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5 Online Business Opportunities For Those That Hate School

Even if you hate school, there are many ways you can succeed with an online business. Here are just a few ways.



When it comes to online business opportunities for those that hate school, there are actually several options available.

E-commerce, in particular, allows highly driven individuals to create their online profitable digital ventures with surprisingly limited capital.

What some people may not realize about e-commerce and other types of online businesses, though, is that formal schooling is rarely necessary.

It is important to remember, however, that these endeavors will still require you to educate yourself thoroughly.

Although school is not something that online business owners need to worry about, this does not mean that these business opportunities do not have a learning curve that you will have to deal with.

They offer the ability to succeed in entrepreneurship based solely on your research abilities and sweat equity, which is something that appeals to many people who do not like school but still have great ambition and the willingness to work diligently toward a particular goal.

Whether this online business interest of yours is something you want to use to create part-time income or full-time income, you can rest assured that excelling in a school environment is not a prerequisite in order to accomplish this.

Here are some popular online business opportunities for those that hate school:


1. Affiliate Marketing

Regardless of how much experience you have with online entrepreneurship, you are likely already familiar with the powerhouse of a business model that is affiliate marketing.

It is one of the most compelling online business choices for newcomers for several reasons. Primarily, its appeal comes down to the fact that it requires almost no starting capital.

Additionally, those who take advantage of this particular online business opportunity will not have to worry about developing their own products, which can be both costly and quite time-intensive.

Instead, affiliate marketing functions much more simply.

You will generate your affiliate revenue by simply doing your best to promote other companies’ high-quality products and services.

You can do this via a blog, website, YouTube channel, social media account or email list.

The amount of revenue that a dedicated individual can ultimately bring in as a top-notch affiliate marketer can be impressive, as it is all down to your own marketing efforts.

The better your promotional efforts, the more commissions you will end up earning.

What are some popular affiliate marketing programs that those interested in this path can get started with?

Affiliate Future, Flex Offers and ShareASale are all highly reputable and lucrative. Furthermore, you can also get involved with the affiliate programs of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shopify.


2. Blogging

Blogging is the next enticing online business opportunity that we would like to go over in this video.

Much like the previously mentioned affiliate marketing, blogging requires very little when it comes to starting capital.

All you will need to worry about paying for is the bare necessities, which are a reliable web hosting service and a catchy domain name for your blog’s website.

Some people do not realize how powerful of a marketing tool that a well-run blog can be.

If you put your all into a focused and efficient online blogging business, though, its monetization potential is actually quite high.

There are several ways that a dedicated blogging entrepreneur can start bringing in that much-needed online revenue.

Publishing sponsored posts is a very popular option, and there are many brands out there that are quite eager to work with a highly relevant blog.

Additionally, allowing your blogging website to host third-party advertisements, such as those from Google Adsense, can be a low-stress way to bring in some of those sought-after blogging dollars without having to do any of the marketing or negotiating yourself.

On top of these revenue streams, a driven blog owner can also earn more through selling their very own products.

How, though, does one go about building a blogging website that is receiving enough consistent traffic to make these revenue streams worthwhile?

You approach throughout this endeavor should always remain an audience-centered one.

This is because your new blog’s audience will be the key element when it comes to the daunting monetization process.

Having a niche-specific blog audience will allow you to not only negotiate for higher paying sponsored posts, but also sell your own products and information more easily.


5 Online Business Opportunities For Those That Hate School 2


3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a term that gets thrown around a great deal when it comes to the subject of online businesses.

You have likely heard this term before, but do you understand what it entails, and what makes it so lucrative?

Dropshipping is an excellent way for you to get started with launching your one digital business because, like affiliate marketing, you will not have to create a product of your own.

This makes dropshipping a powerful way to build a lucrative online business on a small budget.

This business model will involve selling per-existing products that various suppliers will provide for you.

These suppliers will usually take care of all the stress-inducing parts of the business, like fulfilling orders and packaging tasks.

Another benefit of becoming a dropshipper is that you will already know whether a certain product has a large enough market to be viable before deciding to work with one of these product suppliers.

Many people find dropshipping appealing because it eliminates the need to have a physical location where precious inventory would otherwise be stored.

This drastically reduces the upfront risks that you will have to deal with. It also allows you to manage your new dropshipping business from any internet-equipped location you want.

You will take care of listing and marketing your new dropshipping products. Afterwards, your customers’ orders will be handled by an efficient third party.

Those new to the dropshipping business model are often relieved to find out that they will not be dealing with any of the tedious parts of the selling process, such as mailing packages and tracking inventory.

As a budding entrepreneur who finds school unappealing, dropshipping definitely has a lot to offer you.


4. Freelancing

Have you considered trying your hand at freelancing? If you have already developed an in-demand set of skills, then this business model will certainly be attractive to you.

What are some of the most sought-after freelancing skills these days?

Software development, web development, design and writing are all popular services that people around the world are purchasing online each day.

If you are skilled in one of these areas, then it is time to begin cashing in on the time you have spent learning. Even better, you will be helping other people and their businesses in the process.

One of the best parts of opening a freelance business is the fact that it will not require you to commit to extensive long-term projects if you do not want to.

Instead, you can choose only the gigs and clients that best fit both your schedule and your skills. How can a brand-new freelancer search for potential clients?

Thankfully, platforms like Fiverr and Upwork make it simple to list your services and find eager clients who are in need of exactly the service that you are skilled at.

Although these types of freelancing websites are a fantastic way to get started, we recommend that serious freelancers set up their own websites and portfolios as well.

This will allow you to eventually attract higher paying freelance clients outside of these platforms.

The competition on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can sometimes end up driving prices down a bit, which can be quite frustrating for a freelancer who is trying to grow their new online business.

Dealing with clients on your own website instead will allow to have 100 percent control over your dealings with clients and the rates you choose to charge them.

This is a rewarding and low-cost online business opportunity that is well-suited to people from all demographics.

The best part is that your portfolio and references will be the deciding factor when it comes to landing these precious freelance clients.

This means that schooling rarely plays a role in how successful a freelancer can become.


5 Online Business Opportunities For Those That Hate School 3


5. Developing Websites and Applications

Similar to freelancing, this next business model for aspiring entrepreneurs will require a fair amount of skill.

You will need to be reasonably tech-savvy in order to make this work for you, but it can be incredibly profitable if you are skilled enough at it.

Coding skills can be learned online without attending an expensive college or university these days.

That means you could learn everything it takes to build profitable apps and websites for little to not money and without dealing with a stress-inducing school.

Websites, IOS apps and Android apps are in high demand currently. Being able to develop these can be a useful and lucrative skill to learn.

One option is creating digital products that users can purchase.

Additionally, things like WordPress themes and Shopify templates are simple to create and can bring in a substantial amount of money when marketed correctly.

Another option is to work with clients directly. If you choose to do this, you will be helping companies and individuals build custom applications and websites that are tailored to their unique users’ needs.

Technology, as you are already aware, is not going away any time soon. This means that learning technical skills will pay off greatly in the long run.

Building attractive and highly functional apps and websites is something that budding online entrepreneurs can learn how to do on their own these days, and it can be an immensely profitable skill once you have mastered it.

Additionally, becoming a specialist in a particular platform or system can help you earn more development clients.


So What’s Next?

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