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6 Proven Ways to Attract New Customers Online

Attracting new customers online requires a compelling offer and diverse tactics. Here are a few ways to bring more eyes to your offers.




Attracting online customers may seem easy at first. Yet when your website continues to see minimal activity, you may wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Here are a few proven ways that you can attract new customers to your online store.


Selling More Online

#1. Invest in UX and Appeal of Your Website

Is your website easy to navigate? That’s the main question all business owners should be asking themselves.

Google has made it clear that they’re increasing the importance of UX in their Core Vitals update. This update will change how your website ranks for SEO and how well it performs.

UX, or User Experience, refers to the ease a user has when navigating your website. Can they easily find the information that they need? Is the shopping experience streamlined? Is it fun?

To ensure your website performs its best, you should run a few tests based on UX.

Receive feedback on the new website layout and design and determine whether they find it an enjoyable experience or if it’s lacking something.

A website can’t just be easy to use either. It also needs to look good.

One problem that several business owners run into is that they think an appealing website is one with a lot of pictures. That isn’t the case.

The problem with having a lot of pictures is that it slows down the website. If your users are waiting longer than a few seconds for the site to load, then they’re going to click out of it.

They don’t have time to waste.

A few images can help attract the attention of your customers. The rest of the website should use certain colors that people naturally find appealing.

If you have a sexy website, then more customers are likely going to use your services or buy your products.

That’s because your website’s appearance becomes an extension of your business’s reputation. If your website doesn’t look good, then it doesn’t inspire trust in your customers.



#2. Growing Relationships Through Social Media

The power of social media cannot be overstated. It’s a great marketing tool for your business. At the very least, you should have two or three social media accounts for your business.

The kind of accounts you have depend on the type of business that you have.

Those who sell products, for example, should be on Instagram. It’s a free way to show off your products in stunning detail.

Add an SEO description and simply post the picture. As your customers start to interact with the picture and post questions or comments, you’ll want to respond to them.

This creates a relationship between you and your customers. Whoever is handling your social media accounts needs to understand your business’s voice and tone.

Adopting that, they should reply to customers accordingly.

You can even post challenges on Instagram. Asking people to show how they use your products or what they’ve done with your products can engage them.

The more pictures that people take with your product, the more free advertisement you’re receiving. Those pictures also bring in more customers.

Another important social media account to have is Youtube.

No matter what type of business you run, Youtube should be one of your accounts. Youtube is helpful because it allows you to actually show your expertise.

You can post your Youtube videos on your website or simply have a link that leads to your channel.

The same goes for your Youtube account. You can post your website in the description of the video.

This allows customers to quickly and easily access your website after watching your video.

The content of your video can be as simple as showing how to use the product. It can also be an in-depth explanation of the product or service that you provide.

You can even turn your blog posts into videos.

Youtube is a great resource because it gives your business credibility. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

This builds trust in customers. They believe that you have the experience to take care of their problems.

It can also be used as a way to answer questions that your customers may have. Many customers are visual learners.

If they see how to install something or how to use something, then they’re more likely to enjoy their time with the product.

One final social media account that all businesses should have is Twitter. When your business has an announcement to make, then Twitter is a great platform to use.

You can easily reach thousands, and then some, customers with just a few optimized posts.

Your posts can be about promotions that your business is running, it can be a poll to garner feedback from your customers, it can even be a way to perform customer support.

Several businesses have a few separate Twitter accounts. One may be devoted to content creation and engaging customers. The other may be devoted to customer support.

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the best ways for customers to ask questions. If your business can answer those questions and make the customer feel validated, then you’ve sold them.

It also sells everyone else.

How you interact with customers online can bring more customers to your website or turn them away.


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#3. Customer Care Services

Another way to attract new customers online is by increasing how well your customer care team performs.

Because customers are unable to physically visit your business, all customer care is handled online.

Without that face-to-face interaction, it can make customer care difficult and even frustrating.

If your business wants to keep the new customers it’s found, then your customer care team needs to be trained in effective communication.

Talking through text leaves out valuable social cues like syntax, vernacular, and tone. Customers can easily take things the wrong way if they read a message a certain way.

This can make them think that they’re not being taken seriously.

Your customer care team should learn effective communication. This includes a tone that is sympathetic with word choice that is direct and clear.

When appropriate, it may even be prudent to include step-by-step instructions in order to help customers.

It’s always better to over-help customers than to leave them clueless.

That also means your business needs to be ready to process returns easily and efficiently. Customers shouldn’t struggle to return an item or request a refund on a service.

If the process is difficult or slow, then customers won’t be pleased.

This may even turn new customers away.

To show that your business gives great customer care, you’ll want to include a space where they can post testimonials or reviews.

New customers are attracted to businesses that have a lot of positive reviews or testimonials. It helps assure them that they’re making a good investment.

You can increase the number of testimonials or reviews that you have by making it easy to post them. Customers won’t go out of their way to leave them for you.

Not unless it’s a negative review or testimonial. As such, you need to make the process as expedient and simple as possible.



Number 4. Promotions

Customers love to save money. They also get really excited when they see the word “free.” Running promotions for new customers is a great incentive for them to use your business.

That promotion may be as simple as free shipping. For several customers, the idea of free shipping is a great reason to buy a product.

It may be more complex like a discount at a certain rate.

Whichever promotion you run, you’ll always likely find new customers checking out your website.

To keep them as a customer, you also need to run promotions for your loyal customers, too. You may want to set up a reward system.

You can even have the promotion tied to the reward system for new customers. Perhaps if they join at a specified time, they’ll get a bonus reward.

If you use points for your reward system, then maybe they’ll get double points for joining as a new customer.

There are plenty of opportunities to use promotions to attract new customers to your online business.

Getting the word out about your promotions relies on your social media campaigns.


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#5. Email Marketing

An effective way to attract new customers to your online business is with email marketing.

Even if they haven’t purchased a product yet or ordered a service, you can still gain their interest through email marketing.

Applying for your newsletters should be easy. It shouldn’t be the same as registering with your website.

All a customer should need to provide to receive your newsletters is their email address. You can always work on converting them into registered members later.

The point of email marketing is to keep them coming to your website. One way to successfully get a new customer to sign up for your newsletter is to promise them a discount or promotion.

The first newsletter that they receive should include that discount or promotion.

From there, you can send them regular emails about future deals, new products, and even simple tips about your products or services.

Newsletters are effective marketing tools. Almost everyone checks their emails. Your newsletter should be short and concise enough to warrant their attention and spur them into visiting your website.

That might mean that it includes a brief introduction to the latest blog post on your website.

It might mean a new deal geared towards those that haven’t made a purchase yet.

You can even use analytics to recommend similar products or services that the customer has purchased before. This might encourage them to return to your website to check them out.

Email newsletters can also sell your business to the new customer. They may be wary of buying a product or ordering a service because they’re not sold on your expertise yet.

The newsletter can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry. This can give them the confidence they need.


6 Proven Ways to Attract New Customers Online 3


6. Get Involved with Sponsorships

When you think about sponsorships, you probably think of big brands with their names plastered everywhere during a sporting event.

Several small businesses don’t invest in sponsorships because they think they’re too expensive. That’s because they’re trying to compete with big-name brands.

A better solution is to find small blogs, podcasts, or Youtube channels to sponsor. There are a ton of influencers who are eager to promote your products or services.

Their prices typically won’t take up your entire marketing budget either. Some may even do it for free.

Partnering with a Youtube channel, for example, gives the influencer the ability to visually show their followers the benefits of your product.

They’ve already done the hard work of acquiring an audience.

That audience trusts them. If they support your product or service, then the audience will also trust that your product or service is worth their money.

There are veteran influencers and influencers who are just starting out. You can choose from the mix based on your budget and the kind of results that you want to see.

It’s a great way to easily bring in new customers without the hard work of growing your audience yourself.

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So What’s Next?

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