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Plann vs. Planoly: Which Social Media Marketing Tool For Instagram?

As an evolving brand, social media marketing is one aspect of your growth that should never be overlooked.

It can be difficult to handle customer-oriented content creation and optimal publication frequencies on your own.

This is why tools like Plann and Planoly have been so well-received by brands, agencies and individuals.

If you are looking for a powerful scheduler to handle your brand’s posts on social media, then both Plann and Planoly have a lot to offer you.

Regardless of your choice, managing your social media content calendar will definitely be less time-intensive with a tool like this.

Functionality, ease-of-use and affordability are some key factors that customers look or in a social media scheduler.

We’ll examine the features of Plann and Planoly to find out who each platform’s ideal user is.


Plann vs. Planoly



Plann Pros & Cons



Plann Pros:

  • Plann is highly affordable.
  • It offers very detailed analytics that users can capitalize on to make their social content more efficient.
  • Plann supports more social networks than Planoly.

Plann Cons:

  • It is more difficult to see past posts, whereas Planoly show them clearly on its calendar.
  • There is no support for Pinterst.
  • Plann lacks E-commerce integrations like Planoly‘s Sellit.


Planoly Pros & Cons



Planoly Pros:

  • Planoly, like Plann, is budget-friendly.
  • Its official partner status will make Pinterest and Instagram users feel secure.
  • StoriesEdit is a great way to create and customize your upcoming posts.

Planoly Cons:

  • There is no support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok or any other social network besides Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Planoly‘s analytics features are fairly limited in comparison to the high level of detail that Plann users will get in their reports.
  • This platform offers fewer noteworthy features than several of its competitors.


Features Comparison





If you decide to sign up with Plann, there are five tiers to choose from: Free, Power User, Build, Grow and Play Big.

Plann’s Free subscription supports one team member, and you will only be able to manage one Instagram account.

This, of course, will be quite limiting for users who wish to manage their other social profiles as well.

Free also gives you access to a week of Basic Analytics, 30 total posts and 120 total media uploads.

For only $7/month, you can unlock the Power User plan, which is targeted at freelancers and solopreneurs.

You’ll be able to manage a social profile on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok with this option.

Like all paid Plann subscriptions, it includes professional photo editing tools, unlimited access to stock video and image libraries and more.

Next up is the Build plan, which is actually Plann’s most popular tier. At $15/month, small teams are the ideal fit for ten Build plan.

With this plan, you get to manage two social profiles at the same social networks as the Power User plan.

Additionally, Build accounts can support two team members.

You’ll also get unlimited hashtag sets and simple drag-and-drop calendar planning, both of which are offered to all paying Plann members.

Grow costs $45/month, and it can support as many as four team members. This makes it well-suited to growing teams that need a reliable social media marketing platform.

Grow lets you manage up to five social profiles on each of the previously mentioned social networks.

Finally, the Play Big plan is built specifically for agencies and their needs. It runs $105/month, and as many as eight team members can be on one account.

As far as Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram are concerned, Play Big users get to manage 10 profiles at each site for a maximum of 50 total social profiles.


Plann and Planoly are actually quite comparable in terms of pricing. This means that budget will not be the deciding factor when choosing between them. Here are Planoly‘s subscription options.

Free: This plan lets you upload 30 times per month to two social profiles. The two profiles are Instagram and Pinterest. Finally, only one user can use a Planoly Free account.

Solo: The Solo plan upgrades users to unlimited monthly uploads. In terms of users and social profiles, it has the same capabilities as the Free plan.

Duo: You can now have up to two users on your account for the price tag of $15/month. Just like the Plann’s Build plan of the same price, Planoly‘s Duo plan is also its most highly used.

Custom: Although prices for Planoly Custom plans start at just $23, the actual cost will be calculated based on what features you require.

Large businesses and agencies may request their desired number of users and social profiles. This information is how Planoly will determine the cost of a new Custom plan.


Supported Social Networks


In this area, Plann is the clear winner. While Planoly is dedicated to providing premium Pinterest and Instagram management, Plann can be used across four social networks.

They are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.


Planoly comes in second in this category due to its rather narrow focus. If Instagram and Pinterest are highly relevant in your brand’s niche, then Planoly may still be worth it to you.

However, you will have to find different way to manage your social profiles on other networks.


Content Creation & Design


Plann offers some excellent content creation tools. Users can create custom social content with Plann’s themes.

These Plann themes are a simple way for you to improve your content’s aesthetic and increase the likelihood of your brand’s audience returning.

Plann’s image editing tools will help you apply overlays, filters, text overlays and borders to your posts. Creating a standout grid is easy with Plann.

The Plann platform integrates well with CloudSpot, which is popular among photographers.

This direct integration will allow you to access photos more easily, which will streamline your workflow.

In addition to CloudSpot, another popular Plann integration is Canva, which can help you create more visually appealing content to upload to Plann.

Do you need access to stock videos and images in order to improve your branded social media content? If so, then you can take advantage of several royalty-free libraries as a Plann member.


Planoly‘s powerful content creating feature is StoriesEdit. What can you do with StoriesEdit?

Like Plann, it also offers content templates. Planoly‘s StoriesEdit comes with hundreds of these, which means you are likely to find a few that suit your brand’s aesthetic and message.

Customizing your Planoly social content is also easy. After creating your next posts, you can import them directly to Planoly‘s scheduler for future publication.




Plann comes with some very advanced analytics features. This information can help brand’s skyrocket their social media growth by taking into account import metrics.

Plann’s analytics section will tell you when the optimal posting times are based on what the performance was like for your brand’s previous content at different times.

Engagement rates are important to have in any social media analytics report, and Plann offers them as well.

It will even tell you which color palettes have performed the best for your social profiles. This way, your future content will have a higher likelihood of being liked and shared.


Planoly will also allow you to analyze your profiles’ data, although its reports are not nearly as detailed as Plann’s .

You can keep track of simple engagement variables, like saves, comments and likes.

These will be useful, but they are far from the level of detail you will get with Plann.

Still, being able to track certain engagement metrics over a long duration will definitely give you a good idea of what might need to be improved in your brand’s social media content.




Scheduling is something that both Plann and Planoly are great at. With Plann, you can arrange your social profiles seamlessly.

The drag-and-drop scheduling workspace that is included in this platform is extremely user-friendly.

Plann is an excellent way to not only schedule content, but also re-purpose and cross-post it. This platform will allow users to re-purpose and cross-post their best performing social content with a single click.

Afterwards, it will make its way to some of the most popular social networks for your audience to enjoy.

The customizable brand marketing calendar is another scheduling feature that Plann members will get a lot of use out of.


If you need a way to easily schedule Pinterest and Instagram content, then Planoly will come in handy.

Steps like drafting, planning, scheduling and publishing can all be performed with ease on the Planoly platform.

Planoly‘s IG Planner is a powerful visual planning app. It is ideal for grid and story posts that drive impressive amounts of engagement.

Auto-posting is simple with IG Planner, and you will also get access to relevant Instagram analytics for your content.

Pin Planner is another standout scheduling app that Planoly offers. You’ll be able to manage your Pinterest Content without difficulty in Pin Planner.

With features like bulk upload and board-specific analytics, Pin Planner certainly has a lot to offer Planoly users.


Unique Features



Plann offers much more versatility than Planoly in terms of integrations. CloudSpot, Canva and Google Drive are all supported. Plann users will be able to easily import their desired content and media to the platform.

Simple Cross-Posting

This will allow Plann users to share their branded content across multiple platforms in a time-efficient and easy way.

Team & Client Sharing

If you are working in a team or agency, then this will be a great feature to find in your social media marketing platform.

You can use customizable permissions to make the sharing process simpler and get work done faster.



Official Partner Status

Unlike Plann, Planoly has earned the status of Instagram Partner and Pinterest Partner.

With this kind of approval, you can rest assured that none of the automation features you are capitalizing on will be problematic.

As an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner, Planoly seeks to keep your account safe while you grow and manage it.


Planoly‘s Sellit feature is a remarkably simple way for users to get a taste of E-commerce without needing to send a customer to a third-party website or storefront.

Sellit has the capability to turn your brand’s Instagram profile into a storefront. This will make it easier than ever to turn your brand’s social media audience into real, paying customers.

Sellit also give members of Planoly the ability to insert shoppable galleries into their websites and blogs.


Final Verdict




Use Plann if:

  • You need a social media management tool that is affordable and handles more social networks than Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Easy cross-posting is an important feature to you.
  • You will get a lot of use out of Plann’s integrations.


Planoly Home 00


Use Planoly if:

  • Your social media marketing strategy places a very strong emphasis on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You want to sell physical or digital products on your profiles via Sellit.
  • Your content creation process would be significantly improved with the design features of StoriesEdit.


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