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Planoly vs. Later: Social Media Scheduler Comparison

Social media marketing has gained a ton of traction in the past decade. As a growing brand, it is important to handle your social marketing efficiently.

Moz, a popular digital marketing resource, encourages brands to focus not key social marketing metrics, such as engagement and return on investment (ROI).

Forbes recently wrote about the importance of scheduling future social media content. It is a crucial step when it comes to streamlining your social media strategy.

However, most brands will need assistance with scheduling and publishing their content to various social platforms. Tools like Planoly and Later can help with this issue.

Let’s examine the features and functionality of Planoly and Later to determine what type of user will be ideal for each platform.


Planoly vs. Later


Planoly Pros & Cons



Planoly Pros:

  • You can schedule both Feed and Stories content for Instagram.
  • Planoly allows users to create custom hashtag groups.
  • If you would like to monetize your brand’s posts, then Planoly can help you create a shoplink.
  • You can engage with your audience’s comments from within Planoly.

Planoly Cons:

  • The Free plan does not include in-depth engagement analytics.
  • Planoly’s “sent via” tag may become annoying.
  • Carousels are not included in the types of content that Planoly allows users to auto-post.


Later Pros & Cons



Later Pros:

  • Stories, video posts and carousels can all be scheduled.
  • You can upload your photos in bulk with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Later users can schedule the first comment for their branded posts.

Later Cons:

  • If you do not have business Instagram profile, you will not be able to get the most out of Later.
  • Auto-posting carousels is not an option.


Features Comparison





With Planoly, you will get access to some highly advanced scheduling features.

However, on top of setting up your social media publishing schedule, Planoly will also allow you to design social content that is unique and engaging without leaving the app.

The Planoly app features a gallery called “Discover,” which allows users to browse various content elements. These elements can then be included in your own social content.

Planoly offers an impressive array of design templates, and you’ll be able to select your favorites from over 300 of them.

If you have grown frustrated with apps like Canva, then Planoly’s beautiful templates will streamline your social content design process. This well-received tool is known as “StoriesEdit.”


Among Later’s most desirable features is the visual interface. This feature is incredibly well-designed, and it will be enjoyable to use. How, though, can you use the Later visual interface?

In order to gain a stronger understanding of what your brand’s audience is interested in, you can take posts that you or your team have already created and place them on the Later calendar.

Another thing you can do with the Later visual designer is search for share-worthy items. You can do so via profile searches or hashtag searches.

Additionally, Later gives its customers access to tons of useable stock images from Unsplash.





When it comes to Planoly’s analytics, the platform certainly delivers. Its reports, in fact, are very comparable to Later’s in terms of what information they provide.

Additionally, Planoly will allow its users to view how many audience members left likes, comments and saves on their content.

As any experienced online marketer knows, these are some highly valuable metrics, as they will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your brand’s social media content.

What can brands do with these data points that Planoly provides? The first step is to choose specific engagements to monitor.

Next, you can begin to track your branded social content’s growth and reach over a long period of time.



Compared to Later, what does Later offer with regard to analytics and reports?

To take full advantage of Later’s data, you will need to upgrade to either the Growth plan or the Advanced plan, which will be disappointing to users in lower tiers.

For users who have already purchased the Growth and Advanced plans, there is a lot of data to capitalize on. Follower growth is one important metric that Later will show its users.

In addition, you can also find out how many of your brand’s social followers clicked through to your website.

This can go a long way toward determining a post’s efficiency at driving both website traffic and product sales.

Finally, Later will help its users understand which of their branded social media posts have achieved the best performance over time.

This can be very useful when it comes to creating successful social content in the future.

In order to collect your Later data, you will need to select your preferred time frame. You can use either a custom time frame or one of Later’s pre-defined ones.





A social media scheduler that also offers some appealing E-commerce features is likely to be well-received, and that is certainly the case for Planoly .

Planoly helps its users increase the return on investment (ROI) of their social media content with a unique feature known as Sellit.

How do Sellit and Planoly work together to make your branded social content more profitable?

This tool lets users sell valuable products right on their social media profiles.

Whether your brand deals with a digital store or a physical one, Sellit and Planoly will make it easier to promote your offerings through social content.

One added bonus is that Planoly customers can create unique coupons for their products and services from within the interface that they are already comfortable using.

These coupons will come in handy when running your next social media promotion.



When evaluating Later’s E-commerce features, how does the platform stack up against Planoly and its Sellit tool?

Thankfully, Later offers its own E-commerce solutions that you may find of use.

The feature that Later offers is incredibly popular among the platform’s users. What is the Later feature’s purpose?

With this tool, Later customers can link their branded social media content easily to their products, services, or store pages.

Your audience will then be able to make purchases from you from within Instagram or after clicking through to your business’s website.

If you have been searching for ways to better monetize your branded social content, then taking advantage of is a no-brainer. does not come with Planoly , and Sellit is not included with Later.

Therefore, it is worth doing some more research on these two tools before you decide which social media marketing platform is appropriate for you.





Now that you know a little more about Planoly and Later, it is time to look at what each of these tools with cost you. Starting with Planoly, here are the available plans:

  • Free
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Custom



The Free plan will help you manage a Pinterest account and an Instagram account. Only one user can access your Free Planoly account, and you will be able to make 30 uploads per profile each month.



The Solo plan runs $7/month, and it offers everything in the Free plan, with the addition of unlimited uploads. Furthermore, you will gain access to features like Advanced Analytics, Quick Schedule, image filters and Linkit.



Moving on to the Duo plan, how does it differ? This plan will set you back only $15/month. Its biggest selling point is that it can support two users instead of one.



Finally, the Custom plan starts at $23/month, and it can include as many social profiles, uploads and users as you require. The price Planoly’s Custom plan will vary depending on your brand’s needs.



With Planoly’s pricing model out of the way, what does Later’s look like? There are five Later tier levels:

  • Free
  • Basics
  • Starter
  • Growth
  • Advanced



Later’s Free plan includes a “social set,” which consists of one profile on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. The plan supports a single user, and you’ll be able to make up to 10 posts every month to each of your brand’s social profiles.



You will only need to pay $8/month to upgrade to the Later Basics plan. Instead of 10 monthly posts, you will get to make 30 of them to each profile included in your social set.



The Later Starter plan doubles your monthly posts per profile to 60, which will be great news for many users.

It costs $15/month, and there are add-ons available if you would like to increase the number of users or social sets that your account can support.

Small businesses are the target demographic for this Starter plan.



Rapidly expanding social media teams will benefit greatly from the Later Growth plan. It is priced at $25/month, and it offers higher functionality than the previous tiers.

In addition to support three users, this Growth plan will also let customers schedule as many as 150 monthly posts per profile. Like the previous plan, add-ons are an option as well.

For $40/month, you can get yourself the Advanced plan. This is best for large agencies and social marketing teams that need to manage several brands at once.

With the Advanced plan, there is no limit on monthly posts, which will be a relief to those who are managing the social media accounts of many clients. Additionally, six users can work on a single account under this plan.

Finally, there is the option for users to create a customized plan for themselves.

Later customers can define the number of users and social sets they would like their account to support when signing up. Later will then provide custom prices for these subscriptions.


Unique Features



Planoly offers both a web app and a mobile app, which will be convenient for marketers who need to manage their social marketing tasks from multiple locations.

Its analytics and reports are essential for properly evaluating your business’s social media profiles.

As we mentioned earlier, this platform offers users the ability to sell products through Sellit.

Creating a social storefront can be surprisingly powerful, and Later customers will have more effecting selling options than the simple linking solutions that most marketers are using.

StoriesEdit is a user-friendly way to create highly personalized social content in a short amount of time. Its designer templates are beautiful and can spice up your brand’s social media content.

Planoly is officially partnered with both Pinterest and Instagram, which means that it is completely safe to use. Peace of mind is important when running a business, and Planoly will give you that.



Later is designed for brand growth and time-efficiency. It offers a variety of useful features to achieve those goals.

The visual planner is a favorite of many users, and it is a fun and effective way to plan out a full month of branded social media content.

One unique thing about the Later visual planner is that its interface is entirely drag-and-drop.

Later makes curating user-generated content (UGC) a far simpler process. If you need to find content that is not only on-topic, but also share-worthy, then Later will help you do that in record time.

The inclusion of is an outstanding way for social media marketers to better capitalize on their brand’s public followings.

Knowing precisely which posts are currently providing you with the most website traffic and sales is highly valuable data, and having these links in your business profiles will help with that.


Final Verdict


Planoly Home 00


Use Planoly if:

  • You only need to manage Pinterest and Instagram accounts.
  • You want to take advantage of the Sellit tool.


Later Home 01


Use Later if:

  • Managing more social media profiles than just Pinterest and Instagram is important to you.
  • You prefer the Later interface over the Planoly one.


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