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11 Ways to Market Your First Amazon KDP Self-Published Book

Marketing your Kindle book is important if you want to climb the rankings and increase your book sales. Here are a few tips if you want to improve your book marketing.



Self-publishing is a great way to create a book without having to deal with the time-consuming task of having to find a publisher.

If you are about to self-publish your first Amazon KDP book, you may be confused as to how you should go about marketing it so that you reach the most people.

The good news is that you aren’t alone as a lot of new authors go through this.

Fortunately, there are a lot of effective ways that you can market your book even if you are pretty clueless about how the process works.

Here are 11 ways to market your first Amazon KDP self-published book that may increase your sales.


#1. Start A Blog

You can easily let others know about your book by starting a blog. It’s a good idea to create one well before you publish your book.

You can draw your readers in by teasing them with various excerpts from your book each week. Post information that is thought-provoking, and try to engage your readers by asking them a question about it.

Ask your readers to subscribe to your blog so that they can be updated with information about your book.

You can also entice your readers to get others to come to your site by tagging their friends. For every five friends they tag, you can give them one entry into a contest to win a free book.

You might be surprised as to how many new visitors you can get by holding a simple contest like this.

If you want to keep the readers you have and gain new visitors, you do need to post new content on a regular basis.

It’s a good idea to try to post content each day. If you feel like daily content is too much, you should strive to add new posts at least several times a week.


#2. Have A Larger Online Presence

If you want to market your book to as many people as possible, you need to have a large online presence.

Fortunately, you can increase it in a couple of different ways. Create a guest post on blogs that you frequent.

Make sure you include a link to your website so that others can easily find you. Do an interview on a podcast where you discuss your book.

Post in forums, and join social media groups that are related to the genre of your book. Quora is also a great place to interact with others.

You can answer questions that others may post about a variety of different topics, and you can post links to your blog or websites where your book is for sale when it’s appropriate.


#3. Write A Book Blurb That Will Get Your Readers Hooked

A lot of new publishers don’t realize the importance of a good book blurb. It’s one of the easiest ways to draw individuals in so that they want to buy your book.

This blurb should be less than 150 words, so you need to make sure that you use every word carefully.

You need to peak the reader’s curiosity in the very first line. Throw in a tad bit of information about the characters, concept or plot as well.

It might be a good idea to have someone else write your book blurb for you. They can read your book and make a list of a couple of things that really stand out to them.

If you do want to write the blurb yourself, make sure you get the opinion of others that have read your book.

They can let you know whether or not it will your blurb will captivate others so much that they actually want to buy your book.


11 Ways to Market Your First Amazon KDP Self-Published Book 2


#4. Ask Influential People To Review Your Book

You will find that word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to market your book. This is why it’s a good idea to give influential people a copy of it, and ask them to leave a review once they’ve read it.

They might love it so much that they talk about it on their social media channels, blogs or podcasts.

You may have to do a bit of bartering beyond just offering them a free copy of your book.

This may include sharing some of their social media posts on your pages or reviewing a book, produce or service that they provide.


#5. Tell Your Friends And Family Members About Your Book On Your Personal Social Media Pages

You may be surprised to find that your friends and family members can be very successful at marketing your book for you.

Create a post for your personal social media pages that includes some basic information about your book as well as where they can buy.

Ask your followers to share this information on their pages. This will allow you to reach their followers as well.

Try to create a buzz around the time that your book is coming out. Get them excited by talking about some riveting things that occur in your book.

It doesn’t hurt to give away a few free copies to a couple of your friends or family members so that they can talk to others about some of the details of your book as well.


#6. Add A Link To Your Blog To Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is all about individuals and businesses getting connected with others. If you have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, you can use that to your advantage to promote your book.

Put a link to your blog or website on the publication section on your LinkedIn profile. In the description box, you should provide a brief synopsis of your book.

It’s a good idea to change your profile picture to a picture of your book cover.

You can also join LinkedIn groups to promote your book. Just make sure that the group is somehow related to the genre or plot, and limit your book-related posts in the group to 1-2 times a week.

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with a lot of people and market your book without having to pay anything to do so, but you also don’t want to appear as if you are only there to get others to buy your book.


#7. Pay A Professional Service To Create A Cover

The cover of your book is one of the first things that potential readers see. They are less likely to buy it if it looks boring or unprofessional.

Don’t think just because you are self-publishing it through ADP that you don’t need to spend the money to have a cover professionally designed.

You are more likely to sell books if you have a cover that entices readers and makes them want to see how the book cover relates to the content inside of it.

Your book cover may be the first impression that others have of your book. This is why you need to make sure that it stands out from the rest.


11 Ways to Market Your First Amazon KDP Self-Published Book 3


#8. Use The Promotional Tools That Amazon Has In Place

There are a lot of tools that self-publishers can use through Amazon. The KDP Select program is a great option.

If you sign up for it, you agree to only having Amazon distribute your book for 90 days. However, you can earn 70% of book sales during this time.

Your book will also be offered to readers who use Kindle Unlimited. This will allow you to get payment for the number of pages that readers reader.

You are allowed to re-enroll in KDP select for as many times as you’d like.

Amazon Author Central is also another great tool that authors can use to market their book. It will allow you to create your very own Amazon page.

On this page you can include pertinent information about your book such as photos, your biography and book details.

You are allowed to personalize this page to fit your needs, and you can share the page’s URL on your blog or social media sites.

This will make it easy for readers to find you and your book.


#9. Try A Service Like Bookbub

If you feel as if you want to make a lot off of your book and that you have the ability to sell quite a few copies, you may want to consider trying a service like Bookbub.

Users receive daily emails from Bookbub with recommendations about authors or books that they may be interested in.

You will need to offer those who purchase your book a discount of at least 50%.

There is also a listing fee to use Bookbub that ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the genre of the book.

However, many authors do feel as if this fee is worth it as their book sales have grown exponentially since they started utilizing the services of Bookbub.


#10. Join Goodreads

This site has an author program that can be very useful when you are trying to market your book.

There are more than 65 million people that use Goodreads to find new reading material so you can reach a lot of different people without having to do a lot of work. Y

ou will need to create a profile, and you should include some information about yourself as well as any content that you have written.

This platform will allow you to host book giveaways and have discussions about your book.


#11. Utilize Facebook Ads

If you have a little bit of money to spend, you may want to consider using Facebook Ads. You can schedule ads for around $50 a week.

Since a lot of people spend hours a day on Facebook, you can easily reach a good amount of people through a well-thought out ad campaign.

If you want even more exposure, you can create Instagram ads as well. However, you will need to have a good amount of digital content that you can use for ads on this platform.


So What’s Next?

Part of being able to successfully marketing your book is to have analytics that can inform you what is successful on the platform so you can reverse engineer the best-selling Kindle books’ success. This platform gives you the data you need to do so.


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