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11 Morning Routines of The Super Successful

What are some of the morning routines of the super successful? If you want to learn how to set yourself up for success every day, be sure to check out these 11 morning routines.



Have you ever noticed that super successful icons like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs always seem to wear the same clothes everyday?

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was well-known for waking up at 5 A.M. each morning?

Why is it that the ultra successful always seem to have eccentric traits like these?

The answer may surprise you!

According to recent research, the key to success may be having a stable morning routine. And, no, we don’t mean the routine of hitting the snooze button, grabbing a cold pop tart, and rushing out the door.

We mean creating a routine that maximizes your potential throughout the day.

Are you still not sure what we mean? No worries! Stick around to discover 11 morning routines of the super successful.



How Successful People Start Their Morning


#1. The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Your morning routines won’t mean a thing if you don’t wake up early enough to implement your plans each day. That’s why the super successful often wake up in the very early hours of the morning.

According to one study that looked at 177 self-made millionaires over five years, about half of the super successful respondents woke up about three hours before their workday actually started.

This huge chunk of time helps our successful peers prepare for their day, get their blood pumping, and fuel up.

If you want to start being more productive and attract more success, then consider setting your alarm for 6 A.M. or earlier. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you feel by getting an early start!

Of course, to implement this routine, your planning will need to start the night before. You can’t expect to stay up until midnight and then wake up refreshed at 5 A.M.


#2. Consistency is Key

Do you have a habit of hitting the snooze button on your alarm each morning? If so, then you need to ditch that habit immediately!

Instead, you need to start waking up at the same time every morning. Doing so will help you not only fall asleep easier at night, but it’ll help you feel more rested overall, too.

Your body’s circadian rhythm thrives on consistency — so, give your body what it wants!

Waking up at the same time every day has other benefits, too. Research shows that individuals with an early and consistent wake up time feel more content in their lives.

Since success is subjective, you can make yourself start feeling more successful immediately just by starting this super simple routine!


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#3. Power Up With Some H20

When you first rise in the morning, what’s the first thing you reach for? Many Americans immediately start brewing their coffee, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

We suggest powering up with some water, first, though while your first cup of coffee brews.

Drinking water first thing in the morning has some incredible health benefits that will help you power through your day.

Here’s what having some early morning H20 can do for you:

  • Fixes any dehydration that occurred overnight
  • Improves your overall gut health
  • Gives your brain the fuel it needs to start the day off with focus and determination
  • Helps you clear your bowels
  • Kick starts your metabolism

To enjoy these benefits, you need to drink that first glass of water on an empty stomach, though. So, make drinking water the first thing you do after you wake up.


#4. Reduce the Need to Make Early Morning Decisions

Once you’ve had your first cup of water and started your morning coffee, it’s time to start preparing for the day.

Did you know that early in the morning is the worst time to make decisions, though?

In the early hours, our brains are still waking up.

If you’re immediately faced with several early morning decisions, like picking out your outfit for the day or planning out breakfast, then you might be unintentionally wearing yourself out before your day even begins!

That’s why the super successful reduce the need to make early morning decisions. It’s also why Mark Zuckerberg always wears the same clothes.

All of us have a limited amount of decision-making ability and willpower each day. Why waste those valuable resources debating between ten different outfits?

Not only will early morning decisions be more difficult to make, but they’ll also make you feel overwhelmed, too.

Your brain will immediately want you to slow down rather than helping you wake up and get your day going.

Start making it a habit to reduce early-morning decisions, and your brain will thank you!



#5. Wake Up Your Muscles

Most super successful people understand the importance of staying physically healthy. If your body is weak or ill, then accomplishing other tasks can feel impossible.

That’s why it’s crucial to add in some stretches or a light workout into your morning routine.

An early workout wakes up your muscles and gives your mind the jump start it needs. Getting active will immediately cause your body to increase its oxygen levels and release specific nutrients.

This will give you an instant energy boost to help your day get started right, and this energy boost can even help you sustain higher energy levels all day.

If you struggle to exercise each day, then start with light stretches when you first start implementing your new morning routine.

Stretching your muscles will have a similar impact as exercise, so it’s a perfect alternative.

As you slowly get used to your new morning routine, start adding in more exercises each morning. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling more physically strong than ever!


11 Morning Routines of The Super Successful 3


#6. Accomplish One Simple Task

After you workout, take the time to accomplish one small task. Reply to a work email, do a few dishes, or clear off your work desk to prepare it for the day.

This step may seem minor, but it makes a big difference.

Doing a minor but necessary task puts your mind into “work mode.” It will also help set you up for success because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment before your day even begins.

Rather than fretting about what needs to get done, you’ll feel confident in tackling each task as it comes up.

Make sure this task is simple and easy, though. Don’t overdo it by attempting to write an essay or clean out the refrigerator first thing in the morning.

If you make this mistake, your efforts will have the opposite effect. Instead, stick with a simple task that won’t take more than 15 minutes.

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#7. Make Your Breakfast

If you followed these steps closely and woke up early, then you should still have plenty of time to make an awesome breakfast before heading out the door.

The super successful know why breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day.

As you sleep at night, your body is hard at work repairing damage it endured during the day.

When you wake up in the morning, your energy and glucose levels are low. Your body needs the boost that breakfast provides.

Many super successful people eat their biggest meal of the day at breakfast. Doing so gives them the sustenance and energy they need to take on everything the day throws at them.

So, if you’re hoping to be super successful one day, start indulging at breakfast.


#8. Create Your To-Do List

We know what you’re thinking — it takes a lot of time and effort to cook breakfast each morning. That’s true, but you can utilize this time wisely by planning out your day as you cook.

The super successful often create basic to-do lists each day. Your basic to-do list should include all the crucial tasks you need to accomplish.

Depending on your preferences, your list could be organized by a time schedule or on a priority basis.

While you cook up a healthy and hearty breakfast, meditate over what you need to add to your to-do list.

Consider jotting down your list on paper or organizing them on a smartphone app.

To ensure success, add a checklist element to your list. As you accomplish tasks, check them off as complete.

Not only will this keep you organized and focused, but it will maximize your potential, too!


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#9. Power Hour

Now, you’ve woken up your mind, refueled your body, and organized your day. So, what’s next? Right now is your prime-time to grind through some of your hardest daily tasks.

If you organized your to-do list on a priority basis, then try to knock out that first item on your list.

Due to doing a moderate workout and eating breakfast, your energy levels should be at their peak during your power hour.

You’ll feel fresh, focused, and alert, which means you’re in a perfect position to tackle those work obligations.

Give yourself about one hour to power through one or more tasks. Keep your focus, and avoid taking a break during this time.

By the time your power hour is coming to an end, you’ll likely find that your mind is starting to wander. That means it’s the perfect time to take a quick break to boost your focus once again.


#10. Hydrate….Again

Drinking enough fresh water is so crucial to your well-being that we think it should appear in your morning routine twice!

After power hour, take a water break. Make sure to drink at least one cup of water. If you work at a desk, then stand up and stretch your muscles for a few minutes.

At first, this task may seem tedious, but taking a quick mental and physical break will boost your focus throughout the day.


#11. Review Your Goals

Before you get to work on more daily tasks, take the time to review your goals for the day. Look over your checklist to see what’s ahead.

The super successful always review their goals as the final step in their morning routines. Doing so helps keep them focused and on-track.


So What’s Next?

Want to master your morning ritual so you start every day healthier and happier? Be sure to check out this program on how to master your morning routine.




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