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9 Morning Rituals of Successful People

What are the morning rituals of successful people? If you've ever wondered how successful people start their day, check out our list.



Whether you are a night owl or a morning-loving individual, there is no denying how productive mornings can be when approached correctly. 

If you would like to establish an advantageous morning routine, then which habits can you adopt to ensure that your days start more smoothly and more productively?

A suitable morning routine should set you up to not only focus better throughout the day but also make progress toward whatever life goals you may have. 

You might need to practice for a few weeks until you ultimately grow accustomed to your new morning routine. 

However, modeling your new morning routine based on what the most successful people around are already doing is a great start.

One reason that morning routines are so vital to the most productive individuals has to do with cortisol. 

When you first awaken, this hormone will begin to surge throughout your system, which will allow not only your body but also your mind to begin knocking out important tasks right away. 

Here are some morning habits and routines that successful athletes, entrepreneurs and artists have been known to swear by:


What Do Successful People Do In The Morning?

#1. Consistently Waking up Early

What regulates your body’s unique sleep cycle is known as your circadian rhythm. It is why you naturally begin to awaken at very similar times, regardless of whether you have an alarm set.

If you have difficulties when it comes to sticking with a certain time, then placing your alarm in a position that forces you to leave your bed to actually reach it is a good start because it weans you off the habit of abusing the snooze button.

Adhering to a healthier sleep schedule is a great way to begin your new morning routine, and it will allow you to not only sleep better but also become more resistant to temptations.

It is widely recommended that adults strive for 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep each night.

What’s better than adhering to a consistent wake-up time, though? You will derive even greater benefits from choosing an early wake-up time.

Several famous CEOs have reported waking up earlier than 6:00 A.M. PepsiCO’s Indra Nooyi, Square’s Jack Dorsey and Disney’s Bob Iger are all among this group.


#2. Meditating

When it comes to successful people’s morning rituals, it is remarkable how common meditation is among them.

Whether you need better awareness, better sleep, anxiety reduction or stress reduction, it is certainly a wise decision to center a portion of your morning routine around meditation.

One’s overall well-being can be improved substantially from simply adjusting their morning routine to include this habit.

Additionally, by getting your morning meditating taken care early on, you avoid the risk of not ever getting around to it, which is something that commonly happens when people decide to put off tasks until the later hours of the day.

Even 10 minutes of this activity can be enough to help individuals with Type-A personalities disconnect temporarily from their internal agendas and gain a stronger sense of mental clarity.

Although meditation is the most common way for successful individuals to achieve this, many of them chose to engage in prayer instead for this portion of their morning routines.

For them, it helps them to calm and ground themselves before taking on corporate duties and other tasks. Furthermore, incorporating prayer into their morning routines allows them to reflect on the role of their goals and responsibilities in relation to their faith.


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#3. Doing Some Form of Exercise

If you have never though about moving your normal exercise activities to the morning hours, then perhaps you should consider following in the footsteps of Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, Christies CEO Steve Murphy, Starwood Hotels CEO Frits van Paaschen, Arianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey.

This powerful and recognizable individuals all spend their morning hours exercising.

Whether you are seeking to improve your happiness, your metabolism, your sleep schedule or your energy levels, having a morning routine that includes exercise will certainly be beneficial to you.

The sense of early accomplishment you will receive from completing a physical activity like lifting weights, yoga or aerobic exercise is bound to provide you with some additional confidence as you head out to work toward your unique goals.

Even the busiest of people still have the opportunity to schedule exercise, and doing so during their morning routines can prevent them from losing time later on in the day.

Moreover, stress levels can be decreased by consistent pre-breakfast workouts.


#4. Preparing a Brain-Fueling Breakfast

While it may seem at first to be common sense, many people either put off their first meal until after checking emails and texts or skip out on preparing a healthy and brain-fueling breakfast entirely.

Items like proteins, fiber, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, coffee and juice are excellent to get into your body during your morning routine.

If you would like to efficiently kick-start your body’s metabolism, then fitting an enriching breakfast into your morning routine is a simple way to accomplish this.

On the other hand, skipping out on breakfast entirely is associated with lower energy levels and having fewer calories to expend on tasks throughout your workday.

Enhanced cognitive function has been observed in individuals who focus on fueling themselves with nutrient-packed breakfasts instead of neglecting this meal.

Your brain’s productivity, as well as its ability to concentrate, are closely linked to when and what you decide to consume during your regular morning routine.



#5. Spending Time With Loved Ones

Investing a portion of your morning routine into time for connecting with family members or a romantic partner can be a wise way to begin your day.

The aforementioned morning routine, preparing a nutrient-packed breakfast, can fit nicely into this category if you decide to share it with your partner or family members.

Mornings can be a special time for individuals with children.

Whether eating, playing or working on arts and crafts together, this type of morning routine is a fantastic way to get in some priceless time with your little ones before leaving them behind when you begin your daily commute.

Similarly, your spouse or romantic partner deserves some precious morning time as well. Being together in the evening can present the problem of being exhausted due to workplace activities.

For that reason, successful people commonly make an effort to connect with their beloved partners as soon as they awaken.

In addition to getting ready for the day’s work and sharing a morning meal, many successful couples commute together as part of a morning routine.

This gives them time to check in with each other and discuss their goals, finances and plans before parting ways for the remainder of the workday.


9 Morning Rituals of Successful People 1


#6. Thinking About Priorities and Goals

Though it is far from uncommon for goals and to-do lists to be a part of many professionals lives, consistently setting a handful of major tasks for the coming hours will allow you to more easily refocus later on if you find yourself dealing with hectic distractions.

Brainstorming is a more creative morning routine, but it is still centered around goals and priorities.

Taking a few minutes out of your earliest hours to come up with a handful of fresh ideas is an excellent way to motivate and inspire yourself, and it will also get your mind warmed up for the workplace tasks that await you.

Using big-picture thinking during your morning routine can be quite advantageous. It will help you prioritize your daily responsibilities and better understand your day’s trajectory.

Be sure to do a quick review of what tasks this day will require, and use your willpower to begin checking those items off right away.

Ideally, this is a process that you will begin the previous evening, but it is still an important morning habit to commit to.


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#7. Staying Hydrated

Whether your preferences center around coffee, water or tea, it is vital that busy professionals do not forget to hydrate themselves after they rise.

Going without fluids for several hours while you are fast asleep can naturally you a bit dehydrated.

Getting a glass of water into your system as soon as possible will go a long way toward replenishing your body’s fluids and also aiding your metabolism.

Coffee presents a unique opportunity for professionals to network with one another, and this is why so many executives, lawyers and entrepreneurs choose to network over this warm beverage prior to beginning their demanding jobs.

Instead of coffee, however, tea is also part of many successful people’s morning routines. It can deliver energy that is more sustained that what coffee can provide.

Additionally, tea drinkers will not be exposed to the notorious caffeine crash that coffee enthusiasts often complain about.

A morning routine that includes matcha green tea, in particular, will do a great job at increasing your alertness without those pesky jitters that are associated with coffee.


#8. Getting an Important Task Done

If you have ever found that your biggest struggles with willpower take place in the evenings, then a great way to combat is by seeking to accomplish something important while your willpower is at its strongest point.

This is why you will hear so many powerful people mentioning that they begin dealing with their day’s tasks quite soon after waking up.

Making headway in this manner will also cultivate a sense of achievement right away, which is another reason it is such a powerful morning routine to begin implementing.

Personal goals and career goals can both be addressed while practicing this early morning habit.

Whether making simple notes or startup up a brand-new project, your earliest hours can become some of your most productive ones if you would like them to be.

That fact that morning hours are typically quite than the rest of the day offers a large advantage to those who seek to complete a business project or personal project upon waking.

This means that concentration will be a breeze if you adopt this success-oriented morning routine yourself.

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#9. Practicing Gratitude

Finally, you should not neglect practicing gratitude during your new morning routine.

Even something as simple as taking out a pen and listing a few items that you are fortunate to have is a powerful mindset-enhancing morning habit to commit to.

It will allow you to shift your attention to the most important things for your fulfillment.

Why is it so valuable to use your morning hours to write out statements of gratitude?

Gratitude is actually a reliable way to get yourself remarkably more centered, which, of course, will help you enter your chosen workplace with the appropriate perspective.

Whether you begin thinking about people, opportunities, possessions or places during this morning activity, it is a routine that will certainly serve you well with regard to mindset.

Learning to better express your gratitude works best in conjunction with a morning routine that also includes thinking about potential inspiration and guidance.

This is one morning routine that can dramatically alter your outlook on situations.            


So What’s Next?

Many of the most successful people have an empowering morning routine. If you are looking to start off your days healthier and happier, be sure to check out this program.




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