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7 Pro-Level Techniques to Grow Your Social Media Accounts

Growing your social media account has many benefits to the visibility and engagement of your brand. Here are a few pro-level techniques to explode your social accounts.



Social media marketing is now something that businesses simply cannot ignore.

If you are a business owner or marketer looking to build up a substantial audience on these platforms, then it is important to understand the essential steps of this process.

This article will provide you with some pro-level techniques to grow your social media accounts.

Brands can use these techniques to forge stronger connections with the various consumers who follow them on these social platforms.

If you are running a business’s social media profiles, then you know how great of an opportunity these platforms are when it comes to sharing company insights and engaging with consumers directly.

Brands also have the ability to develop a strong web-based community around their messages, services and products.

For some business owners, however, it can be intimidating to pursue social media growth. This is especially true if you are less experienced in social media marketing than your competitors.

Learning to grow your business’s social media accounts efficiently can aid a brand in both their advertising efforts and their customer acquisition efforts.

In order to achieve this, it is important for businesses to use the right techniques.

There are several pro-level techniques to grow your social media accounts.

Selecting and implementing the most appropriate ones for your brand and its preferred platforms will serve you well.


#1. Sharing Top-Notch Content

Although this aspect of social media marketing may seem obvious, it is still common for brands to bore their audiences with uninteresting posts.

If you do not want to be overlooked by the numerous social media users in your industry, then you need to figure out a content strategy that can successfully keep these individuals engaged enough to keep coming back to your profiles.

If you want your brand to be seen as an authority or a thought leader in its niche, then delivering the highest quality of content to your social media audience is very important.

Whether you are involved in social media marketing to help a company or to further your personal brand, content will always be at the forefront of your marketing strategies on social platforms.

Your brand’s social content should not focus too heavily on selling. Instead, growing the brand and delivering undeniable value to your company’s followers should be the main priorities.

Overly promotional social accounts often receive abysmal engagement rates, which is not something you want your company’s accounts to suffer from.

Minimize the amount of promotion, and focus on trying to build real trust with your company’s loyal followers.


#2. Research Competing Companies on Social Media

If you are not paying attention to the way competing brands in your niche are running their social media accounts, then you are doing yourself and your social media marketing a great disservice.

You should constantly be conducting thorough analysis of competing brands’ accounts. This will provide you with information on which strategies are currently performing well or poorly on a given platform.

Additionally, you may find that several of your competitors are far more active on one specific social platform.

Why might this be? Is it because that is where the demographics of buyers in your industry are hanging out?

If so, you may not be giving this particular social platform enough attention in your overall social media marketing strategy.

Knowing what is working on social media websites for your most successful competitors can be quite informative when it comes to creating your own brand’s social media strategy.

Furthermore, this will give you new opportunities to make your own company’s social accounts stand out from competing brands’ accounts.

If you identify something that is missing from these brands’ social strategies, then that can give your brand a competitive advantage in the social media space.


7 Pro-Level Techniques to Grow Your Social Media Accounts 2


#3. Maintain Consistent Branding

What does your company’s social media presence look like when compared to its values and image?

Your business’s social media accounts should remain consistent when it comes to voice, message, aesthetics and tone.

This includes your actual content as well as your accounts’ cover images, profile images and bios. Inconsistent branding can do more than just confuse consumers.

It can also come across as disorganized and unprofessional.

This same principle should be applied when comparing the branding of your different social media accounts.

Are your company’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts all consistent with one another when it comes to their visual branding and their content?

If not, then this is an issue that you should address as soon as possible.

Each of your brand’s accounts needs to project the same message and tone. This will make it easier for your business’s followers to relate to your content and continue engaging with it.

If you make the mistake of constantly sharing conflicting messages with your audience, this may result in many of your brand’s followers becoming disinterested in your account due to confusion.


#4. Take Advantage of Paid Social Media Advertising

Whether you choose to use influencer marketing or social media pay-per-click ads, investing financially into your brand’s social media marketing strategy can certainly pay off.

In fact, it is one of the most time-efficient ways to grow your business’s social media accounts.

Additionally, the amount of targeting options that are available to you in the advertising platforms of social media websites will make it simple to get in front of accounts that match your company’s buyers personas.

One of the main benefits of a paid social media marketing strategy is that it can provide your company with a very attractive ROI.

This is true for both influencer marketing and paid social media advertisements.

From being able to select the most relevant and engaging influencer to being able to target specific demographics and interests with your social media PPC ads, the effectiveness of using paid marketing tactics on social media is undeniable.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of visibility that your brand is currently receiving with organic views alone, then it may be time to experiment with both paid social ads and directly sponsored posts.

Thankfully, social media advertising happens to be among the most cost-efficient methods when it comes to reaching a new audience that is highly targeted and highly likely to convert.


#5. Interact With Your Brands Followers

Even though many brands believe that their follower counts on various social platforms are the most important metric to focus on, this is actually a bit misguided.

Engagement and interaction are actually of much greater importance.

Focusing on these factors is important not only to strengthen the brand-to-customer connection but also to be treated well by these social platforms’ algorithms, which heavily favor posts and accounts with more engagement.

Remember to respond to significant comments that users make about your products or content.

Also, make it a habit to answer these platforms’ users when they present questions to your company.

Keeping up this kind of interaction with your brand’s social media audience is ultimately how you will be able to maintain that audience over the long-term.

Consumers will view your brand much more favorably if you take the time to interact with them on these social platforms.

Consumers are not the only ones, though. The aforementioned algorithms are also likely to bring more visibility to your business’s posts if your audience interacts with them on a consistent basis.

Engaging actively with your company accounts’ followers is a smart long-term strategy that the most successful brands take advantage of on social media.


#6. Humanize Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

It is surprising how many businesses do not come across as authentic on their company’s social media accounts.

If the consumers who are browsing these platforms view you as a faceless company without any identifiable values or preferences, then they will rarely remain interested in your brand’s posts for very long.

Transparency is becoming increasingly important for businesses on social media, and consumers want to view their favorite brands as having authentic personalities.

You can adapt your brand’s tone on social platforms by referring to any user personas or demographic information you have on your customer base.

Think about what kind of language and content will be most likely to appeal to your brand’s following.

A more personal social media presence is something that most customers appreciate seeing from brands, whether those businesses are large or small.

One simple way to humanize your company’s social media presence is to share photos of your team doing something important.

When your brand’s followers can attach faces to the content and tone of a business’s social media accounts, they are able to connect with your brand’s message in a different way.


7 Pro-Level Techniques to Grow Your Social Media Accounts 3


#7. Use Catchy Visuals

Catchy and compelling visuals will give any piece of branded social media content a better chance of gaining engagement and visibility.

Whether you end up including GIFs, photos, infographics or videos in your various posts, be sure to grab your followers’ attention with eye-catching visual elements.

You are wasting the potential of your business’s social accounts if you only post text-based content on a social platform.

Visually appealing content has been proven to perform better on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest.

If you want your branded social media content to receive more shares, then this is one step you cannot neglect when it comes to creating optimal business social media content.

What are some simple ways for brands to take advantage of visual elements in their content?

Photos are an easy way to add some visual appeal to your branded social media posts, and these images can be of company events, your team or satisfied customers.

Additionally, capturing some behind-the-scenes video footage of your team working on something you know your brand’s following will be interested in is a great strategy.

Finally, infographics cannot be underestimated, as they are remarkably effective at informing your followers in a visually appealing manner.


So What’s Next?

Looking for actionable in-depth social media analytics to grow your business? This platform makes it easy to identify what’s working and not working with your social media accounts.



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