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Mailjet Review: Best Email Marketing Platform For Teams?



As an entrepreneur, how will you communicate with your customers?

The usual answer is to use an email marketing system.

Mailjet isn’t the cheapest email marketing software, nor is it the most expensive. This is in line with the company’s mid-level functionality.

Read on to discover if this platform is right for you.


Mailjet Review

Things to Consider Before Buying Email Marketing Software

One of the most critical decisions that all entrepreneurs must make is how they will stay in touch with their audience.

Typically, this means choosing email marketing software.

Unfortunately, this isn’t easy. That’s especially true because each of these services claims to be the best.

This means that it’s difficult to figure out which one really has the dependability and functionality that you need.

That’s why this Mailjet review is essential reading. I’ll break down the features and benefits so that you can decide if this is the right service for your business.

Some email marketing software is tailor made for a specific market segment, like a particular industry or organization size.

However, this one doesn’t specialize.

It doesn’t have lots of advanced functionality that would make it appealing to experienced marketers who have the large budgets that are necessary for complex campaigns.

At the same time, some of its pricing plans are too expensive for small businesses that are just starting.

Still, it does offer a free plan, though it’s limited.

All of these are among the things that you’ll want to consider before you make a purchase.

Other critical factors may include the quality of customer support, which can be incredibly important if you haven’t used email marketing software before.

If this is the case, then you want to be certain that the service you choose offers speedy interactions and a robust knowledgebase.

The software’s ease of use also may be top-of-mind. You want a service that has straightforward functionality.

You don’t need a platform that has a complicated interface or that requires you to understand advanced coding.


Introducing MailJet

This email marketing software is a mid-level player. It handles emails and newsletters for about 150,000 companies.

Established in 2010 in France, one of the company’s most recent innovations is a multi-user collaboration feature.

This tool makes it possible for developers and marketers to collaborate in real time on the same email, which could be valuable when complex campaigns are being launched.

Mailjet lacks some advanced features such as automated email sequences and segmentation that would make it possible to create more targeted campaigns.

This may be a problem for some companies that are looking to communicate with their audience on a more individualized basis.

It also would be preferable if the company offered live chat or phone support.


Mailjet Home 00


Mailjet Pros:

  • Multi-user collaboration tool
  • Set-up guide is helpful
  • Numerous transactional email templates available
  • Setting up automations is relatively easy
  • Free version available

Mailjet Cons:

  • Lacks live chat or phone support
  • Autoresponder functionality is limited
  • Few segmentation options
  • A little expensive



Features and Benefits

Mailjet has many of the basic features that you might expect if you’ve used similar services.

However, it has some lacks in functionality that may not make it such a good choice for experienced users.

Let’s take a closer look.



The Email Editor

For those of you who are novices in email marketing software, you’ll appreciate that the email editor guides you step-by-step as you create an email.

You start with the subject line, which can be personalized for the customer’s location and name. Then, you proceed through the steps to select the design and contacts from your list.

It couldn’t be simpler. Still, it’s worth knowing that you won’t see the same variety of newsletter templates with this service that you will with more robust services.

These templates are basic, and this can translate to you spending additional time to create designs.

The good news is that if you do want to try your hand at designing emails, Mailjet has handy drag-and-drop email editor tools that are easy to use.

The editor lets you add things like videos, images, buttons and text while also customizing content blocks with different layouts, colors and text styles.

You’ll have the ability to choose to display certain content blocks to specific lists or segments.

Accordingly, you can choose to display content blocks to all recipients while displaying other content blocks only to a chosen segment of recipients.

Here is one of the places in which this company is doing well. That’s because the email editor is exceptionally collaborative.

Several team members are allowed to access the email at the same time so that everyone can make changes in real time.

It’s also possible to lock certain blocks so that others cannot edit them.

Nonetheless, the editor is missing the ability to preview your email to see how it will look when it’s viewed on different devices or email clients.

It similarly does not have the ability to check on how likely it is that your email will end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

The send options are relatively limited too. You may send emails immediately or at one pre-set time.

It is not possible to send according to time zone or to send at the optimal viewing time as predicted by your recipient’s past behavior.



The Contact Management System

One of the strengths of Mailjet is that it makes migrating data from another platform easy.

This means that you can import your existing contacts from an API or choose to upload them manually if that makes sense.

Once the contacts are imported, the software automatically matches factors like location, name and email address, eliminating the need to do this manually.

You have the ability to create several email lists depending upon which newsletters each customer signs up to receive.

For each of these lists, you’ll be shown an actions list so that you can easily select your next step, like adding a new contact or sending a campaign.

Marketers frequently like to be able to create a segment of their contact list.

These segments may be broken down on just about any demographic data or according to whether or not the recipient recently opened an email and clicked on a link.

However, this is where this platform’s segmentation functionality ends.

More advanced software gives you the chance to create segments based on things like past purchases and product page views.

Autoresponder Functionality

Autoresponders are exceptionally convenient automated sequences of emails. A sequence is triggered by specific customer behaviors.

For instance, Mailjet provides you with templates for things like welcoming new subscribers or an update to a customer’s details.

These are helpful, but this platform doesn’t give you any options for autoresponders beyond the pre-set templates.

This makes it impossible to create more complex automated sequences, such as when a recipient hasn’t opened their email for a time period like one month or two months.



Transaction Email Capabilities

This is another area where Mailjet performs pretty well, but without doing anything dazzling.

Transactional emails are the ones that you send after a customer orders something. These may include an order confirmation or information regarding the delivery of the order.

Effectively, this is among this platform’s more advanced features. Using it means that you need some knowledge of coding and will need to use the company’s API for integration.

A few transactional templates are included, like one that informs the recipient that their payment method is declined.

Other functionality includes real-time notifications about transaction emails not being sent or having delayed delivery.

Analytics and Reports

Once again, Mailjet covers the basics without being anything special. You can get stats with regard to spam reports, unsubscribes, bounces, clicks and opens.

However, there are no revenue-driven analytics or funnel-driven reporting capabilities.


Mailjet does offer a free plan that may be just right for an entrepreneur who’s just starting a business. The plan allows you to send as many as 6,000 emails each month, though you are restricted to 200 emails per day.

Features available on the free plan are quite limited. You’ll have no automation or segmentation options, and you’ll miss out on the collaborative editing feature.

Of course, if you’re the head of a brand-new sole proprietorship, you may be the only person creating and editing emails so that may not matter.

Otherwise, this platform provides two paid pricing schemes. The Basic plan will cost less than $10 per month to send 30,000 emails per month.

No daily limits are placed on how many emails you can send.

As you need to send more emails each month, your price for the Basic plan increases.

For instance, you would pay just under $70 per month for sending as many as 150,000 emails per month or about $170 for sending up to 450,000 emails per month.

Again, this plan has pretty limited features. You get no segmentation options nor is there any A/B testing.

That’s why some people step up to the Premium Plan. The lowest tier of this plan lets you send 30,000 emails each month at a cost of about $21 per month.

This is the level at which you gain access to the collaborative editing tools, autoresponders and segmentation.

As with the Basic plan, you’ll pay more per month depending upon how many emails you typically send.

Another option is to pay annually, which will net you a 10-percent discount.

The company further offers an Enterprise plan, but this is a highly customized option for companies that have needs that don’t fit well into Mailjet’s other plans.

It’s necessary to call them for pricing.


What Others Are Saying

Scouring the Internet revealed some pretty positive feedback for Mailjet.

Review #1

One user praised the quick and efficient customer support team while another complimented the platform’s API.

Review #2

Still another user praises the software for its interface being “very easy to use.”

Review #3

Another customer calls it a “rock solid product,” suggesting that this is a pretty reliable service provider.


Mailjet Alternatives

Before making a purchasing decision, it is always wise to be aware of Mailjet competitors.

This ensures that you can make a more informed decision before locking yourself into certain email marketing software.




SendGrid 00

One of this platform’s closest competitors is SendGrid. Its features are pretty nearly identical, with a great editor and lackluster autoresponder and segmentation features.

While SendGrid has superior deliverability options, Mailjet is the clear winner with regard to the functionality of transactional emails.






MailerLite 00

Another competitor is MailerLite. This could be the right choice for your company if you’re looking for more of an all-in-one solution for inbound campaigns.

That’s because MailerLite has a landing page builder. In addition, this service is budget-friendly and has a surprisingly generous free plan.






Sendinblue 00

Yet another reasonable alternative is Sendinblue. It has some welcome features like advanced attribution functionality.

In fact, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a host of advanced features. Nonetheless, this remains an excellent choice for novice users.

While there is no live chat support and a lack of transactional metrics, people tend to really go for the intuitive user interface.

Sendinblue can be a good solution for organizations of any size, especially since it has solid options for segmentation.




Final Thoughts

Effectively communicating with your audience is a problem that confronts every entrepreneur. You want to send them newsletters that are timely, informative and likely to generate sales.

This is why your choice of email marketing software is critical. The right software makes it easy for you to send out effective marketing campaigns.

Mailjet does a fair job, offering basic functionality but not a lot of bells and whistles. Its interface is pretty friendly, but the pricing plans seems a little much for what you get.

If your email needs are simple then this platform could work for you. Otherwise, you may want to look for a service with more advanced features.


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