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Long Tail Pro Review: Useful Keyword Research Tool For Bloggers?



If search engines can’t find you, how can you expect your targeted audience or customers to?

That’s where Long Tail Pro can help.

Anyone that ranks on the first page of Google uses the right keywords to boost themselves into the spotlight.

Long Tail Pro can get you the correct keywords you need, so you can gain more traffic and appear on the first page of any search engine.


Long Tail Pro Review

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Keyword Research Tool

You don’t want to choose any keyword research tool.

Many of them exist but some come with additional features or are limited on what you can do or search.

Others use different tracking and group tools. There are some things you want to look at before you sign up for a subscription.

If you can opt for a free trial before you purchase.

Before you decide on a tool, there are some factors you’ll want to think about and strategize.

Trust me when I say you don’t want to go into this blind. SEO is a science, and you’ll fail without learning how or why a customer does something.

Tools can only take you so far but if you lack the knowledge, you may struggle to reach that top spot.

First, list the relevant topics that target your customers. Those topics should be related themes of your business, products, or services.

Topic lists help you narrow down your research and help with developing new keywords.

Once you have a topic list, you can move onto keywords. Break each topic down into relevant keywords by deciding the type of content you want.

You may find that some keywords work best with social media and others with blog posts.

Next, you’ll want to discover why a customer is searching for a particular piece of information. This is called search intent. It’s one of the most important aspects of keyword search.

You can narrow this down even further by knowing where keywords lie in the marketing funnel. This tells you the type of content you should create and refines your search intent.

The final thing you’ll want to consider is your relevant search features. Searches can yield text results to media or graphs.

When someone searches your keyword, you’ll want to know what’s showing up. The most important thing you’ll want to do is to check the SERP.

This will help you gain insight into how customers will interact with your website.

Many of these SEO tools can provide you with all you need to know but some do lack in areas like SERP or long-tail keywords.

You want to use a well-rounded SEO tool if you’re not experienced or need it.


What is Long Tail Pro?


Long Tail Pro Home 00


Long Tail Pro was founded in 2011 by Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits (another company he founded as well).

He has been in the internet marketing world for about five years and created dozens of long-tail sites.

He created Long Tail Pro because he tried other keyword tools and couldn’t find what he needed. Long Tail Pro generates thousands of “long tail” words in minutes based on root keywords.

You can generate more than 800 keywords than other competitors offer.

Long Tail Pro Pros:

  • Keyword suggestions come in bulk
  • Keyword competitive score tells you how it will rank in Google
  • Search multiple seed keywords at once

Long Tail Pro Cons:

  • Limits manual keywords to 200
  • Seed keywords are limited to five


Features & Benefits

Long Tail Pro is mostly known as a keyword research tool. It helps you find low competition keywords for SEO.

Some people may use it for PPC but it was originally designed for those who practice SEO.

The keywords Long Tail Pro finds are found in bulk based on the seed keyword you inputted.

Why would you want to focus on long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords target your audience better than generic keywords and allow you to rank higher in search results.

However, Long Tail Pro l does much more than that. The interface makes it easy enough that novice users won’t have a hard time.

Multiple Campaigns

You can create multiple projects or campaigns within Long Tail Pro for your sites to keep things organized.

Those that search for keywords daily will benefit greatly from this feature, especially if you have more than one website.

You can generate and analyze keywords based on your seed keyword. You get to search up to five at one time and from there see what your competitors use.

Saving Keywords

If you have a list of keywords you want saved, there’s a feature for that as well within Long Tail Pro

Some people might want to use Excel to export keywords.

Long Tail Pro will also allow you to do that.

You also can import any keyword into Long Tail Pro too. However, there is a limit of 200 keywords when inputting from another source.

Keyword Competitiveness

Once you search your seed keywords, you can see which ones rank for the keyword’s competitiveness.

This feature within Long Tail Pro will show you which keywords might rank your website. You don’t just receive a score for your keyword’s competitiveness.

You’ll have access to information like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, External Backlinks, Site Age, and the Page Keyword Competitiveness.


You may find that you’re lacking AdSense revenue. Long Tail Pro can help with that. It can find long-tail high-CPC keywords to help increase your revenue.

Niche Research

If you’re unsure what to name your blog but know it follows a niche market, you might want to use the domain name finder feature.

It can suggest keyword-rich domain names.

Every SEO marketer or individual knows that website ranks, and keyword ranks are important. Long Tail Pro checks Google, Yahoo, and Bing to see how your keywords stand up against the competition.

The rank tracker helps keep track of your keywords and how well they’re doing in SERPs.

This feature does come with a limitation depending on the type of plan you have.

Educational Resources

If for some reason you get stuck or need help with strategies, Long Tail Pro has you covered.

They include free training videos that help novices learn from the ground up. It’s a great refresher for those already experienced in SEO too.

Pricing Flexibility

There are various annual plans and monthly plans you can subscribe to with Long Tail Pro. There’s also a free trial for those that aren’t quite sure this tool is what they’re looking for.

Annual plans start at $1177 ($98 per month) for the Annual Agency plan. This plan includes 6,000 keyword lookups every 24 hours, key competitiveness daily, and daily SERPs lookups.

You’ll have access to 1,000 tracked keywords and unlimited domains.

You also get daily rank updates, five simultaneous logins, and a complete suite of templates to scale your SEO.

The Annual Pro Plan costs $537 annually ($45 per month). It gives you access to 2,500 keyword lookups, keyword competitiveness, and SERP lookups every 24 hours.

You can track up to 200 keywords, unlimited domains, and get daily rank updates. You’ll also get two simultaneous logins and a complete suite of templates to scale your SEO.

The Annual Starter costs $297 annually ($25 per month). You get 800 keyword lookups, keyword competitiveness, and SERP lookups every 24 hours.

You can track 30 keywords, unlimited domains, and daily rank checks along with one simultaneous login.

The monthly plans cost much more than the annual plans and limit some options. For example, the Monthly Agency runs for $147 per month but you don’t have access to the templates to scale your SEO.

The Monthly Pro plan costs $67 per month and you also don’t get the templates.

The Monthly Starter plan costs $37 per month. You do get a one-week free trial with all plans except the highest tier ones: the Annual Agency and the Monthly Agency.


Long Tail Pro Review 2


What Others Think

We can sit here and tell you how much we like Long Tail Pro but it also helps to hear from other users who love the tool too.

We scoured the internet to find out what people were saying about this tool.

Review #1

One user said, “One of the best tools to get long-tail keywords.”

Review #2

Another user talked about how much time they saved and how much more keywords they generated. “Longtail pro cuts my research time down by 75% and generates way more keywords than I could find on my own.”

Review #3

Another user credited Long Tail Pro for their success, “ Long Tail Pro was the key to my SEO success.”


Long Tail Pro Alternatives

There are dozens of SEO and keyword research tools on the market.

However, not all of them are user-friendly or lack the features you need for your business or page to run successfully.

Some tools may come with added features you may not even need or care for. We compiled a list of three alternative tools we thought measured up to Long Tail Pro.

Each one was found for both novices or professionals.





SEMrush is ideal for bloggers or those wanting to grow their website. It comes with more than just a keyword research tool.

It has a full-rounded SEO suite to give you analytics and compare your site to others.

This helps you see what you need to do to stand out from the competition. It has some differences like tracking more than long-tail keywords and using clickstream data.

SEMrush vs. Long Tail Pro

  • SEMrush has a full SEO suite instead of an only keyword search tool
  • Uses clickstream data
  • Uses an advanced keyword scoring system that tracks more than long-tail keywords
  • Provide similar packages in price
  • Can search keywords
  • Compare website rankings





Those that are well versed in SEO or beginners will appreciate the tools it has to offer. The UI is basic, so it’s not difficult to navigate.

You get one of the largest databases of backlinks. It has SEP monitoring and position tracking, domain comparison, and keyword search.

There are some differences with Long Tail Pro. One difference is that it uses a data clickstream. It’s also not integrated with Google Analytics or Search Console.

Ahrefs vs. Long Tail Pro

  • Easier for beginners to use
  • Uses clickstream data
  • Doesn’t use Google Analytics or Search Console
  • Generates keywords that contain your target keyword
  • Ranks keywords against other pages
  • Both use SERP Analysis





SpyFu is designed more for businesses and the more experienced SEO user. It breaks SERP and keyword searches down into how much it’s worth over the ranking.

This is more useful for business owners and those looking to turn a bigger profit. However, some businesses and novices may not understand or need this feature.

The keyword grouping they use is similar to SEMrush. Overall, those who just want to sort or identify keywords, might not find this SEO tool as useful as others.

SpyFu vs. Long Tail Pro

  • Focuses on monthly cost for keyword searches and SERP
  • Geared towards all organizations but mainly professionals and marketing
  • Cheaper annually but no free trial
  • Doesn’t have any SEO management


  • Creates backlink profiles
  • Offers traffic analytics and SERP analytics


Final Thoughts

Long Tail Pro is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research.

It has many features that help you with your business or website, so you can rank higher in SERPs against the competition.

Their plans are relatively competitive among other tools and comes with a seven-day free trial in case you want to test what they offer before you buy it.

You don’t have to take our word for how useful this tool is.

Plenty of other users and reviewers cite this tool as one of their favorites.


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