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Kindle Spy Review: Helps KDP Authors Stay Ahead of Their Competitors?



Moving to Amazon for my publishing needs was a solid choice.

However, I found myself making a lot of marketing mistakes.

I needed methods to differentiate myself from the competition if I was going to succeed. I only wish I’d had a modern solution like Kindle Spy when starting out.


Kindle Spy Review

What To Consider Before Buying a Book Research Assistant

Digital research assistants are able to perform real time analysis of various market conditions.

When it comes to Amazon this means that a single program can analyze and even predict trends. This is especially important for fairly new markets such as Amazon.

Amazon might seem like a cultural touchstone at this point.

However, it’s still a very new entity when compared to the publishing industry as a whole. Authors are still learning how to properly leverage existing marketing techniques to Amazon’s very different version of a storefront.

With traditional publishing we’re marketing to a few different entities. We need to target influential book reviews, book stores and the reading public as a whole.

This doesn’t really translate to Amazon’s way of presenting books. Amazon can tailor their recommendations in the blink of an eye.

This new way of presenting books is a more personally targeted experience for consumers.

Digital book research assistants are a way to essentially talk to Amazon’s algorithms.

The software tries to determine why particular books have earned special recognition within Amazon’s system.

This type of software is essentially real time marketing research for individual authors.

It’s important for authors to find software which covers as many categories as possible.

These categories can include sales needed to reach top ranking on Amazon, popular readership trends or even which subjects are the most profitable to write about.

The ideal user for this type of software is an author specifically targeting Amazon. People focusing on traditional bookstores will want to use more traditional marketing research.

However, those of us selling on Amazon should find software which helps us market to that system.

You should ensure that the software is easy to use and helps you plan marketing strategies.


What is KDSPY?




Kindle Spy, also known as KDSPY, certainly can provide that much needed marketing help.

The program is sold as a way to see all of the important market trends which can impact book sales on Amazon.

In short, KDSPY works as a guide to marketing success for authors who are primarily targeting Amazon.

We can use it to see which trends are selling and how much we can expect to make by focusing on those markets.

Kindle Spy primarily differs from competitors like Publisher Rocket by running within a web browser.

This helps authors work with KDSPY in a similar way to how they’d browse Amazon.

The program’s most recent release, V5, vastly expanded its scope. V5 now supports analyzing paperback, hardcover and ebook releases.

This makes it well suited to all book sales on Amazon. However, it might not be a perfect match for authors mainly trying to reach non-digital storefronts.


  • Allows you to reverse engineer a category
  • Affordable, one-time purchase
  • Robust keyword research tools and competitor insights to save you time
  • Works internationally
  • All future updates included in initial purchase


  • Limited to book publishing research
  • Limited browser support for less popular browsers



A More Indepth Look at Kindle Spy’s Features

One of the most important things to keep in mind about Kindle Spy is how it integrates with Amazon.

The company puts a heavy and obvious focus on online presentation. Kindle Spy operates by integrating itself into that presentation.

Most authors are quite familiar with Amazon’s ebook listings. However, without a digital assistant we’re stuck manually sorting through the top sellers to figure out recent trends.

KDSPY essentially acts as a toolbox consisting of different functions which can help determine the best way to market our books on Amazon.

And it’s particularly important to get as much attention for our work as possible. It’s estimated that about 80% of the population has some desire to write a book.

Amazon makes it easier than ever to get a foot into that market.

As such, it’s more important than ever to push ourselves ahead of the competition. KDSPY is a way to differentiate ourselves from other authors.

Discover What Makes a Bestseller

KDSPY’s most powerful feature can be best understood with an example. Imagine that you’ve come up with the perfect idea for your next book.

You want to get a good idea of what your competitors are up to. Most of us would load up that particular category from Amazon’s website.

If we have KDSPY installed we can take this further with a single press of a button within our browser.

Hitting the KDSPY extension button within our browser will tell it to analyze the currently loaded Amazon category.

KDSPY’s listings will show the bestselling books for the categories we’re interested in.

Each of the listings will also show how much the books sell for, projected earnings, sales estimates and overall sales ranking.

The program will also tell you how many sales you’d need within a day to reach the top twenty list.

This process can essentially take the guesswork out of your categorization. The program can instantly tell you how lucrative a particular genre is and how difficult it’d be to break into it.

Word Clouds and Keywords

Kindle Spy can also help guide an author’s writing process. The program can scan books within a particular category and categorize the results by topic.

Consider the case of someone writing a cookbook focusing on healthy food choices. If she used KDSPY’s word cloud tool then she’d see a list of foods other authors have written about.

The words sushi and onigiri might be written in a large bold font in the results.

This would indicate that the most successful cookbooks about healthy eating have focused on these two dishes from Japan.

She could then look through the list and see which other foods from the region are featured in successful cookbooks.

This would help her by indicating items of interest. It would also help highlight related foods that haven’t been covered at all by her competition.

The program also gives us the option of going into more depth with particular keywords. Imagine the earlier author wanted more information about how well her topics of interest were selling.

She could specifically look into sushi as a keyword. This would list both averages and specific examples for books focusing on sushi.

She’d be able to see the average sale price, length, rating and review scores for books on the subject.

The tool can even help authors by suggesting how hard it would be to get a high ranking on amazon when writing on the subject.

This can also help people find a particular niche.

For example, the author might see that writing about maki rolls in particular would be a more competitive option than simply writing about all forms of sushi.


Kindle Spy Review 2


Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Kindle Spy provides some other methods to get ahead of the competition. Amazon lists all of an author’s works on a specific page.

KDSPY can analyze these author pages to find out a wealth of information about them.

This includes estimated sales data for authors, their overall sales rank and how well they’re doing with different book formats.

You can also choose to focus on a particular book. KDSPY can track performance and sales statistics for individual books on a daily basis.

This can help authors keep track of how well a competitor’s new works are doing.

The main benefit of these tools comes from outmaneuvering the competition. Authors can instantly see what other authors are doing right and which strategies aren’t working out for them.

By comparing multiple authors in a similar genre you can see trends that would almost certainly impact your own sales.

This ensures that you’ll be able to implement trends that increase sales while avoiding subject matter which isn’t proving popular with the average reader.

Judge the Viability of Different Markets on Amazon

KDSPY can also narrow search results to a specific country. This is useful for authors who are considering having their work translated into a different language.

It’s quite possible that the markets in other countries are wholly lacking in a book’s subject matter.

If an author speaks a second language then it’ll be easy to see whether there’s a solid economic payoff in translating his or her works.

Your book might have heavy competition in English, for example. But you might see that the competition in that category is quite low in Germany.


What Are People Saying About KDSPY?

It’s not hard to find enthusiastic endorsements for KDSPY.

Review #1

For example, C.S. Lankin is an author who’s used KDSPY to work within her genre. She avoided dipping into a subgenre with only 1/10th the readership by using KDSPY.

Review #2

Jennifer Xue, author of over 100 ebooks, heralds KDSPY as a way for writers to leverage AI. She suggest people use it for “finding lucrative topics based on keywords occurrences in bestsellers, approximate royalties earned, and niche potentials.”

Review #3

Otatade Okojie is the author of the viral hit “November 4th”. He’s also a fan of KDSPY’s role as a research tool. He advises people to “Build interactive engaging communities, start a dialogue with publishers on linkedin, get Kindle spy.”


KDSPY Alternatives

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket 000


Publisher Rocket is quite similar to KDSPY. Both programs analyze potential book sales by keywords. Both are also able to examine how well a competitor is doing in the market.

Publisher Rocket’s main difference is that it’s a self-contained desktop program. While KDSPY integrates with a web browser to better work with Amazon’s standard interface.

Publisher Rocket also costs a little more than KDSPY. It’s a great choice for people who don’t care about the extra Amazon web integration provided by KDSPY.

Kindle Rocket vs. Kindle Spy

  • Desktop oriented
  • More expensive
  • Similar keyword oriented design



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Helium 10


Helium 10 00

If you main goal is to grow a thriving e-commerce business, then Helium 10 is a software you’ll want to consider.

Many online entrepreneurs use their Kindle eBooks as entry-level products into a larger business, and the tools included in Helium 10 will help you take your business to another level.

While Helium 10 does include a keyword research tool, it is only through their Platinum membership paid monthly.

So while Helium 10 is a robust software package, it’s really only recommended for those who have a more mature online business or has books not as the primary business model for selling online

Helium 10 vs. Kindle Spy

  • Comprehensive tools and training
  • More focused on traditional ecommerce
  • Monthly charge


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JungleScout 00

When it comes to product research and identifying opportunities, JungleScout has very little rivals.

Much like Helium 10 mentioned above, this is a comprehensive software package that can take your Amazon business from the product research phase, to a full-on Amazon business.

If you see yourself sticking to just publishing on Amazon Kindle as an author, then you may not need something like JungleScout.

However, if you’ve got bigger plans to really scale an online business on Amazon, you’ll definitely want to take a look at all the tools JungleScout has to offer.

JungleScout vs. Kindle Spy

  • Includes sales estimates of Amazon product listings to give you a sense of potential profitable book ideas
  • Monthly subscription
  • More focused on physical products


Final Thoughts

A look into KDSPY has illustrated just how complex marketing on Amazon has become.

A simple online bookstore has turned into a publisher which provides access to almost every country in the world.

What’s more, it’s extremely difficult for an individual to keep up with the rapidly changing market provided by Amazon.

KDSPY solves this problem by first analyzing the wealth of data presented by Amazon.

It’s then able to automatically sort through a mountain of data to categorize it into something we can understand.

And finally, we can find continually updated information about both competitors and industry trends within those results.

Any author who wants to succeed on Amazon should click here to check it out.


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