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RoseHosting Review: Good Fully Managed Hosting Provider?



I’ve spent years balancing the cost of our company’s web services. Every business needs an Internet presence.

But doing so reliably while also maintaining flexibility can be daunting. Especially when we need to add new features without much notice.

It makes me wish that I’d seen RoseHosting years ago!


Why Choose RoseHosting Managed Hosting?

What To Consider Before Signing Up for Web Hosting

RoseHosting is a web hosting company which provides users with an impressive list of options.

But to fully understand what options to use we should begin by looking at web hosting as a whole.

It’s best to start out by considering what we want from a server. Are we going to build a website, online application programming interface or stream media?

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg when considering what people can do with a hosting service.

The main point is that we should consider what our needs are before deciding on a hosting plan.

If we want to serve streaming video then storage space and bandwidth are going to be a priority.

If we’re working with an application programming interface then we’d want to keep latency down to the absolute minimum.

And if we’re hosting a website then we’d want to match our expertise with the underlying platform.

For example, someone with a background in WordPress development would want to make sure the hosting plan allows WordPress installations.

We should also think about whether we want a managed server. Companies offering managed servers will handle some of the administrative tasks for us.

For example, they might monitor network activity to note someone trying to hack his way in. And on noticing that they might block his IP address.

Finally, we can consider if a hosting company provides extras which might fit in with our needs.

For example, if we need an optimal level of site responsiveness then we’d want the company to offer non-volatile memory express, or NVMe, support.

Web hosting might not even be the best options for some people. Individuals who only need the most modest online presence might be able to simply get by with social networking.

That said, the vast majority of companies will grow beyond those needs fairly quickly.


What Does RoseHosting Provide?

One of the company’s biggest strengths is their sheer wealth of options. They aim to provide customers with as much freedom to design their perfect web site or service as possible.

They’re able to do so in part by offering different platforms. For example, they use Linux VPS, shared and even cloud hosting.

Bluehost is one of the most popular direct competitors. RoseHosting differentiates itself by offering enterprise level hardware and services at a lower overall cost.

This makes the company an attractive choice for users of all levels. They also tend to offer options which take performance to the next tier.

The NVMe hosting plans are probably the best example of this principle.


RoseHosting Review 01



  • Powerful hardware
  • Competitive prices for powerful features
  • Large number of options for servers


  • Lacks specialized support for individual software platforms like WordPress
  • Server speed can lag a little in Europe
  • Tech support is adequate but usually won’t go in depth on any given issue


A Closer Look at the Features and Benefits

A Long History of Excellence

Saying that the RoseHosting has experience would be an understatement. They were founded all the way back in 2001.

The young company began with a special emphasis on Linux based virtual private servers. A virtual private server, or VPS, is a special combination of hardware and software.

The VPS shares a single operating system kernel around user spaces oriented to different operating system installations.

This can be thought of in a similar way to an apartment complex. An apartment complex has a single person acting as manager. Likewise it’s a single building.

However, that single building and operating principle is subdivided into separate apartments. Likewise a virtualized server divides one powerful server into several virtual servers.

This process can be accomplished in a variety of different ways. However, it’s clear that their particular methodology perform extremely well.

As we’ll quickly see when discussing their uptime.

They Always Keep the Lights On

A typical data center is usually filled with flashing lights which indicate network activity. It’s a given that their particular data centers must be awash in light.

Because RoseHosting has managed a 99.99% uptime since 2003. This is even more impressive when we consider just how many servers and VPS installations they run.

The company currently runs over 337,000 VPS servers. And this is over a wide range of 98 different countries.

Their uptime is even more impressive when we consider that a single server going down would also crash the VPS instances.

Not only are they keeping the VPS installations safe and secure, they’re also maintaining the hardware in a pristine state.

Free Backups

It’s a rare individual who hasn’t lost something precious which they forgot to back up. It’s one of those rules most of us know we should be following.

However, remembering to back up data is often easier said than done.

RoseHosting is well aware of that fact of life. That’s why they offer a free weekly backup with most of their hosting plans. It’s a way of ensuring that customers are always protected.

That way even if a customer accidently deletes something he can always get it back.

Taking the Hassle Out of Website Migration

It’s clear that they have some great features. But migrating to another hosting company often brings a lot of additional complications.

A server migration isn’t just a matter of copying over data. The nameservers and other networking options need to be configured and propagated as well.

RoseHosting makes a point of taking the hassle out of that process. The linux administrators at the company can handle both data and network migration issues.

What’s more, they offer it as a free courtesy to customers.

High Speed in the States

RoseHosting has servers all over the world. However, their main servers are located in the United States.

This means that they’ll often have a strong competitive advantage over servers located elsewhere.

Or, at least, when the servers respond to a request originating in North or South America. The speed advantages drop when the requests come from another continent.

Of course it’s still a speedy response to web requests. But just not as fast as the extra speed seen within the states.

Different Specs for Different Needs

Earlier on we noted that different needs will change what users should look for in their hosting packages. This is one of the areas where RoseHosting really shines.

The VPS model means that they use extremely powerful servers which are more than up to any demand.

These servers can then operate VPS instances which are able to scale to their user’s needs.

For example, consider a case where you need more RAM. With a standard server the company would need to shut down the machines and manually add in more RAM.

But with a VPS the instances are seldom using the total available memory in the system.

The company can simply allocate unused memory to expand what’s being used on an individual VPS instance.

High Level Performance Comes From Expertise

It’s important to note that there’s a lot of different operating systems which can be used as a platform for web servers.

However, RoseHosting puts their focus on Linux based servers. Of course everyone is going to have their own particular preferences.

But there’s a lot to be gained from working with people who put their passion into a particular platform.

By focusing on linux they’re able to leverage their experience and tools to every other system.

There’s no need to wonder if any given person doing tech support is an expert in your particular type of server.

Because in the end all of the servers in use are based on the same underlying technology. It might be a cloud server or a VPS.

But the underlying technology in all of them is based on linux. Basically, everyone there is an expert in the type of servers their customers are using.

A passion for Linux also shows in how well they’re able to educate clients. The company frequently updates their blog with information about the latest trends within the industry.

Customers following the blog won’t just learn about changes within the company. They’ll also learn how to leverage those new ideas and technologies within their own server.


RoseHosting Review 02


What Do Users Have To Say About Their Service?

Review #1

Roger Tuan lauds the company for their help in migrating his nonprofit’s entire platform. He says they “helped us migrate over an old (10+ years) MediaWiki install from a different provider, change all the PHP and Apache and Nginx and Varnish settings”

Review #2

Dave A. talks about the company’s stability as he mentions that “I used VPS since my website is on the SocialEngine platform and it never went down.”

Review #3

Regan Engman details the result of his migration to the service as he writes that “Now the site is rocket fast, at less than half the cost of what the company was paying the previous firm”.


What Do the Alternatives Have To Offer?



HostGator 00

Hostgator is a solid hosting platform. However, they tend to aim at a less tech-savvy user base.

This isn’t always a bad thing since it also means they have some easy to use pre-configured options.

Their lowest tier plans are also quite competitively priced. However, they’re also hampered by not having direct ownership of a data center.

It’s still a solid option for users who are just starting out.

Hostgator vs. RoseHosting

  • Competitively priced plans
  • Doesn’t fully run their own data centers
  • Good option for beginners




SiteGround 00

SiteGround aims for something closer to a mid-tier user. Their pricing is extremely competitive. They also tend to have a wide scope of variation in their overall cost.

In general they’re fairly in line with RoseHosting when it comes to general pricing. It’s also worth noting that they do charge extra for site migrations.

They also put a limit on database sizes. It’s a solid option for people looking at mid-tier solutions.

SiteGround vs. RoseHosting

  • Competitive pricing
  • Site migration isn’t free
  • Limited database size




bluehost 00

Bluehost is more oriented towards beginners than they are experienced users. This does mean that they have solid plans for people just starting out.

They even offer free 30 day trials. Their pricing is also in line with lower resource usage. They usually offer less power on any given account but you’re also paying less.

Bluehost’s options for backups are also quite limited in comparison. All of this makes it an ideal choice for people who want to get some experience before working with a more powerful server.

Bluehost vs. RoseHosting

  • Good option for new users
  • Upgrades are often costly
  • Limited backup options


Taking Everything In

We started this examination by considering the problems which can come with web services. RoseHosting has shown itself to be an important tool for anyone working online.

Their VPS setup gives users the ability to configure a server to their own unique needs. The reliable uptime ensures that we don’t need to worry about our site going down.

And they even offer free backups to ensure the safety of their customer’s data.

If that sounds intriguing then you can click here to check it out.


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