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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Services Online

Selling services online can be a great way to get started with making money online, especially if you don't have much cash to start. However, make sure you don't make these mistakes. 



It’s not uncommon for many entrepreneurs to sell their services online as it allows them to not have to endure a lot of operating costs.

It can be a great way to reach a lot of people if you are able to effectively market yourself.

However, not everyone is successful because they are simply doing things the wrong way. If you plan on selling some of your services online, here are 10 mistakes that you need to avoid.


#1. Being Too Cheap When It Comes To Website Design

As a new entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a lot of money to spend and are looking for ways to save money where you can.

Unfortunately, many business owners are in the same position, and they end up being too cheap when it comes to website design.

They try to do it themselves, and they end up with a website that looks unprofessional. If this is the case, your visitors will end up leaving your website quickly and not take your service seriously.

Your website is often the first impression that a consumer has of your service, and you need to make sure that the impression that it leaves is a good one!

You’re better off setting some money aside so that you can pay someone to design a website that looks like a professional made it.

It may end up paying off as it will give customers a good impression of your service right away and keep them from quickly leaving your website to go visit the website of one of your competitors.


#2. Not Living Up To Expectations

You may be so driven to sell your services to others that you over promise what it is that you are offering. This never turns out well, and it leaves consumers feeling disappointed.

It may work out okay in the beginning, but your sales will quickly decrease once your customers spread the word that your services didn’t live up to their expectations.

You always need to be honest about what it is that you are selling online. You don’t want your customers to feel like you deceived them in order to get a sale.

They will end up just leaving bad ratings that everyone can see.


#3. Only Listing Your Service

While it’s imperative that you list your service online, you can’t just stop there. Customers probably won’t be able to find you on their own.

There are all sorts of competing services out there, and you need to market yours so that others can find it.

You have to create a marketing strategy that goes just beyond one or two Facebook posts. You need to build up your followers on your social media pages, and create a buzz around what you are selling.

Have contests that encourage your followers to tag their followers in some of your posts. Go live so that you can answer questions about your services.

Create a blog where you can share meaningful content as well. Send out a weekly email to those who sign up so that you can provide relevant information to them.

By doing all of these things, you can spread the word about your service, and you can increase your sales.


10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Services Online 2


#4. Not Knowing Who Is Likely To Buy It

If you are being honest with yourself, then you know that your service will probably only appeal to a certain demographic of consumers. This is fairly common with many of the services on the market.

You can still be successful without having to change something about what you are selling if you target the right demographic.

Create marketing campaigns that will appeal to them. They need to feel as if they should buy your service in order to make their life easier.

If they can’t see the value in it, then they probably aren’t going to buy it.

You want it to make a meaningful impression so that they will remember it when it comes time to make a purchase.


#5. Having No Email List

There’s only so much social media can do for marketing. You need to connect with consumers in a more intimate way.

You can do so by having an email list.

If you have a blog, a website, or any service online, you should be collecting email addresses. You can collect emails by having individuals sign up to receive emails from you on your blog or website.

If you visit trade shows or conferences throughout the year, this is a great place to collect emails as well.

You can use these emails to send out weekly newsletters or give your subscribers a sneak peak about a new service that you plan on offering.

In order to get people to actually want to sign up for emails, you may need to offer some sort of incentive.

This can include a coupon of some sort or insider access to some sort of information.

Just make sure that you don’t email them too much. If your emails are too frequent, they may end up unsubscribing from them.


#6. Being Too Focused On Promoting

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to sell their services because they are only focused on promoting them.

They are constantly throwing them in the face of consumers, but they aren’t doing it in a way that makes them want to buy them.

You are better off only having a few ad campaigns that will make a lasting impact versus daily ad campaigns that really have no value.

Consumers don’t want to see the same service over and over again if they feel that it won’t be useful to them.

In fact, they might become so annoyed with you over promoting your service that they choose to buy a similar one from one of your competitors instead.

Before creating any kind of ad campaigns, you really need to think about what exactly it is that makes it something that consumers want to see.

If you don’t see how it will appeal to consumers beyond just telling them that they need to buy your service, then you need to rethink it.


#7. Making It A Difficult Buying Experience

Consumers are less likely to purchase a service if it seems like it will be a lot of work.

This is why you need to make sure that your customers are able to purchase what you are selling without them having to click through a lot of tabs in order to find out where to go to make the purchase.

If you are trying to monetize your website, you may have a lot of popups. Your customers don’t want to have to deal with this either.

They may just forgo making a purchase because it seems like too much work to try to navigate through it all in order to actually make the purchase.

You may need to prioritize selling your services versus making money off of your website. It may be driving potential buyers away and keeping you from making sales.

You’ll probably end up making more if you just get rid of these pop ups, and focus on creating a better customer experience.


10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Services Online 1


#8. Having Poor Customer Service

Don’t think that once you make a sale that your job is done. Your customers may not purchase your services from you in the future if you have poor customer service.

It’s important that you are available to fix issues right away. You shouldn’t try to gloss over them or blame the customer because you don’t want to deal with them. You need to do what you can to make things right.

You should be able to quickly diffuse the situation so that everyone is happy with the end result.

There will be times where you think that the customer is wrong and you don’t want to provide them a refund or a discount on a future service.

However, it may be worth it as they will end up being satisfied with the result, and you won’t have to worry about them badmouthing you to their friends or leaving a negative review.


#9. Giving Up Too Quickly

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you probably want to see results right away. While it is nice to make a profit fairly quickly, it just isn’t realistic.

It may take time to build your audience and increase your sales. Marketing campaigns usually take some time to work.

Just because you don’t see immediate results, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t reaching people. Don’t give up because you aren’t making as many sales as you’d like.

If it’s only been a few weeks since you started advertising some of your services, you probably won’t see that many sales. It generally takes some time for marketing campaigns to work.

The key is to be patient as your sales will probably increase slowly over time.

If you give up too soon, you will never know how successful you could have been if you had of just been patient. Almost no seller is an overnight success.


#10. Failing To Create An Accurate Description Of Your Service

Consumers don’t like to feel as if they were deceived. You can keep this from happening by creating an accurate description of the services that you are selling.

Let them know exactly what they are getting for their money. Encourage them to ask questions if they aren’t sure what your services include.

When creating a description, you need to think about what kind of information you want to know about services that you purchase.

This will act as a starting off point that you can use to create an accurate description for others to see.

It’s also important to include information about your service as to how it can help them. You want them to feel as if it’s something that they really need and want to purchase right away.

It should appeal to them in a way that they can envision all of the ways that it can help improve their life.


So What’s Next?

As an online service provider, it’s important you devote time, energy, and resources to marketing yourself and your business. However, you’ll want to make sure your marketing campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. This platform provides you the analytics you need to make sure you are running profitable online campaigns. 


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