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20 Productivity Secrets of the Ultra Successful

Ultra successful people know how to use their time well. Here are a few productivity secrets they use to maximize their time.



Most of us work toward a certain level of satisfaction in life. But many wish they could be even more successful.

You might wonder what the most successful people do that is different from those with average success.

Here are key factors that could make you even more successful than you already are based on the productive strategies of the super-successful who reach their goals and enjoy a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle.

Make sure to stay to the end because one of these tips may actually make a huge difference in your life!


#1. They Optimize Their Productivity

Highly effective people make the most of their productive time each day. Morning people get up early and accomplish much of their work by midday.

Night owls might start working later but continue into the evening hours or beyond.

Knowing when you are most productive will enable you to set up a schedule when you can do the most without distractions or interruptions.

Protecting that bubble of time each day will help to preserve your productivity.


#2. They Take Breaks

Busy people who are building a successful life make time for occasional breaks from work.

They know that taking a short walk or catching up with a friend by phone takes some of the stress out of their workday, so they can return to the grind feeling recharged.

A day off now and then or an annual vacation are also valuable ways of disconnecting from a regular work schedule to enjoy life with family and friends.

Successful people know that success is built not just on professional or job achievements but also on family happiness and relaxation.


#3. They Prioritize Their Workload

The potential for success requires considerable effort to achieve results. One way to make it easier to get things done is to prioritize the list of things to be done each day.

You can tackle what is most important and work your way through each task that follows. Trying to accomplish too much at once can be overwhelming and complicated.

Do one thing at a time in your daily schedule to measure success for that day.

Some people start by completing the easiest tasks first, while others prefer taking care of the hardest initially. Do whatever works best with your schedule.


20 Productivity Secrets of the Ultra Successful 2


#4. They Remove Distractions

The typical workplace is full of distractions like ringing phones and demanding clients.

Success-oriented employees organize their workspace to minimize disruptions that can slow their progress.

For example, phones can be set to take messages that will be returned at a more convenient time.

If possible, certain times of the day can be designated for client meetings and conferencing events.

This leaves the bulk of the workday open for handling routine tasks that have to get done, increasing your productivity.

Meeting or exceeding quotas and managing the regular workload are two more ways that very successful people use to meet their goals.


#5. They Are Willing to Delegate

Do you know someone who likes to handle everything at work? They want to be the big shot that gets all the attention and earn more pay.

But smart, successful individuals appreciate the benefits of delegation. They know that group efforts using each person’s unique talents can lead to better outcomes.

They also recognize their personal limitations and will delegate tasks to others who can handle that part of the job better.

Those who help out appreciate their skills being acknowledged and will continue to support the team leader, enhancing the individual’s reputation and success.


#6. They Aren’t Too Hard on Themselves or Others

Everyone falls short at times. Even the most ambitious people make mistakes. But when they do, they don’t criticize themselves too harshly, and they aren’t too hard on others who make mistakes.

They understand the human side of getting things done, and they are willing to forgive themselves and coworkers when something goes wrong.

This attitude reduces stress for everyone and builds collegiality as a win-win approach in working together to meet personal and professional objectives.


#7. They Set Realistic Goals

Uber-successful individuals consistently set relevant goals to get where they want to be in life. But their goals are also reasonable.

They don’t expect to get rich overnight or become famous in a year. They know that success takes time, and they set goals that continue to move them forward in a self-paced way.

Most success-oriented individuals don’t work day and night or spend a fortune to become successful.

They might occasionally go above and beyond their usual efforts, but overall they plot a steady course that moves them toward the target over a span of time.


#8. They Learn From Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but some people keep repeating them while others learn from failing. Hard lessons play a valuable role in achieving success.

Without recognizing the risks of failure, you might take the wrong path to reach your goals and end up missing the mark.

Realize that mistakes happen to us all, so make the best of it by analyzing each misstep to see what can be learned and avoided next time.

Apply that knowledge to your process for better results as you continue onward.


#9. They Network With Professionals

Successful people are typically not loners. They might enjoy alone time occasionally to think about things and experiment with ideas.

But they also seek information from experts in their respective fields who can help them with certain aspects of their work.

An author, for example, might sell more books by understanding the marketing process after consulting a PR expert.

A tech guru could explain complex procedures more clearly to consumers by learning how to use everyday language to describe a technological process.

Joining a business group or a civic organization to associate with experts can be very helpful in the quest for success.


#10. They Ask Questions and Keep Learning

The more successful a person becomes, the likelier that their desire to learn will continue or expand.

Although ultra success can make some people complacent, it spurs others to learn more and do better.

They continue reading inspirational books and listening to influential speakers. They ask questions and consult with colleagues to become more knowledgeable about their success niche.


#11. They Don’t Pretend to Have All The Answers

Even a very successful person who is rich or famous does not know all the answers to questions about their profession.

Undoubtedly, they have learned a considerable amount of information over time, but they can’t answer all the questions that the public might raise.

Being humble and honest is the hallmark of a successful person. These qualities can enhance personal success to make you more approachable and likeable.


20 Productivity Secrets of the Ultra Successful 3


#12. They Make Good Use of Their Resources

In addition to a productive workday and restful breaks, the success-bound individual makes good use of their time, money, and talent.

They don’t fritter away a half hour at the office water cooler or play solitaire at their desk. Success-driven people avoid careless spending on unnecessary purchases that don’t add in some meaningful way to their lifestyle.

While they are willing to give talks or provide training to interested organizations, they are selective about those they will work with to ensure a strong return on investment to their company or to the community.


#13. They Take Care of Themselves

Highly successful people practice diligent self-care.

While meeting professional goals, they make time to meet physical and mental health requirements like nutritious eating, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques.

Of course, not everyone does all these things to the same degree.

But people who achieve a high level of success are often supported by loved ones who help them to stay healthy and motivated to become their best self.


#14. They Build on Prior Success

After reaching their initial goals, successful people know what works for them and continue building on that foundation.

Instead of continuously reinventing the wheel, they stick with the tried and true approach to their goals and keep following the same formula.

But they don’t fall into a mindless groove. They put new spins on their product or idea to ensure it also meets the needs of new customers.


#15. They Consult Mentors And Advisers

Like team building, the great achievers among us look for mentors that can help them find the right path to their success.

Meeting with a mentor as needed, they can ask questions, pose dilemmas, and seek feedback on new or challenging plans.

Successful people also tend to have specialty advisers in areas like health, finances, or technology.

They learn from the best experts available who can help them learn how to manage auxiliary services that are necessary to their work and avoid setbacks or failure.


#16. They Give Back

You might be surprised to hear that very successful people often share their success in various ways with others.

They donate money to charities. They give time to help others find their own path to success.

They share their skill or talent to support worthy causes that can make a difference in people’s lives or the public at large.

Their generosity frequently increases their level of success by making them more visible and appreciated.


#17. They Communicate Clearly

Effective communication is imperative for successful persons. Knowing when to speak up or keep quiet can be a critical success factor.

Using the right verbal cues in certain contexts is also important. Not complaining or criticizing other people needlessly adds to their stature as a success icon.

Their writing is easy to understand and logical to follow. They raise points worth considering.

Their communication style is polished and accurate. Communication is another area where expert help might be desirable.


#18. They Listen to Others

Instead of assuming they know everything about anything, ultra successful people want to know what others think.

They listen carefully and respect different viewpoints. They ask about other people’s struggles and successes.

The ability to understand different perspectives enables them to appreciate human diversity and its role in achieving success while supporting other people’s efforts to also become successful.


#19. They Accept Responsibility

Most success-oriented people depend on their own ability to achieve their dreams instead of expecting others to open doors for them.

They admit their mistakes gracefully and take responsibility for problems that their actions may cause.

Success-driven individuals don’t try to pass the buck to blame others. They don’t claim credit that is due to their colleagues or try to steal their thunder.

They settle for their due and nothing more or less.


#20. They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

The road to success can be long and steep. There are obstacles to overcome. The most successful individuals realize they aren’t perfect.

They don’t have all the answers. They must share credit for their success with others when it is due.

Although some may be pompous or arrogant, many successful people can laugh at themselves at times and be honest about who they really are, defects and all.


So What’s Next?

Ultra successful people know how to be productive, and it starts with a morning routine. A morning routine can get you in the right frame of mind and set your whole day up for success. Learn more about the program here.


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