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Leadpages Review: Landing Page Builder That Fuels Growth?


My time working in online marketing has been incredibly exciting. However, one of the biggest problems is just how many tasks fall under that banner.

I’m often stuck essentially trying to learn new fields as deadlines draw ever closer. I wish that solutions like Leadpages had been available sooner!


Leadpages Review

What To Consider Before Buying a Landing Page Builder

Leadpages solves the problem of unfamiliar fields by providing a wide set of easy to use tools. Take a common situation with someone whose expertise is with email marketing.

We often have a tremendous amount of skill when it comes to scripting events, using an API and creating the perfect sales pitch.

But building a landing page for customers interested in our offer is a whole other set of skills.

Landing page builders provide easy to use tools to enable people to jump right into this design process.

One of the points to consider before buying a landing page builder is how much traffic it will support.

Some landing page builders push customers up in payment tiers as the unique visitors increase. It’s also important to consider how many landing pages the system allows you to create.

Again, some software packages place a limit on content creation based on subscription plans.

It’s also important to look at some of the program’s templates. Like any artistic endeavor a picture is usually worth a thousand words.

We can describe the beauty of a painting. But it’s hard to know about its emotional impact until we look at it.

Likewise, it’s easier to judge the artistic merit of a landing page by seeing what it can do. The templates are the basic framework on which you’ll build a landing page.

If the program’s templates look great then it’s already done a lot of work for us.

However, the single biggest point to consider before buying is the overall expertise of the person using the software.

Different landing page builders assume a different level of skill. You should ensure that the landing page builder is an appropriate match for your background.

In general someone comfortable writing elaborate sites in a text editor would be better served by enterprise level website managers rather than a landing page builder.


What Does Leadpages Provide?

Leadpages is primarily meant to help people without much coding experience create impressive landing pages. The program presents users with a list of templates.

We can then customize those templates with an easy to learn drag and drop interface. It also provides some impressive extras like alert bars and popups.

These and other functions are available through annual subscription fees.

This is an especially important market as landing pages are both among the least used tools and the one with the highest conversion rate.

Leadpages gives people the ability to easily add this powerful tool to their company’s marketing without essentially learning a whole new profession.



Leadpages Home 00


Leadpages Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • Creates a marketing tool with a proven conversion rate
  • Offers a wide range of additional tools in addition to basic landing pages

Leadpages Cons:

  • Programmers might find the drag and drop interface limiting
  • Need to subscribe to the most expensive plan to get the full range of features
  • The drag and drop interface might feel a little slow on some platforms


A closer look at the most important features and benefits

Landing Page Builder

Leadpages is arguably the most important element of the program. The landing page builder is based on a template system.

These templates are essentially a bare bones version of what you’ll see once the design process has finished.

You can essentially think about it as the foundation and frames of a building. The template suggests what you’ll see at the end of a design process.

But when you let your creativity shine you can still make some significant changes to the overall look of a landing page.

The main point of difference with the landing page builder is its ease of use.

The program uses a drag and drop interface which quite literally makes most tasks as easy as clicking a mouse.

If you’ve ever played around with a simple paint program then you’ve already developed most of the skills needed to put together a page using the landing page builder.

The ease of use is one of the primary reasons why it’s such a good match for people looking to expand their skill set.

Building a website with full scripting and database integration is far beyond what a casual interest in web design would provide.

The landing page builder gives experts in one area of online marketing an easy to use bridge into another aspect of the industry.

Easy Integration With Automation Platforms

We briefly noted how Leadpages could tie into databases. It might be surprising to find that this is possible without any complex code.

This is due to the fact that the software supports a wide range of 3rd party integration. This is especially important for companies which use any popular marketing automation platform.

For example, consider the case of a company using ActiveCampaign for email marketing. He’d start by making a form in ActiveCampaign.

Then he’d want to add an API key from ActiveCampaign into the program. From here he’d just need to add an integration, a sort of addon, into the system alongside the landing page.

We looked at ActiveCampaign for this example. However, the vast majority of popular automation platforms offer methods to integrate with the newly generated landing pages.

This means it’s not just a simple matter of creating landing pages. It’s also quite easy to then integrate those new pages into an existing marketing system.

Exit-intent Popups

Do you ever wish that you could capture someone’s attention just as they’re deciding against going with your products or services?

This is exactly what the exit-intent popup system provides with Leadpages. The popup system can give users seamless messages which integrate into the landing page.

The real power of these popups is that they can anticipate a user’s actions. When it looks like a user is about to exit the page the system can deliver a popup.

It’s even more impressive when we consider the fact that no coding is needed to create these popups. It’s all handled through the page designer.

Mobile Optimization

Smartphones and tablets are more of an issue than most people realize. These devices are one of the most popular ways to access the Internet.

But at the same time they’re wildly unpredictable as a platform.

Think about just how different a smaller budget priced smartphone and a large tablet are. And yet they’re both commonly lumped together under mobile platforms.

On top of this there’s two major operating systems to consider with Android and iOS.

Developers even need to consider the fact that any given pairing of operating system and device could have fairly old versions of those operating system.

Thankfully the drag and drop designer in Leadpages handles all of this without any extra thought from end users.

The system will detect which browsers, operating systems and devices are being used to access a landing page.

It’ll proceed to give a version of the page designed for that particular system. Even extra features like the popups will adapt to a mobile environment.

No Need To Worry About Hosting

Something which has been conspicuously absent so far is any discussion about saving and uploading a design.

There’s a simple reason why this hasn’t been brought up so far. There’s no need to upload the program’s output onto a seperate server.

Designs made within the program are saved directly onto the web space provided with every user account. Don’t worry though, you’re still able to use your own domain name.

The fact that Leadpages provide the hosting also means that issues related to server security and stability are taken care of on their end.

So there’s no need to worry about excessive interest crashing the server.

Along with hosting the landing pages they also provide analytic services. This can be especially useful when combined with an automated platform’s own campaign tracking.

The service is also compatible with multiple landing page testing. This testing, known as A/B testing, is unlimited with accounts in the professional or higher tiers.


Leadpages Review 02


What Are Users Saying About the Service?

Review #1

Mohan Lal D. is impressed by the speed and quality of its page generation. He comments that “creating appealing pages in minutes is just like you know, let’s you feel like a Landing Page Rockstar”

Review #2

Mike W. emphasizes that the “designs are fresh and most importantly they are well designed for conversion right out of the box”. He adds that they “load quicky and convert well”.

Review #3

Michelle M. talks about her company’s success as they were able to “scale the creation of landing pages while staying on brand and without draining highly skilled developers”


Leadpages Alternatives


Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes 00

Thrive Themes is another method for users to easily generate landing pages. However, the method by which they do so is quite different.

Thrive Themes is heavily tied into the popular WordPress platform.

This means that it offers heavy integration within that specific platform. However, it’s of limited effectiveness outside of WordPress.

This makes it an ideal landing page tool for people who are already using WordPress.

Thrive Themes vs. Leadpages

  • It’s an addition to WordPress rather than a standalone system
  • Provides most of the benefits of WordPress including a wide selection of plugins
  • Best for people who are using or are familiar with WordPress


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Click Funnels 00

ClickFunnels might seem like a similar program at first glance. Both platforms help users create sales oriented pages.

However, ClickFunnels creates sales funnels rather than landing pages. A sales funnel is a more interactive system intended to move users to a desired outcome.

It’s a useful and important function. However, it’s generally overkill if someone only needs a landing page.

ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages

  • Uses a similar drag and drop interface
  • Creates sales funnels rather than landing pages
  • The sales funnel functionality is superfluous for landing page design




Instapage 00

Instapage is quite similar to Leadpages. Instapage has a drag and drop editor, hosts the generated pages and offers advanced analytics.

It lacks some extra features such as exit-intent popup editing.

However, Instapage’s editor does allow users to save portions of their designs, known as instablocks, to reuse on other landing pages.

Instapage is usually a more costly alternative when using most plans. However, it’s a solid option for people who want to try a different but equally powerful editing system.

Instapage vs. Leadpages

  • Drag and drop design
  • Instablocks design sharing
  • A more costly alternative


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Bringing It All Together To Solve Real World Problems

We began by considering the plight of digital marketing experts who wanted to expand their skill set.

Leadpages is able to accomplish this by providing a drag and drop design system. What’s more, the system provides a similar interface to create popups.

All of these functions can tie into most existing marketing automation systems. The program even provides hassle free web hosting for the finished landing pages.

If that seems like a perfect match for your needs then you can click here to check it out.


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