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7 Reasons to Be Building an Email List

Why should you build an email list for your business? If you've ever wondered what the benefits of an email list are, let's take a closer look.



There are several reasons to be building an email list for your brand. Many people, some marketers even, mistakenly perceive email lists as out-of-date when compared with social media marketing.

This, however, could not be further from the truth.

Those who have extensive experience with marketing to their email lists will confirm that conversion rates are substantially higher via email than via social media.

This powerful online communication tool is a great way to get your readers and customers to form more of a connection with your brand or blog.

In turn, this can lead to a dramatic increase in both your leads and your revenue. Some website owners use their email lists to promote various content, while others see these lists as an income stream.

The latter group attempt to use their email lists to drive a higher number of sales than they would have otherwise received.

Individuals can become part of your website’s email list after opting in to receive something from you, subscribing to your website blog or even after making a purchase.

Regardless of the reason that your visitors have decided to hand over their email addresses, there is great potential in these lists for marketers, businesses and blog owners alike.

Learning about the key benefits of building up an extensive email list will empower you to grow your business or website through this channel of communication.


#1. Email Is Remarkably Widespread

Around the globe, there are at least 5.6 billion email accounts in existence. Clearly, the usage of email for communication has not slowed down a bit.

Actually, it has increased substantially in the past decade throughout the internet’s evolution. More of your potential subscribers and customer’s use email than social media.

This allows you to market your products, services and content to a much wider demographic.

When comparing email marketing to other marketing channels, it is clear that the potential revenue that can be earned from building up a large email list is higher than most other forms of digital marketing.

This is great news for blog owners, marketers and the owners of various types of businesses.

If you have been hesitant to begin building an email list for your company, then it is much better to start now than to procrastinate any further.


#2. An Email List Is a Long-Term Asset

Another reason for you to be building an email list is the long-term potential that this marketing channel has.

On the surface, some modern marketers may not see the true value in building email lists.

However, this is a marketing asset that will remain valuable to its owner many years into sown the line.

Social media, on the other hand, is a marketing channel that is constantly changing. Platforms are gaining and losing popularity each year.

You will not have to deal with this volatility if you prioritize email marketing instead, as it remains far more stable year after year.

Some marketers even compare social media marketing to building a home on an area of land that they have rented instead of purchased.

There is very little stability in this approach, and factors that are out of a marketer’s or business owner’s control can thwart your marketing efforts at any moment.

Facebook, for example, has witnessed a substantial decline in its original organic reach. In addition, Google Plus, is considered a complete failure at this point.

It is quite risky to base the bulk of your marketing efforts on your perception of another platform’s stability or popularity.

Thankfully, with email marketing, you are building your marketing assets on stable land that you actually own.

Having control over such a powerful marketing asset will make long-term digital business success much more likely for you.


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#3. Email Lists Make Targeted Promotions Easy

If you are interested in running a highly targeted digital marketing campaign, then building an email list is crucial.

Recipients of your business’s email list will be much more targeted than other forms of traffic you could get.

This is because these individuals have already shown interest in your brand or service by agreeing to sign up to your website’s email list in the first place.

This allows you to easily target exactly the type of people whom your brand’s products or offers will appeal to.

Email segmentation is an even more powerful form of targeted email marketing. It involves separating members of your email list into multiple segments based on their past activity.

This allows you to send different messages to your email list subscribers based on which segment they are in.

This will ultimately allow you to run some of the most highly targeted campaigns possible on the internet.

Segmenting your brand’s email list is certainly a wise move. You can do so based on interest groups, previously purchased products or other activity.

Regardless of how you choose to segment your list’s subscribers, there is no denying the improved ROI, increased number of clicks and additional revenue that such a highly targeted email marketing promotion can deliver you.


#4. Your Content Will Receive More Shares

Another advantage of building this list is that the individuals who subscribe to your brand’s email list are substantially more likely to share your blogs, articles, videos and other content than people who follow your company’s social media pages.

An email list will help you create a stronger connection with your company website’s readers. These are the people who will ultimately assist you in spreading your brand’s message.

When a brand communicates with its audience via emails, this nurtures the connection between a company and the consumer.

The experience that an email list can create for customers is much more personal than many other types of marketing.

When your brand sends out an email, this is a form of one-on-one interaction with the customer.

Your presence here goes much further toward driving conversions than simply engaging the masses on your business’s social media pages.

If you want to make your business’s subscribers and customers feel more significant, then inviting them to join your website’s email list is a great way to do that.

An email subscriber who feels more valued and significant has a much higher likelihood of sharing your brand’s content.

The trust and loyalty that these subscribers will show toward your business will be much greater as well.


#5. Email Click-Through Rates Beat Social Media Click-Through Rates

When it comes to marketing your blog or company, many people opt to focus on social media based promotion.

Unfortunately, though, far fewer of these individuals are efficiently promoting their offers with well-informed email marketing.

The statistics for email marketing and social media marketing are quite different. Email marketing, however, comes out ahead in almost every category.

This is especially true when it comes to click-through rate.

The click-through rate for an email list subscriber is usually in the area of three percent. For a Twitter user, on the other hand, that number is approximately half a percent.

This means your email list’s recipients are six times more likely to end up sharing your brand’s content elsewhere on the web.

Additionally, there are fewer people who use social media than there are who regularly check their email.

Facebook and Twitter combined have less than one third of the user base that email does worldwide.

If you take statistics like this into consideration, then it is clear to see why brands and website owners need to place more value on the process of building up their email lists.

Paying more attention to this area of digital marketing is likely to deliver great results in the long term.


7 Reasons to Be Building an Email List 2


#6. The ROI Is Fantastic

If you are concerned about your digital marketing return on investment, then you will be pleased to learn that email marketing has a higher ROI than the other digital marketing channels you are currently using.

Even though platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook make it easy to put messages in front of your followers, these popular platforms have a much lower return on investment than email marketing.

Other digital marketing channels simply do not compare to email marketing when it comes to return on investment.

Building an email list for your company will allow you to leverage the highest ROI of any form of online marketing. Email marketing, therefore, is certainly alive and well.

In fact, it is one of the most efficient tools that you could ever employ on your digital marketing journey.

Those who refuse to take advantage of what email lists have to offer them are simply passing up end leads and revenue.


#7. The Largest and Most Successful Companies Utilize Email Lists

If you pay attention to what some of the biggest companies on the planet are doing when it comes to digital marketing, then you will notice that much of their online marketing budgets go toward various campaigns with the goal of gathering more email sign-ups.

Many large brands, in fact, are even willing to spend significant amounts of money on paid advertising in order to increase the size of their email lists.

Why, though, would these companies put money into paid online advertising simply to earn another email subscriber instead of a sale?

This is because such companies have witnessed the lucrative marketing power of owning a massive email list.

While they supplement their email marketing efforts with paid advertising and social media engagement, the biggest brands around are fully committed to promoting their treasured email lists.

The talented marketers that these companies employ are well aware of how valuable building an email list can actually be when it comes to boosting sales.

This is why you will repeatedly see big name companies investing heavily into their email list.

In the long-term, their investments into this digital marketing channel will deliver them astounding returns for a relatively low acquisition cost.

Whether you are focused on audience communication, click-through rates or overall return on investment (ROI), there are certainly many reasons to be building an email list, no matter which social media platforms or paid advertising platforms are currently popular.

This age-old digital marketing tool can work wonders for a business owner or website owner once it has been successfully established.


So What’s Next?

Email marketing remains a great way to reach people, and building an email list should be part of any digital marketing strategy. If you want to get higher ROI with your email marketing campaigns, make sure to check out this email marketing platform.


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