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10 Proven Ways to Build Engagement With Your Brand Online

Getting people to engage with your brand and care about your marketing messages can be a challenge. Here are a few proven ways the pros do it.



Customer engagement is an effective way to keep customers loyal. Figuring out how to increase your engagement isn’t always clear.

Here are a few proven ways that you can build engagement with your brand for an online business.


#1. Make Reviewing Easy

Customers love to be heard. They like to feel as though they’ve been heard, too. One proven way to build engagement with your brand online is to make customer reviews easy to access.

If leaving feedback, ratings, or reviews is difficult on your site, then you can be sure that the only people to leave a review are those that have something negative to say.

While that isn’t always a bad thing, you want to showcase more positive reviews than negative ones.

You can make reviewing as easy as a click of a button based on their ordering information. You can even attach a link to their digital receipt.

When you include a physical receipt with their shipment, then be sure to leave a note and simple directions that tell them how to review the product.

There are other ways to get customers to leave reviews or testimonials about your products and services, too.

Social media accounts are frequently going to be a place where customers voice their frustrations and joys with your company.

You can also prompt them to give you that feedback with a poll or question.

Twitter, for example, can be used to pose a challenge or question for your customers to complete.

It may be something as simple as, “what’s the most creative way you’ve used our product?” This will encourage customers to leave positive reviews for others to see.

It also engages them.

Negative reviews are helpful, too. They can help you innovate your product or service.

When a problem is fixed in the next iteration of the product or service, customers will be pleased that their words were taken seriously. It will encourage them to continue to engage with your business and buy from you.


#2. Make Quizzes

Want to know how your customers are feeling about a certain topic or service? Make a quiz for them. Customers love fun quizzes.

You can dress up your rather technical quiz like a personality quiz. For example, it could match them up to one of your products. Or it may match them up to a service that fits them the most.

You can even use quizzes for specific elements of your business. For example, a painting business may make a fun quiz that can tell customers the type of color they should have for their living room or bedroom.

Quizzes engage customers. They’re fun to take and still deliver valuable information that the customer may need.

You can also encourage your customers to share their results online. Using social media to bring awareness to the quiz can increase your engagement and your audience.


#3. Utilize Live Video Sessions

The use of video in business is on the rise. More and more customers enjoy watching videos that answer their questions.

It also makes the business appear more human. The customer doesn’t know the people responsible for bringing them their products or services. They just know a website.

Regular live video sessions can put a face to your brand. They can start to feel that the business is more of a human entity.

It also encourages your customers to engage more. A live video session is better than a pre-recorded session because it gives customers the chance to ask questions.

A pre-recorded video relies on the manager of the media account to answer all of the questions that the video receives after it’s posted.

This can become difficult, especially if more videos are made that require their management as well.

Live videos are an in-home Q & A session. Customers can engage with each other in the chat as well as the host.

It brings the community together, adds value to their patronage of your business, and gives them valuable information about your company and the products or services that you sell.


10 Proven Ways to Build Engagement With Your Brand Online 2


#4. User-Friendly Mobile Apps

If you want to build engagement with your brand, then you need to make sure it’s easy to interact with it. That means you should have a user-friendly mobile app.

More and more consumers are using their phones to make purchases and order services.

Websites that aren’t built for mobile devices rarely look good. It can make navigation difficult. It may even be impossible.

Business owners should have a mobile app designed for their business that emphasizes ease of use and clarity. It should be attractive, but it should also be functional.

The app should make it easy for customers to leave reviews, partake in other social elements the site has to offer, and make it easy for them to either order services or buy products.

The advantage of having a mobile app is that it can also easily link to your other social media platforms.

Someone can click on a button on the app that immediately takes them to your Twitter account.

They may find a post that intrigues them and comment on it. Or they may be taken to your Youtube account and find answers to questions they had.

A mobile app is necessary for engagement growth and improvement.


#5. Offer Exclusive Rewards to Engaged Customers

Engagement should come with a reward. If your business already has a reward system installed, then you can further innovate that to keep your customers engaged.

Perhaps after a certain number of surveys answered, reviews given, or comments made, they earn a reward.

Or maybe it’s a way for them to increase their reward points and receive a reward that way.

When engagement is tied to your reward system or is rewarded on its own, you can encourage customers to engage more with your brand.

If you don’t have a reward system put into place, then you can still benefit from this strategy. You may choose to give a certain discount on their next purchase if they leave a review or refer a friend to your business.

Keeping track of how engaged they are can also warrant them unique rewards. Customers will love talking about your brand and be on the lookout for the next great reward.


#6. Utilize Influencers to Increase Brand Engagement

There are a ton of influencers on various platforms that can help you build engagement with your customers. You can sponsor one of their posts.

The influencer will review a certain product or service that you offer them to try. Then they post about it to their audience.

You can share that post with your own audience and encourage them to watch and comment on it.

Not only is this a great way to increase your audience and bring in new customers, but it also gives your existing customers a new outlet to learn more about your business.


#7. Instruct Customer Service Representatives on Effective Communication

Nothing decreases engagement more like poor customer service. Whether it’s unpleasant representatives or slow service, customers will quickly stop engaging with your business if their customer service experience is poor.

Your staff needs to be ready to interact with your customers in an effective and sympathetic way.

First, your representatives should be taught how to use the tone of voice for your brand. Is it professional? Relaxed?

The tone of your business can determine how your representatives are able to interact with your customers.

Second, your representatives need to learn to communicate effectively. This means that they use direct and concise sentences.

The content of those sentences gives simple instructions or directions to customers. It doesn’t leave any room for misrepresentation or misunderstanding.

Finally, you should encourage your representatives to get to know your customers. Too often, businesses want their representatives to speed through the service.

While their time should be used efficiently, they shouldn’t be punished for taking the time to listen to customers or to help them.

It even pays to listen to your representatives. Because they handle customers directly, they likely have a few suggestions on how you may be able to engage them more efficiently.


10 Proven Ways to Build Engagement With Your Brand Online 3


#8. Keep in Contact

You want your customers to remain engaged with your business. That means you need to check up on them from time to time.

You can do this by sending automated emails every few months or weeks. Perhaps there’s a product or service that is similar to the one that they purchased.

You can always tell them about it.

Asking how they are and keeping in touch can deepen the level of intimacy that your business shares with a customer.

If the customer feels as though the business genuinely cares about them, they’re more likely to stay engaged and buy from the business.


#9. Start a Blog

One of the best ways to increase engagement with your brand is to deliver valuable information. The best format is with a blog. It’s cheap and easy.

A writer who is capable of producing SEO content can also help your website grow its audience.

Blog content is useful in that it gives your customers something new to read every week or every other week.

In order to gain their interest, the information needs to be valuable. It needs to be something that either entertains or teaches them.

Blog posts can also help your business create credibility. Customers will see you as an expert in the field. They’ll have more confidence in choosing your products or services over others.

If you’re worried that your customers won’t see your new blog posts, then there are several ways to make them aware. The first is through Twitter.

You can always post a link to the blog there. You can also encourage customers to talk about the post right there on Twitter.

Another way is through an email newsletter. This can also be a way to check up on them. You can ask them how they are, then link that to the blog post your business just produced.

Finally, you can convert the blog post into either a video or podcast. Videos are rapidly gaining traction as a way for businesses to engage customers.

Some prefer to watch and listen rather than just read the post. The best part is that you already have the script ready.

Podcasts are a popular way to engage your customers. It’s easier to listen to a podcast than it is to watch a video.

As long as you have a place where your customers can discuss the podcast, you can easily improve your engagement.


#10. Social Media

The most effective way to build engagement with your customers is through social media. Many of the tips listed before rely on the existence of your social media accounts.

You need to spend time growing your follower lists on all of your accounts.

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with your customers because it’s free. You can have a direct conversation with them, yourself, or through a representative.

By getting to know your customers, you can make them feel special and closer to your business. That breeds loyalty, higher conversions, and increases engagement with your brand.


So What’s Next?

Looking to create more engagement with your brand? One effective way is to create contests that go viral – this platform can help you launch them in minutes.


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