support

Regardless of how responsive or well-optimized your new landing page is, following such best practices can only take you so far when it comes to conversions.

Therefore, you need a way to test which landing page variations will convert the best for your business’s target audience.

Every market, unfortunately, is a bit different when it comes to the way users will interact with various landing page elements.

Each campaign is unique as well. It is for this reason that landing page owners must engage in rigorous and continuous testing.

If you want to get the most value out of a landing page tool, then finding one that has excellent A/B testing integration is a wise move.

If you are already paying a monthly or annual fee for your landing page tool, then it will be frustrating for you to also pay A/B testing companies like VWO or Optimizely for their services.

It is recommended that you find a landing page creation platform that integrates the necessary testing features within its infrastructure.

This will make managing your lead pages not only simpler but also more cost-efficient.

If a lead page builder allow you not only to convert your various types of traffic but also to run crucial A/B tests, and this platform will be much more valuable to you as a business owner or marketer than a landing page tool that does not offer this feature.

Find a landing page tool that allows you to test how a particular campaign or lead page is performing in order to get the most out of your builder.


7 Important Things to Look For When Buying a Landing Page Builder 2


#3. Sleek, Professional Templates

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a landing page builder instead of a traditional web designer is the simplicity.

Additionally, a dependable ROI and an end result that is guaranteed to look modern and professional make landing page builders even more appealing to website owners.

If, however, a certain page builder does not offer you powerful, professional templates that are also aesthetically pleasing, then it is time to look elsewhere and choose a different landing page builder.

The fewer hours you have to spend editing your brand’s landing page, the better. This will provide you with a better ROI and a less stressful page design process.

Thankfully, all the best landing page builders include incredibly powerful templates that are already optimized and follow common lead page best practices.

By creating your lead page via one of these landing page tools, you will need to worry far less about optimization and best practices thanks to the availability of top-notch templates.

There are several types of landing page templates available.

For example pre-launch templates, demo templates, “contact us” templates and squeeze page templates are all common examples that you will see from a great landing page tool.

You will want to make sure that your chosen landing page builder provides you with several options in this area.

A few dozen would be ideal. The more professional landing page templates you and your brand have access to, the more high-quality landing pages you will be able to build.

Companies with a higher number of landing pages have been shown to generate significantly more leads than those who have fewer landing pages online.


#4. Dynamic Page Elements

It is no secret that maintaining the attention of website visitors is becoming more difficult.

You will only have a few seconds, typically between 4 and 8, to win the attention of your landing page’s visitors.

This relatively small window of time will often require you to use various types of dynamic content in order to get your lead page traffic to stick around and ultimately begin interacting with your site.

What kind of dynamic content should a high-quality landing page builder offer you? Embedded countdowns are one popular option.

They can be used to promote not only events but also offers. Multiple landing page payment options are also preferable.

In addition to these, your landing page tool should offer you a wide variety of other dynamic lead page elements.

This will help increase the duration of a visitor’s time on your landing page.

A landing page building tool that does not make such dynamic content options available to you is likely not the right choice for you.


#5. Media Elements

Similarly, you should look for a landing page tool that has outstanding media capabilities.

Multiple studies have shown that companies whose landing pages incorporate video will receive boosted conversions.

Media capabilities, therefore, are a vital feature to have in a dependable landing page builder.

When you are looking at the features list of prospective landing page builders, be sure to check out the tools’ media capabilities.

Whether a landing page builder supports video integration will play a large role in determining if this landing page builder is appropriate for you and your brand.

Being able to add various types of media easily to your business’s lead page is a must-have when it comes to landing page tools.

Whether you want to include videos, audio, embedded live streams or even animated GIFs, a reliable landing page builder should accommodate these needs.

Also, look for a lead page tool that has great flexibility.

New trends in landing page media elements will always be emerging, and it is important that your lead page builder can stay up-to-date.


#6. Tracking and Email Marketing Integration

Another feature your landing page builder should always make available to you is smooth integration for email marketing and other necessary tracking systems.

If you need to add an opt-in form to your business’s landing page, it could take you more time than you might like if the builder does not have the proper features.

Without this type of integration, a website owner must manually build the list of recipients, create customized fields for their form and finally embed this into the final lead page.

This, understandably, is not something many website owners want to spend time on. This is especially true for those who prefer spending time marketing.

Consequently, it is vital that you search for a landing page builder that can offer you seamless integration for your various email tools and other tracking systems.

How much time could email marketing integration from a landing page builder save you? On average, you could be shaving around an hour off of your landing page creation time.

Being able to set up landing pages with hassle-free email marketing integration is a valuable asset that website owners and business owners should not pass up.


7 Important Things to Look For When Buying a Landing Page Builder 3


#7. Sufficient Analytics

In order to improve the performance of your business’s important lead pages, you must be able to first look at accurate data in order to measure how well the landing page is doing.

Beware of landing page builders that do not have analytics. This will make it much harder for you to gauge your landing page’s success.

If you have an underperforming landing page, then being able to access such analytics will empower you to make the necessary alterations so that the page can begin converting at a higher rate.

This, however, is not the only role that landing page analytics will play in your marketing process.

Additionally, you can use these same analytics to identify which elements your best-performing landing pages have in common.

From there, you will be able to replicate these components in your business’s other lead pages as well.

This can go a long way toward generating more consistent conversions across all of your brand’s landing pages.

Fully integrated analytics must be a part of your landing page tool if you want the best chance of your landing page succeeding.


So What’s Next?

Using a landing page builder can help you increase your sales or build an email list so you can communicate via email marketing with your customers. Save 20% off a full year with our favorite landing page builder here


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