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Nembol Review



I know how difficult it is to create listings across multiple platforms, websites and marketplaces.

It’s also very time consuming to list products/services, which is why I set out to find a solution. The solution that might be the most helpful is Nembol.

Things To Consider Before Buying Bulk Listing Software

Bulk listing software solves the problem of having to manually list products on each and every platform you decide to sell your products on.

Buying bulk listing software means saving time and hassle. As an online seller, I know just how important it is to use your time wisely.

The ideal person who should buy and use bulk listing software is anybody who sells products of any kind.

This includes business owners that have physical products, as well as business owners that sell solely digital products.

Entrepreneurs who sell digital products, courses and informational products should use bulk listing software.

Before you buy any bulk listing software, including the one I’m reviewing, there are several things you need to think about.

This includes:

  • Integration – The best bulk listing software should integrate with many platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter to name just a few.
  • Ease Of Use – I want software that is easy to use and one that involves very little guesswork.
  • Features – To me, the most important thing a bulk listing software should have is useful features. This can include the ability to create listings for over 100 products, as well as post those listings to social media accounts.
  • Pricing – Pricing is important, but not the most important thing. Nonetheless, you need to consider how much the software costs to use and whether or not that price reflects the value you’ll get from the software.


I want things to be easy as possible when it comes to listing my products for sale.

I also want to be able to create listings across at least 4-5 platforms, as well as being able to take advantage of useful features.

This is why I’m a fan of Nembol.


What is Nembol?

Nembolis a multi-channel listing software that allows sellers to create listings on social media, marketplaces and e-commerce programs.

It promises to make it easy to publish products online.

As for what comes with the software, it depends on the plan you get. At the time of this review, there are four plans: Basic, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

With the most basic plan, you get to create listings for up to 500 products and you don’t pay any commissions.

I want to point out the market leader is SellBrite, but Nembol is cheaper and gives you a lot more for your money.

With that said, below are a few pros and cons of Nembol.


Nembol Home 00


The Pros

  • List products quickly and easily
  • User interface is impressive
  • Integrates with many platforms and marketplaces

The Cons

  • Will need to pay if you need help setting up your account
  • The Enterprise Plus plan costs over $100 per month
  • Might take you a good few days or even weeks to fully grasp how to use the software


Features & Benefits

Create Bulk Listings On A Dozen Online Platforms



I like that you can publish bulk listings to a dozen online platforms with Nembol.

As a product seller/creator, it’s important to me to list my products for sale across as many platforms as possible.

I’m able to create bulk listings for the most popular places, such as Pinterest, Amazon, Facebook, Shopify and Twitter.

I can also create product listings for my own website. I like this because it means my products have the chance to be in front of as many people as possible.


One-Click Integration


All it takes is one click with Nembol to publish your listings to the previously mentioned platforms, and more.

Unlike doing everything manually, you don’t have to go from website to website to upload your listings.

Instead, I just have to create my listing and choose which platforms I want those listings to go on.


Ability To List Many Products



If you’re like me, then you’re ambitious and probably have dozens and dozens of products you sell. This is especially true if you’re a retailer.

That being said, even with the Basic Plan you can create listings for up to 500 products with Nembol.

The Pro Plan allows 2,000 listings, while the Enterprise lets you create up to 5,000 listings and the Enterprise Plus Plan lets you create up to 15,000 listings.


Share Listings



Another thing I like about Nembol is I’m able to take my current listings from six different sites, including Amazon, WooCommerce and Etsy.

I can then share those listings to any of the other platforms the software supports. In other words, if you already have listings on Etsy and Amazon, then with a few clicks of a button those listings can be published elsewhere.


Sync Quantities Across Six Sites



With Nembol, your inventory quantities are automatically updated.

Any order received in Storenyv, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, eBay or Woocommerce will update inventory/availability across all of those platforms.

This is useful because if I sell a product, then I want potential customers to know how many products I have left to buy.

The last thing I want is for me to sell my last product on Shopify, only for my Amazon listing to still show I have the product left in stock.


Easily Update Product Info

It has an editing feature that lets you edit all or some of your products’ listings.

Once edited, Nembol will update all of those listings to all channels supported by the software.

As of now, the descriptions cannot be simultaneously updated, but other stuff such as bar-codes, SKU, prices, pictures, variations, titles and social messages can.


Export Listings



Nembol is capable of exporting listings to Instagram and Google Shopping, as well as Facebook Catalog.

I like that it’s easy to create by listings with the software, but I like it more that I just have to click a single button to create a file that I can upload to Facebook Catalog or Google Shopping.

Doing this without Nembol can be a major hassle because it’s way too easy to make an error and it requires a lot of effort.


Free Website

You get a free website when you use Nembol to create or import your very first product/listing.

The best thing about the website is it is already mobile-friendly and connected to two popular social media apps: Telegram and WhatsApp.

If you don’t have those accounts, then I strongly urge you to create them once you buy the software and get your free website.

On that note, I actually like the website that is given to users. It’s professional looking and user-friendly, but more importantly it serves as another platform to use to list/sell products.

No Commissions

I know there are bulk listing services out there like Nembol that have a lot of great features, but the main issue I have had with them was they charge commissions.

Whenever a product is sold, then the company offering the service takes a small piece of commission.

However, the more sales I make means the more money I have to give to the company.

This isn’t the case with Nembol. They do not charge any commissions at all. The only thing you pay for is the plan.


Manage/Create Variants

I sell multiple products, which means multiple listings on various websites and platforms.

One of the top features of the bulk listing software is the ability to create products with variants.

This includes variants like prices, SKU codes, sizes and color. I can manage stock quantity, too.


Social Media Postings

Let’s not forget to mention that whenever you post to social media, the bulk listing software will automatically link to listings.

If I decided to do everything manually, it would mean I would have to include a link to each and every one of my listings, whenever I post to social media.

This is incredibly time consuming, but posting your products’ listings to social media must be done.

Using Nembol just makes things much easier and faster to create links to sales listings

The main benefit to this feature is potential exposure and traffic. The more I post to social media, the more links to my listings I will have.

In turn, I have a good chance of having those links clicked on by social media users.

Those are the main benefits and features of using the bulk listing software.

I like the fact that each and every feature is actually useful and designed to make it easy to optimize my listings, as well as to promote those listings via social media.


What Others Are Saying

I took the time to search the internet to see what others are saying about the product, and I came across several reviews that were positive in nature.

Review #1

In one review, a user describes the product being much better than eBay, and that they are now a lifetime customer.

Review #2

Another user by the username “Beer Hunterz” said the interface is life-changing, and that listing his 2000+ products with the software was easy, and that doing them by hand wouldn’t have been possible.

Review #3

Then there is a user name Marco, who said the app works nicely and that the people behind it were nice.


Nembol Alternatives




Feedonomics 00

Feedonmics doesn’t have set pricing, as the company offers customized pricing plans.

Also, Feedonmics deals with many more platforms and marketplaces. One of the best things about Feedonmics is they help get products listed on search channels, as well as affiliate channels.

It’s ideal for retailers who want to get their products listed on as many channels as possible.



Feedonmics Pros

  • Offers Customized plans
  • Integrates with more platforms than SellBrite and Accelerlist
  • Full service, with 24/7 support

Feedonmics Cons

  • Pricing isn’t as transparent – you will need to talk to a rep




Sellbrite 00

SellBrite has plans that range from free to $179 per month, but instead of being able to list a certain number of products, you’re able to accept a limited number of orders.

For instance, the most expensive plans lets you accept up to 2,000 orders per month.

SellBrite is perfect for mainly businesses that sell online and that deal with US customers because SellBrite full-list functionality is supported within the United States.

As for features, SellBrite virtually does everything Nembol does, but offers more channels to put your listings on.




  • Very simple to use
  • Free for small businesses doing less than 30 orders a month
  • one click integrations


  • Only accept limited amount of orders




AccelerList 00

Accelerlist is similar to the previously two listing services, but they solely deal with Amazon. However, you can add eBay to the four plans they offer, which cost $34 per month.

If you add eBay to the plan, you’ll pay an additional amount of between $20 to $60 per month. If you sell on Amazon or want to sell on Amazon, then this listing software is for you.




  • Cross list your entire Amazon inventory
  • Provide great educational resources for sellers who want to succeed with selling on Ebay and Amazon
  • Affordable


  • Deals with only Amazon and eBay


Final Thoughts

Nembol solves the problem of having to create multiple listings across different platforms, all by hand.

Doing everything manually increases the chances of making mistakes with each listing, such as not remembering to update product availability on all platforms your listing is on.

Furthermore, creating links back to listings via social media posts can be a time consuming task.

It is the perfect product to solve the above problem because it has the capability of editing listings across a dozen platforms.

Not only that, but the software automatically generates links to listings when you post to social media.

Feel free to click here to check it out here.


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