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20 Things Successful People Sacrifice

What sacrifices do successful people need to make in order to be successful? If you've ever wondered, check out our list of the most common things people sacrifice in order to reach their goals.



Does it seem like successful people have everything they want and never to give up anything? 

It may appear that way to casual observers. But a closer look will reveal several things often surrendered by people who set and meet valuable life goals.



Sacrifices Successful People Make

#1. Giving in to Carelessness

People who are committed to achieving success can’t afford to be careless. They might miss an opportunity or two due to neglect or distraction.

But then they learn to pay close attention to future opportunities that can serve their purposes. Success-oriented achievers cannot afford to overlook the key points in a situation.

They quickly realize the importance of an observant attitude and attention to detail in whatever they undertake.


#2: Indulging in Laziness

Everyone has an occasional lazy day when very little gets done. But those with driving ambition to accomplish their objectives often view time as a commodity like money.

The more time you spend in frivolous ways, the less you have for important things. They don’t mind taking time off when needed or enjoying a vacation now and then.

But they are eager to resume a regular workload that will help them reach their goals.


#3: Insisting on Perfectionism

Successful people may have a perfectionistic tendency, but they never let it rule their lives. Perfectionism causes delays and U-turns, requiring even more time and money to complete a project.

Ambitious people often focus on perfecting certain parts of their work without getting bogged down in extreme detail.

They are willing to sacrifice a perfect result when facing a deadline or a budget crunch if the work meets required criteria.


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#4: Repeating mistakes

Mistakes sometimes provide a practical learning experience. For example, a child who touches a hot cooking pan and gets burned will probably not do it again.

Goal-oriented people are willing to learn from their mistakes and avoid making them over and over.

They lack the time or the inclination to clean up the fallout from repeating the same miscalculation.

They will analyze what went wrong, and why, and then redirect their steps in a different direction for better results.


20 Things Successful People Sacrifice 2


#5. Being Irresponsible

When mistakes do occur, a successful person will accept ownership for the problem and look for ways to fix it.

If other people are impacted, the individual will apologize and try to make things right for them as well.

Building trust with colleagues through honesty and integrity will establish a reputation for being responsible and trustworthy.

Timelines will be met, budgets will be followed, and everyone will be treated with respect and courtesy.

A sincere person who wants to be successful from the inside out will not just display a counterfeit image borrowed with someone else’s hard work.


#6. Projecting Egotism

We all know someone who is arrogant and self-centered with an oversized ego. We might even be aware of a successful individual who seems egotistical.

But when success means climbing the ladder of hard work with gratitude for company support, ego does not mesh with the job description.

Someone who tries to do all the work without help often makes mistakes or falls short of the goal.

An ego-driven personality will blame others for the shortfalls while taking credit for success. This attitude should be left out of the success formula.



#7. Expecting Entitlement

Someone who is bossy and dominant or commanding and controlling may have a sense of entitlement.

This can be caused by the person’s upbringing or social conditioning as well as other factors. Entitlement should never lead to success.

In fact, it is detrimental to a person developing the skills or abilities needed to achieve true success.

When working to achieve what matters, entitlement should be replaced by commitment to excellence.


#8. Lacking Confidence

Most of us lack confidence in certain areas of life. People who want to be successful may not be very confident in some things, but overall they are ready to take on new challenges and get the job done.

They don’t let a temporary setback interfere with their long-range goals. If they fall short in a given task, they are willing to get training or learn new things to do better next time.

Harsh criticism won’t hold them back for long. They will accept the truth of an evaluation and take action to improve.


#9. Being Wasteful

Many individuals on a success track are frugal with their time and talent. They don’t mind helping a friend in need or working overtime to meet a deadline.

But they don’t squander their resources on anything that detracts from the goal.

They might have an occasional guilty pleasure like a coffee bar latte, but they don’t let it get in the way of bigger and better things.

They willingly make sacrifices now to achieve long-term success later. Some pack lunches for work instead of dining out.

Others give up a pricey habit to put that money toward a future goal.


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#10. Rejecting Change

When a person finds a sure thing that works for them, they are sometimes reluctant to change course.

Yet, avoiding change could run the risk of becoming outdated or outpaced.

Success-centered individuals carefully consider change and embrace the adjustments that can leader to improved outcomes.

They develop skill and insight for determining which changes might facilitate the route to success.

Even when change is uncomfortable, they are willing to tolerate it when necessary to achieve their goals.

They understand that change is inevitable sometimes, so it is often better to accept rather than fight change.


#11. Ignoring the Big Picture

The average person deals with the immediate issues that require attention. They might occasionally have to dive into the details to figure out a problem.

But only some take time to consider the big picture of a situation and make decisions for the future.

Many people claim they are too busy navigating one day at a time to make plans. But understanding the larger view of what’s happening is a hallmark of success-oriented individuals.

They not only study the economy while building an investment portfolio, but they also identify their current place in the market while determining where they want to be several years from now.

When planning a family, they not only think about how cute a newborn is, but they also give thought to buying a bigger vehicle for the car seat or saving for college tuition.


#12. Embracing Fatalism

Successful people rarely have a fatalistic outlook. They might believe that things happen for a reason and may be predetermined.

But they do not have to accept the status quo and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

Belief in the individual’s potential to overcome a crisis or reach new heights is an inherent quality that enables them to keep going in their quest for success.

They don’t let others’ gloomy predictions hold them back from doing their best.

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#13. Spreading Rumor, Gossip, and Innuendo

Spreading idle gossip and baseless rumors are counter-productive, and success-oriented people avoid getting entangled in it.

Innuendo involving the dropping of hints about coworkers or mutual friends is also left behind on the path to success.

They know that circulating falsehoods or hurtful comments about someone behind their back is petty, unprofessional, and potentially risky to their career if they get found out.


#14. Poor Communication

Anyone who wants to reach the top of their profession knows the importance of effective communication.

They will give up poor grammar and unclear ideas to improve the way they interact with others via electronic or print communication as well as by phone or in person.

Profanity, slang, and vague messages will be exchanged for professional, correct, and focused communications.

To reach your goals, you must be able to articulate your ideas with those who can help to support you.

Requesting an extension of time for a project or a pay raise, for example, requires clear communication skills.


#15. Posting social media silliness

Have you ever posted something on social media that you later deleted? Many people do that occasionally with no serious harm done.

But those who are success-minded are careful not to publish information or ideas that could come back to bite them later.

For example, the coworker you mocked for throwing up at an office party could get promoted later and become your boss.

Posting half-dressed pictures of yourself holding alcoholic drinks in both hands might not make the best impression on clients who find your profile.


20 Things Successful People Sacrifice 3


#16. Cheating at work

Although some highly successful individuals have been known to cheat while building their career, many get found out and lose their reputation if not their job.

Many success-oriented employees refuse to cheat on the job even if they believe they will not get caught. A lack of integrity can interfere with career-building efforts.

Trying to cover one deception with another can be tricky and confusing, frequently resulting in discovery.

Someone who is working to build a successful future seldom has the time or interest to cheat at work.


#17. Playing Favorites

It is natural to have a preferred coworker or mentor for advice. But successful people avoid playing favorites to get what they want.

They also don’t pit people against each other for gain. A successful mindset treats everyone equitably and fairly.

An authority figure who is success-oriented will give those who have the same qualifications the same opportunities instead of picking a favorite.


#18. Taking Shortcuts

The road to success might include a few shortcuts, but most travelers can expect a long haul over some rough terrain.

They do not try to claim benefits to which they are not entitled, nor do they request preferential treatment.

They won’t squeeze the budget to shortchange someone deserving of payment. Nor will they jeopardize a project’s effectiveness by taking shortcuts on the quality of work.

Success-driven people will do what it takes to get the job done the right way.




#19. Giving up unhealthy habits

Not every successful person is perfectly healthy. But many who reach their goals do so because they have given up an unhealthy lifestyle.

Poor eating habits, substance abuse, and lack of exercise can be left in the dust when someone decides to work toward success.

Dropping even one bad habit can make a big difference in someone’s health. A healthy lifestyle helps a person to reach successful goals.


#20. Trying to Control People

A manager has the role of directing and monitoring employee behavior at work. But protocols must be followed to address problems.

These usually include a face-to-face meeting, a written evaluation, and a warning.

Threatening, intimidating, or pleading with an employee about their job demonstrates excessive and unsuitable efforts to control the other person.

Successful authority figures follow the company’s guidelines for dealing with employee behavior that needs to change.

So What’s Next?

Sacrifice is a necessary part of any success journey. If you’ve struggled with reaching your goals and are finally committed to achieving life-changing results in your life in an intense 100 days, then be sure to check out this program.





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