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ScanLister Review: A Time-Saver For Amazon FBA Sellers?



It can be time-consuming to optimize your store and product listings so that they generate great sales, but thankfully software like ScanLister that aims to take that stress away.

Tools like this help you get the job done faster, so if you’re interested, check out our ScanLister review to see if it’s the right software for your business.

Before we get into that, let’s take a deeper look at listing software and what you should consider before using it.


Scanlister Review

Things to Consider before Buying an Amazon Listing Software

Building a business on Amazon takes time and effort, but it shouldn’t be so stressful that you never actually get set up.

In our day and age, there is plenty of listing software you can use to elevate your business into something effective and profitable.

But it won’t help to just choose any software available. You want the best one to suit your business needs so that you may see success.

We put together a brief guide that addresses certain areas to look for when shopping around such as how easy it is to navigate and how fast it goes.

User-Friendly Layout

If the software you want to use isn’t easy to navigate, then you’ll probably have a hard time.

The program should be straightforward enough, and it helps if it’s compatible with multiple devices such as PC, Mac, etc.

It should scan your items fast too so that everything is uploaded and you can get to setting it all up and listing the products sooner.

Also, it helps if there are guides or video walkthroughs about the program itself. This works as a good introduction so that you aren’t going in blind, so to speak.


The faster you can get your products up and running, the sooner you can get them to potential buyers.

There are many quality listing software that allows you to list bulk items at a rather quick rate, allowing you to go list dozens of products in less than two hours.

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of products you need to get out at once.

Introducing ScanLister


Scanlister Home 00


ScanLister is a top-rated book listing software that that’s praised in the FBA selling community thanks for its innovative features, fast service, and user-friendly platform.

It simplifies the process of bulk listing products so you can get your items up quickly.

You can list products through several Amazon marketplaces with ScanLister as well.

Scanlister Pros

  • Bulk list 100 items in an hour
  • Distraction-free, simplified layout
  • Simple to print labels
  • Includes thorough, helpful video guides

Scanlister Cons

  • The company doesn’t appear to have phone support


Features & Benefits of ScanLister

ScanLister is perhaps one of the best tools first-time FBA booksellers can use.

Our ScanLister review breaks down the features of the software so that you can decide whether the software is right for your needs.


Bulk & Detailed Listing



With ScanLister, you can select “Bulk Listing” or “Detailed Listing”.

Listing in a bulk is ideal when you have dozens of items, while the detailed option is helpful for those of you who may like to select pricing and list at the same time.


Listing Features



It’s easy to control every aspect of your listings through the customization options. This includes features such as the following:

  • SKU Prefix
  • SKU Sequence
  • Default Price
  • Default Quantity
  • Cost Per Unit
  • Condition

You can even customize the SKU number and add aspects like the date it was purchased, location, and the weight of the item.


FBA Shipping Plans & Labels



You can readily create an FBA shipping plan directly with ScanLister.

If you wish, you can select the same plan for all your items or create specific plans for specific items.

The software allows you to input a Plan Name as well. If you feel unsure about any of this process, you can always refer to the video guide from the company.

When you have your plan made, you have the option of having Amazon handle the labels or do it yourself.

Thankfully, with ScanLister, you can create labels so you don’t have to pay a fee to Amazon every time.

Be sure to select the correct shipment ID, and from there, you can decide just how many labels to print and what size you want.

There are two size options on ScanLister: 2-1/4 x 1-1/4in. or 1-1/8 x 3-1/2in.

This can work especially well if you have a Dymo printer as the labels come out perfectly and in the exact order as they’re listed so it’ll be easier to label them all.


ScanLister review 02


Multiple Box Content Workflow Options



For greater and easier control of your business, ScanLister gives you a simple ability to print out 2D barcodes in order to meet the box content requirements as well as create a Pack list file for Amazon.

When making the barcode, you can select several boxes and separate your books how you see fit by quickly scanning them through and filing them away.

From there, you can print out barcodes one by one or all together.

As for the Pack list file, it’s just as straightforward to create.

This makes it easier to upload your plan into Amazon for a seamless and stress-free process so you can get to printing out those box labels as soon as you can.

Additional Features

When you use ScanLister, you can also take advantage of several other features.

For instance, you can important multiple ISBN, UPC, and ASIN numbers. You may even easily replenish your FBA items through the platform.

There are videos that can guide you through those features as well so you can refer to them whenever you need help.


When it comes to using ScanLister, you can buy it two different ways: Subscription and Lifetime Purchase.

With the “Subscription” option, it will be $24 per month. This includes a 14-day free trial, access to the private Facebook group, and 5 license keys that work on 5 computers either PC or Mac.

Also, you can cancel the subscription-based service anytime.

Meanwhile, the “Lifetime Purchase” is an outright purchase of the software. It costs $499.

The one-time payment means you have the product forever (or as long as you like). It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you’ll get free updates for life.

Likewise with the subscription plan, you can access the private Facebook group and receive your 5 license keys for 5 computers.

Before you decide on any purchase plan, however, you can always try the software out for free first. This way, you can get a feel of the program and decide whether it’s truly for you.


What Others are Saying about ScanLister

We don’t feel our ScanLister review is complete without addressing comments from FBA sellers who have used the software.

This way, you may come to understand it a bit more and find out if it’s worth the investment:

Review #1

This brief review commented about how they used to list items manually on Amazon, and with ScanLister, they found that it saved them hours of time.

Review #2

Another straightforward comment, this user praised the simplicity behind ScanLister. They also like how the program is designed to handle a specific type of listing.

Review #3

This user appreciated how ScanLister saved them both time and money, so they feel it is a worthwhile investment.


ScanLister Alternatives

Even with our ScanLister review and comments from other FBA sellers who use the software, perhaps you’re still a bit hesitant about investing in it.

It’s understandable, so if you want to explore more options, we found three additional listing software products to check out.

We break down the basics of each of our choices and how they compare to ScanLister.




Sellbrite 00


Sellbrite is seller software for Amazon that can help you better manage your business. It’s fully-featured and FBA-ready.

You can manage your inventory, listings, fulfillments, and reporting. There’s complete inventory management with variation control that lets you create a variety of listings.

You can have unlimited access to Sellbrite for 30 days. Afterward, you can opt for monthly billing or annual billing.

With monthly, there’s Pro 100 ($29), Pro 500 ($79), and Pro 2K ($179). The annual program features Pro 100 ($24/month), Pro 500 ($66/month), and Pro 500 ($149/month).

Sellbrite vs. ScanLister

  • Monthly or annual pricing options
  • Unlimited access for 30 days
  • Connect multiple Amazon accounts
  • Bulk item listing


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Nembol 000

With Nembol, it works with Amazon American and European services. You can bulk list your items from other e-commerce stores, and your inventory will remain in-sync throughout.

With this software, you can manage product variants with ease, create new products without an ASIN, and update prices and quantities automatically.

You can try Nembol free for 14 days. If you still want to use it, you can choose from four plans: Basic ($39/month), Pro ($49/month), Enterprise ($79/month), and Enterprise Plus ($129/month).

With each plan, the amount of items you can list in the month increases from the lowest range of 500 products to the highest range of 15,000 products.

Nembol vs. ScanLister

  • 4 monthly payment subscription options
  • Bulk import listing
  • List on 14 channels
  • Automatic updating of prices/quantities


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AccelerList 00


With AccelerList, you can control your Amazon business with ease and all with a single software program.

Time is saved as this allows you to scan dozens of items and list them fast. You can re-price and list items in one place too.

If you wish, you can use some of the detailed templates available to get started.

There are four pricing plans from AccelerList with a variety of features and maximum listing caps. Although they are all a flat $34 a month, if you want to add certain features like eBay, you add on either $20 a month, $40 a month, or $60 a month depending on the plan you choose.

AccelerList vs. ScanLister

  • Multiple monthly subscription plans
  • 14-day free trial
  • Re-pricing options
  • Label printing


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Final Thoughts

ScanLister is a wonderful and affordable way for FBA sellers on Amazon to manage their listings fast.

It can be especially helpful for beginners thanks to their user-friendly setup and video guides that you can always refer to.

You can bulk list 100 items in an hour, and it is simple to print labels and create customized shipping plans.

Even better is that you can decide to use it on a monthly basis or purchase the entire software outright with a one-time fee so that you have it for life.

We hope that our ScanLister review has taught you some more about the incredible beginner-friendly software that can take out some of the stress from running a business.

Take a look at the product to learn even more about it.


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