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11 Skills You MUST Learn in Order to Be Successful

"What skills do I need in order to be successful?" If you've ever asked yourself this question, then consider our list of worthwhile skills to learn.



The most successful people in the world share several of the same skills. If you wish to join their ranks, then there are a few skills you should start honing immediately.

Make sure to stay until the end because one of them might make a big difference to your success.



Important Skills to Develop For Success

# 1. Communication

Talking to others may seem easy, but there’s a difference between talking and communicating. Successful individuals learn how to effectively communicate verbally and through writing.

How many times have you had a problem or seen a problem occur because someone misinterpreted the tone of a text message or email?

Successful individuals learn how to communicate in order to avoid those problems.

They also know that effective communication makes processes more efficient. If their instructions aren’t clear, then it can cause serious delays. Until they clarify themselves, the delay may never be cleared.

Effectively communicating ensures that everyone understands their instructions the first time.

Part of learning effective communication is learning how to be direct. There’s no time for beating around the bush. Learn how to speak directly to others in a way that isn’t construed as rude or forward.

Once you can start giving clear instructions, you’ll have mastered the art of communication.


#2. Problem Solving

Successful people are successful because they know how to solve problems. They’ve made money solving problems. 

Even if they don’t know how to solve the problem, themselves, they know who to turn to that can.

Problem solving encompasses several different situations. It may be a dispute between two employees or friends. 

It may be a physical problem with machinery or a process. Or it may be a financial problem.

Whatever the problem is, you need to have the skills to solve it or know how to bring someone in that can solve it for you. 

Sometimes the best problem-solving skill is realizing that you’re not qualified to solve the problem.

You can hone your skills by regularly taking part in puzzles. Even attending Escape Rooms with some friends or colleagues can help you improve your skills. 

If you want to make sure you’re ready to solve problems between people, then take some conflict resolution courses.


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#3. Teamwork

It’s easy to assume that successful people are successful because they did everything on their own. This isn’t the case. One of the vital skills of being successful is knowing how to be part of a team.

Whether you want to start a business or just be an expert or master in something, then you need to know how to work as a team.

That means being open to other opinions. It also means being able to voice your own opinions.

Learning how to do teamwork is also essential for network-building. As a network, you’re part of a larger team devoted to spreading the word about each other and solving each other’s problems.

You can improve your teamwork skills by taking part in team-building exercises. They don’t have to be boring either.

Take a group of people to an Escape Room, play a few video games together, try and solve puzzles together. You can even have someone arrange a team-oriented scavenger hunt for you.

Through that training, you’ll be ready to work as a team effectively.


#4. Initiative

A clear sign of someone who is successful is their ability to take initiative. When a problem needs solving, they’re among the first to roll up their sleeves and get started.

They don’t look for instructions to be given. They’re already trying out different ways to solve the problem.

Initiative is a difficult skill to master. It’s easy to take it too far and become aggressive as a leader. It’s also easy to put everything on your own shoulders.

Being able to show initiative doesn’t mean you isolate yourself. It means you’re willing to help gather everyone’s ideas, including your own, and start acting on them.

You’re the conduit that transforms chaos into organization.

This skill can be difficult to hone. You may find opportunities to hone it during team-building exercises or in your own life when a problem emerges.

You can impress your employers when you show initiative.


#5. Quantitative Analysis

One of the key skills that all successful people have is their ability to analyze. They can read data and analyze what it means for them.

This grants them the ability to make informed decisions. Those decisions can solve problems and help them reach their goals.

Besides reading data, you need to be able to assess situations. This can be social as well as professional.

Realizing that there’s some hostility among your employees can help you make changes that can make them more productive.

Being able to analyze also means that you have the necessary information to ask critical questions. The answer to those questions could completely innovate your business.




#6. Strong Work Ethic

Successful people didn’t become so because they worked a standard 9-5 job. They took on extra hours outside of work to achieve their own goals.

For some, this might mean more money. For others, it may mean a stronger relationship with their loved ones or friends.

They’re focused on their goals and work hard to take the steps to get there. They understand that shortcuts aren’t a possibility. By putting in the hard work, they’ll see results.

The quality of their work is also important. A strong work ethic doesn’t just mean you work hard. It means that the quality of work that you complete is excellent.

Not only will this get you recognized by your employers, but it also sets a standard for yourself.

You can improve this skill by taking pride in the work that you do already. Even if it isn’t something you want to do forever, by improving your work ethic and quality, you lay the foundation for a stronger work ethic when you’re doing something you actually care about.


#7. Professionalism

Everyone is going to make mistakes. How you deal with those mistakes shows your level of skill in professionalism.

If you know the mistake was yours, then true professionalism is owning up to it and seeking a way to solve it.

That might mean eating a bit of humble pie or working more hours to find a solution.

Professionalism also encompasses your treatment of the job or event. Do you show up on time? Are you engaged with the people there?

When they leave your presence, do they feel satisfied with the engagement? All of these elements make up professionalism.

You can increase this skill by holding yourself accountable. Approach your work or task with the perspective that it’s your duty to see it succeed.

If something goes wrong, then choose a productive way to solve the issue.

Professionalism counts on you to think rationally rather than emotionally.


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#8. Leadership

There’s a lot more to being a leader than just delegating tasks. You need to be able to keep those working under you motivated and happy.

They also need to trust you. Being approachable while still maintaining some level of respect is a difficult line to walk. Yet successful people are excellent leaders.

They command respect from those around them without making anyone feel inferior.

To be a great leader, you need to make people believe in what you believe. This is where being an excellent communicator can help.

You also need to be able to empathize with people. Empathy can help you understand what others are going through. That information can help you make a better decision about that certain individual.

Besides keeping your workers motivated, you need to be a coach. If someone doesn’t understand something, then you’re able to break down the confusing concepts into digestible pieces.

Improving leadership skills is relatively simple. Get a group together and have a task to complete. You should be in the position of a leader.

Work with your team to guide them to the solution and ensure that everyone has a say.

If they’re having fun and being successful, then you know that your skills as a leader are improving.


#9. Detail-Oriented

Successful people have an incredible ability to see the big picture and the details. They can determine what smaller cogs need to work in order to get the entire clock moving.

Being detail-oriented means that you double-check your work before it’s submitted.

You’re not someone that is satisfied with just the first draft. You take the time to comb over your work and edit any mistakes.

You go through several different scenarios until you’re satisfied you’ve chosen the right one.

Being detail-oriented means you’re more likely to have high-quality performance.

You can improve this skill by slowing down and editing. It might mean that you listen closer to your friends and loved ones. It might mean you go over the inventory list again.

Or it may just mean that you write a second or third draft of your novel.


#10. Digital Technology

The world is becoming smarter. Successful individuals are learning alongside it. Those who refuse to adapt to the ways technology is changing the world will be left behind.

While this doesn’t mean that you should go out and start learning a programming language, it does mean that you should be aware of what new technological advancements are being made in your field.

Perhaps there’s a new piece of software that can solve several problems your company is facing. Maybe there’s a better tablet that can help you write your book.

Maybe you want a better watch that measures and tracks your fitness.

Whatever your idea of success may be, there’s likely technology influencing it.

Keeping an eye on the way technology changes can help you stay ahead of your competitors. For employees, it can also impress your employers.

You can hone your digital technology skills by taking a plunge into the technical world. Follow a few blogs that relate to your industry and read them.

Attend certain conventions and conferences where new technology is released. Sign up for courses that teach you how to use those pieces of technology.

By staying ahead of the game, you’ll always have more to offer others and yourself.


#11. Adaptability

One of the most crucial skills of being successful is being able to adapt. Anyone that is unable to change is not going to be successful.

Adaptability shows that if your solution is wrong, you can abandon it and adapt to a new situation. It also means that you’re able to think quickly on your feet.

Being able to adapt builds on top of other skills like problem-solving and analyzing. You’re able to recognize a problem, realize that the current solutions aren’t working, then adapt to make real solutions that will effectively solve the problem.

It also means that you’re able to step out of your comfort zone at a given notice. Instead of hoping that things will change back to the way that they were before, you’re already focusing on the future and what you need to do to get there.

You can hone this skill by placing yourself in situations where you need to think quickly. That might be interviews, certain video games, or even courses.

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So What’s Next?

Successful people often have a toolbox of skills that allow them to reach a certain level of success. If you’re looking for one of the most coveted skills in business that has the potential to earn you six figures a year, then check out this program.


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