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Sellzone Amazon Business Tool Review

The competition for selling products on Amazon is getting more challenging! With over 575 million products on its website, you should find ways to emerge on top.

You have to get your SEO, keywords, traffic, and listing in order. Here is our Sellzone review, an Amazon Business Tool to meet your e-commerce needs.


Sellzone: Worth The Investment?


Things to consider before buying an Amazon Business Tool

Did you know that there are 9.7 million active users worldwide, with 1.9 million selling on the Amazon platform? Imagine the competition to get customers and sales! To get your online store to rise above the race, you need an Amazon Business Tool.

A typical challenger for an Amazon seller is visibility. Of course, you need to be seen, but how? First, you have to improve the rank of your store for customer searches.

To do this, you have to target your keywords. A seller tool provides a keyword analysis tool that will help you optimize your product descriptions.

Another problem for sellers is categorizing their products. Most customers search using filters. An Amazon Business Tool can categorize your products by size, price range, and reviews. This will convert shoppers to customers.

You would have to deal with PPC. Pay-per-click advertising on Amazon is an auction-style system in which advertisers bid on keywords.

When an Amazon user searches for a product, the sellers who submit the best bids on keywords wins the auction. Their product advertising appears in their chosen locations.

An Amazon Seller Tool like Sellzone is best for new and veteran online sellers who want an all-in package for starting, growing, and maintaining their business on Amazon.


Checklist For Buying Amazon Business Tools

  • Competitor analysis – With thousands of new Amazon sellers joining every day, you need to know what other sellers (especially the successful ones) are doing, how they’re doing it, and what it means for their sales and yours.
  • PPC- It should provide a comprehensive and automatic overview of your complete PPC profile that can help you conquer Amazon marketing.
  • Listing- The tool should have the ability to manage your inventory and provide you with consistent and fast listing optimization without sweat.
  • Feedback and review- It should ensure that reviews are well-organized and explicitly handled can help you improve your reception over time and increase customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • Customer analytics- It can get you higher retention rates, better listing performance, and more efficient advertising efforts, which can help Amazon’s strategies become more profitable in general.
  • FBA sourcing- Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) covers retail arbitrage, dropshipping, and private label sales.


Sellzone Review – Amazon Business Tool

Sellzone is a powerful tool for optimizing and maintaining listing performance on Amazon and identifying sales growth opportunities.

Sellzone is a suite of seven technologies that help you increase visibility, traffic, conversions, and the effectiveness of your adverts.

Sellzone’s goal is to improve the selling experience. We want your company to succeed and flourish, and we believe that our solutions will assist you in doing so.

The Semrush team, with its 13 years of experience in offering marketing solutions, brings you Sellzone. There are over 7,000,000 members that use this Amazon Business Tool.


Sellzone Home-min


Sellzone Pros

  • Complete business tool for Amazon sellers
  • Numerous free tools in all plans
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Allows you to keep track of and improve your product listings

Sellzone Cons

  • Only for the Amazon marketplace in the United States.
  • The paid version, which costs $50, only lasts a month.
  • The research feature is a bit basic.



Sellzone Review – Features & Benefits

Listing Alert

Sellzone offers the Amazon Listing Alerts tool. A seller-only alert system allows you to respond quickly to undesirable listing changes and traffic loss. In addition, the program tracks your keyword placements, buy boxes, listing suppression, and prices.

Here is how it works:

  • Create and add a listing- To begin monitoring a product, type the URL or ASIN of the product page.
  • Add the seller’s name and keywords- To track Buy Boxes, enter the keywords that the product ranks for in Amazon’s search engine and the seller’s name.
  • Create a notification system- You can receive notifications by email or SMS.

Keyword Wizard tool

Sellzone has a tool for keyword research, keyword analysis, and boosting the visibility of listings in Amazon’s search engine.

To use the Keyword Wizard Tool:

  • Type a seed keyword- Start your search with a broad term relating to the product you’re selling, for example, “pillow.”
  • Select the type of outcomes you desire.
    • Broad Match contains results with meanings related to your term but not identical.
    • Phrase Match returns items with the same meaning as your seed term but isn’t phrased the same way.
    • Exact Match returns results that contain your seed term in its precise form.
  • Related displays keyword opportunities that are related to the seed keywords you entered. These related keywords may provide you with additional options to sell your goods.
  • Use filters to find the best keywords for your listing.
  • Remove keywords with excessively low or high volume, as you don’t want to waste time on terms that are rarely searched, and a large volume usually signals heavy competition. Also, keep your competitors’ brand names out of the mix.
  • To get the current Amazon results for a specific keyword, click the “Results” icon. Then, choose which ones to target or export up to 1000 keywords to a CSV file for further use.


Product Research

Sellzone assists entrepreneurs in finding profitable Amazon items. The application also features Sellzone’s FBA calculator, which can determine whether a product has profit potential.

To use the product research:

  • First, choose your favorite categories and a price range for your products.

You can choose as many categories and subcategories as you want. You can also search for products using keywords, which will return results for products that include your term in the title. Then, based on your budget, select a product price range.

  • Select the appropriate products based on their features.

Additional criteria are used by default to show the best-selling items for resale, but you can turn them off.

  • Use the FBA calculator to figure out how much you need to earn.

In the Profit line of the desired product, click “Calculate,” then enter the cost of creating or purchasing the product and the price on Amazon. Next, you’ll see the product’s potential Net, ROI, and Profit.


PPC Optimizer

Sellzone review also shows its ability to run ads effectively. You can save time and money by using this method. Choose the product you wish to promote, enter campaign data in a few clicks, and then sit back and relax.

It also launches and directs the most popular advertisements automatically. It also builds and enriches your PPC’s semantic foundation for successful ad campaigns. The tool will find and add relevant keywords, delete non-performers, and build negatives automatically.

It uses simple widgets to provide a quick overview of the performance highlights, or you can dive into the thorough reports and changelogs.

Sellzone has four PPC campaigns depending on your needs:

  • Auto-campaign – a set of keywords or ASINs gathered from the keywords that Amazon uses to show your product advertisements.
  • Broad-campaign – displays a list of the tool’s gathered keywords related to your product.
  • Exact-campaign – lists the keywords that bring you sales and are transferred from the Auto-group or Broad-group.
  • Product campaign – if your product ad is displayed on another product’s listing and results in sales, this group will be gathered.


Traffic Insights

It allows you to analyze and compare the traffic routes for Amazon listings and scale your marketing campaign accordingly. It provides four overview reports of traffic:

  • Amazon Organic – Find out how much traffic the product receives from Amazon search, what keywords and places it ranks for, and if it generates any unique search results (SERP features).
  • Google Organic – Search traffic from Google’s organic or unpaid results.
  • Referral traffic is traffic that comes from other websites’ links.
  • Shopping Advertising – Product Listing Ads appear on Google when people search for products. Still, unlike traditional text ads, they provide extra information such as photographs, reviews, prices, special deals, and more.


Listing Quality Check

Another feature in this Sellzone review is its listing capabilities. This Amazon Business Tool checks listings for completeness, Amazon Guidelines compliance, and content errors and makes optimization recommendations. In addition, it has the following features:

  • Listing Quality Score – The ratio of failed and successful checks used to determine the overall health of a listing.
  • Amazon Requirements tab- It contains Amazon requirements that must be completed to avoid listing suppression.
  • Amazon Style Guides tab – Additional Amazon Style Guide-based ideas for increasing the quality of your listing.
  • Ideas tab- Additional suggestions for improving the quality of your listing based on best practices and research.


Split Testing

Sellzone offers a free split-testing tool for optimizing and split-testing product pages on Amazon to increase sales. After a simple setup, it takes over the entire process and collects the data you need to build your business. As a result, you may run endless split tests using the program, progressively upgrading your listing to make it more profitable.

Split Testing requires an Amazon account to set up tests and manage your products.


What Others Are Saying

I searched the internet and found some positive customer reviews about Sellzone.

Review #1

Danique V, an Amazon seller, said it is a “must have tool for FBA sellers.” He said, “I like the traffic insights feature the best. It is amazing to be able to spy on competitors and see for which keywords they are ranking. So you can improve on these keyword for your own product.”

Review #2

Meanwhile, Nick D., a mobile developer, said he had an excellent experience with Sellzone. It helped him increase his revenue and sales. However, he said it has to improve its Customer Support.

Review #3

For Joe Warnimont, Sellzone features a simple, straightforward design, is inexpensive, and is powered by Semrush, an award-winning producer of digital marketing solutions noted for its data integrity. He “particularly enjoys the Send Feedback button in the Sellzone dashboard.”



Jungle Scout


Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout 01


Jungle Scout is software that helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. The software will provide you with information on any product’s estimated monthly sales, profit, and ROI. It also provides updates on competitor pricing and rank history, which can help you make your decision.

  • Both Jungle Scout and Sellzon use relevant watchwords to streamline your Amazon postings and increase your visibility and sales.
  • Jungle Scout is cheaper at $39 per month, while Sellzone is $50 to $85 a month when it comes to price. However, Jungle Scout does not offer a free plan, unlike Sellzone.
  • Both have keyword search, product listing, and inventory management features.

Sellzone is best for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. But you can try Jungle Scout if you want better listing protection.






ZonBase helps businesses to identify the best content for their website and social media, organize it in an easy-to-use dashboard, and then publish it at the right time.

ZonBase also offers marketers a way to track ROI on their content marketing efforts by measuring how much traffic each post generates, which posts are getting the most engagement, and what posts are driving the most conversions.

  • Both are available on Amazon. However, Zonbase is not applicable for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, or Google Shopping, unlike Sellzone.
  • Sellzone has more Amazon Business Tool features than ZonBase, such as A/B Testing, alerts /notifications, competitor analysis, trend analysis, and prize optimization.
  • ZonBase is cheaper at $37 to $67 a month, while Sellzone is available at $50 to $85 per month.

Zonbase can be a cheaper alternative to Sellzone. However, you can still enjoy the seller tools you need at a more affordable price.


Final Thoughts

Selling on Amazon might seem easy. However, with millions of competitors offering the same products as yours, you will need a business tool to stay afloat.

You have to optimize your product descriptions, list target keywords, and monitor product performance. You also have to increase your visibility by running PPC campaigns. Finally, you must ensure you follow the guidelines and legal requirements of Amazon.

With this Sellzone review, you found out it is an all-in Amazon Business tool designed for newbies and sales professionals.

It helps them to plan, organize and execute their sales strategies. It also automates mapping out customer journeys by leveraging data from CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, social media channels, and other sources to help companies identify prospects who are most likely to convert into customers.

Get to try Sellzone and enjoy its free features now!


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