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Sendlane vs. AWeber: Which Marketing Automation Tool For Brands?

You already know the value of email marketing and it’s ability to reach larger audiences.

If your search has brought you to deciding between SendLane vs. AWeber, read on to find out which is best suited for your needs.


SendLane vs. AWeber

Features Comparison


SendLane has monthly plans and a yearly plan, and there are no contracts or setup fees.

In terms of the monthly plans, the main options include the Growth package and Professional package.

The Growth package costs $99 a month, and it has a 5,000 subscriber cap. There is a 10,000 subscriber cap for the Professional plan, which costs $249.

The AWeber Pro plan costs $16.15 a month. The membership fee for this plan is billed annually. The free plan is more convenient for new users.

However, it has a 500 subscriber cap. If you pick a monthly plan, you can activate a free trial.

The free trial and the free plan give AWeber the edge.



AWeber 00



There are many powerful integrations for the SendLane email marketing platform.

Some of the top options include:

  • Miva
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Clickbank


In total, SendLane has more than 30 useful integrations. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, someone from the customer service department can point you in the right direction.

AWeber integrations span multiple categories. You’ll find integrations for shopping carts, landing pages, social media pages, and more.

The winner of this round is AWeber because its integrations cover more ground.


Winner – AWeber

AWeber 00


Blog Resources

The SendLane blog is a valuable resource for all members. It’s called The Marketing Automation Journal.

Basically, everything on it caters to email marketers. Besides great strategies for automations, there are pages that cover

  • Best practices
  • SendLane’s usage tactics
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce strategies
  • Integrations


The blog that represents AWeber services is a portal to other resources. There are many helpful posts on the home page, and you’ll find links to additional resources on the Categories menu.

The AWeber blog has more content and better information, so it wins this battle.



AWeber 00


Knowledge Base

Both knowledge bases have links to articles that break down important features. However, there is more information to absorb on the AWeber blog since there are many more articles.

This is why AWeber wins this round.



AWeber 00


Learning Tools

Sendlane’s resources section has podcasts, books and guides, an academy, and a commerce roundtable.

The podcasts are great for long and short commutes; they give members opportunities to learn about email marketing on the go.

New podcasts are available every week, and all of the older episodes are listed on the company’s Podcast page.

The ebooks and guides have step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, and they complement the podcasts, articles, and training courses.

The competitor has webinars that help users learn more about email marketing. Each webinar is available on-demand on the Webinar page. Video tutorials are also available.

However, they are posted the AWeber YouTube channel.

SendLane wins because its resources page has more educational resources in different formats.



Sendlane 00


Standout Features




The Email Marketing Suite

The standout feature in the SendLane  email marketing suite is the email designer. It can create highly attractive email messages that look great on desktops and mobile devices.

There are templates for newsletters, offers, product announcements, shopping coupons, and more.

The SMS Marketing Suite

SendLane has an SMS tool that sends promotional messages to mobile phones.

Although standard email marketing is very effective, SMS marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach an audience, and there is data that backs this up.

According to reports, nearly 95 percent of text messages are read on a mobile phone within five minutes after they’ve arrive.

You can take advantage of this great marketing opportunity with SendLane’s SMS tool.

A Suite of Intelligent Pop-Ups

Intelligent pop-ups work well on traditional web pages and product pages.

In this suite, there are pop-ups that boost sales, pop-ups that collect email addresses, and pop-ups for shoppers who often abandon a shopping cart before checkout.

Many of the pop-ups in SendLane have a different design. As a member, you’ll have access to four of the most effective pop-ups.

There are pop-up boxes, regular pop-ups, in-line options, and floating banners.

The Marketing Automation Suite

Smart automations power SendLane, and they save time. The event-base automations can eliminate many email management duties.

After they’re activated, they will automatically send personalized messages to subscribers who need nurturing.

There is also an automation feature that tracks how subscribers interact with promotional messages.

This feature can detect subscribers who click buttons, subscribers who make purchases, and other interacts.

Multivariable Segmentation

A typical prospect will join a mailing list in order to take advantage of a specific offer. However, this interest may change over time, which is why segments are important.

SendLane has multivariable segmentation that helps you identify each subscriber’s needs.

If certain subscribers have specific interests, you can create targeted segments for these individuals.

SendLane’s Beacon

SendLane has a beacon that tracks every customer’s journey through a sales funnel. The company’s tracking pixel is the key to this process; it activates highly targeted personalized automations.

In terms of retargeting, the pixel has this capability as well. The retargeting feature is great for ads on social media networks.

Tactical Analytic Tools

The analytic tool within SendLane compiles data as subscribers interact with emails. It can sense when emails are opened and when products are purchased.

This data can help you get the most out of every email marketing campaign.





The Smart Design Suite

The email designer can create branded emails that stand out within seconds. It has smart AI, which means that the software adapts while emails are created.

The highlight of this software is its drag-and-drop email creation tool. It helps you design professional promotional messages without coding.

The AWeber template library is huge, so it’s easy to find designs for a variety of businesses.

Once you have an email campaign prepared, you can set up an auto-newsletter in order to send convenient promotional messages to your subscribers.

If you don’t have a list of subscribers yet, you can easily build one because a landing page builder is a part of the suite.

Convenient Automations

AWeber automations allow you to send the right messages to people who are interested in your products or services.

The automations are powered by tags. When certain individuals are tagged, you’ll identify them faster. AWeber has another automation feature that uses tags.

It’s called dynamic content, and it helps you personalize your communications.

From a marketing standpoint, dynamic content is highly effective because it makes a better connection with subscribers.

Detailed Reports

Every detail about an email marketing campaign’s performance is available on the AWeber reporting page.

There are stats that break down how many emails were opened and the number of clicks that each promotional message has received.

You don’t need a degree in order to understand the data because the reporting software creates key performance indicators.

The KPIs can help you fine-tine an email marketing campaign that’s struggling to produce consist results.

Besides the KPIs, you can use the AWeber integrated split testing tool to enhance a campaign. It compares two messages and subject lines and highlights which combination works best.

All of this data syncs to an app, so it’s easy to develop better email marketing strategies on the go.

Strategic Engagement Tools

The engagement tools increase interactions during email campaigns. AWeber has quick segmentation tools to jump starts engagements.

If you create multiple segments, you’ll slice and dice a cluttered untargeted list. You could also create segments for loyal customers to enhance your most important promotions.


Sendlane Pros and Cons

SendLane Pros

  • Practical landing pages: It’s easy to create a landing page with custom elements that reflect your business in SendLane.
  • Detailed reports: The reports can help you fine-tune an email marketing campaign.
  • Great resources: SendLane’s resources benefit new and established businesses.
  • The automation suite: All of the automations save time.

SendLane Cons

  • No trial: There is no way to test drive SendLane.
  • The lack of tutorial options: The tutorials don’t cover all aspects of building landing pages.


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AWeber Pros and Cons

Aweber Pros

  • A convenient interface: The entire interface  in AWeber is very easy to navigate.
  • A useful follow-up series: You can easily set up a follow-up series to engage new subscribers.
  • The cost:There is a free package and a 30-day trial.
  • A high delivery rate: A typical promotional message from the AWeber platform doesn’t register as spam.

AWeber Cons

  • Poor tracking: Some of the tracking features aren’t refined.
  • The price structure: Most competitors have cheaper plans.


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The Verdict


Sendlane Home 00

The SendLane email marketing platform is worth trying if:

  • You need a service that can help you transform prospects into loyal customers.
  • You want to run email marketing campaigns that target cell phone users.
  • You need automations that track behaviors.
  • You need access to resources that cover many bases.


AWeber vs GetResponse 01

The AWeber email marketing platform might be a more suitable choice if:

  • You want to test drive an online marketing service during a free trial.
  • You need a free suite and only a few subscribers.
  • You want to access a diverse library of email design templates.
  • You need a marketing suite for a small business.


Our Pick

Many small businesses use the AWeber suite, and most e-commerce companies rely on the SendLane email marketing and SMS platform.

Both email marketing software offer tons of value with their suite of tools and resources, however, AWeber edges out SendLane in this battle of SendLane vs. AWeber.


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