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15 Things That Hold You Back From Success

What's holding you back from success? If you're struggling to reach a level of success and are trying to figure out why, check with our list to see if one of these things is holding you back.



If your dreams of success are not coming true, take time to evaluate the possible reasons why.

Sometimes, unexpected circumstances develop that can get in the way of your goals, like a family situation, a health issue, or a job loss. 

Other times, success might remain out of reach due to certain things you are doing that are short circuiting your plans. 

Here are some of the common ways that people shortchange their efforts to be successful.

Make sure to stay to the end because one of these tips might make a big difference to your success.



Reasons You’re Still Not Successful

#1. Procrastination

Do you keep putting things off that need to get done? Maybe you plan to enroll in college and earn a degree that will lead to your dream job.

If marriage and a family are your goals, you might put off getting out to socialize and meet people.

If things are not happening the way you want them to, consider whether you are delaying too long and just need to take action.

Waiting too long might result in missing a golden opportunity by procrastinating. Put your plan on the schedule and get started this week.


#2. Distractions

Life nowadays can be very distracting with the pandemic restrictions and increased use of digital communications.

Using your smart phone or an iPad for work, business, and fun can keep you preoccupied for hours interacting with monitors on these devices.

Despite your best intentions, you may find yourself responding to every text message right away or spending too much time on social media to catch up with friends.

Make time to work on your long-range goals that will move you toward success. Even an hour each day can help you make progress toward a meaningful and exciting future.


#3. Limited Vision

You might yearn for success, yet be unsure of what that should look like. If you are uncertain about your future goals, take a personality inventory test to discover your interests.

If you have a general idea of your goal, like owning a landscaping business, learn all you can through books, videos, and talking to landscapers to find out how to get started.

You can’t expect information to appear magically. You have to explore your dreams to decide what you want from life and how to get it.

Start by collecting information to specifically shape your vision for the future.


Things That Hold You Back From Success 2


#4. Absence of Clarity

Analyze your goals to ensure they are clear to you and to people who can help you. If you want to become a political leader, think about the type of role you want to have one day.

Do you want to be a city council member, a state representative, or a member of Congress? You might not know exactly which position to pursue.

But you should start thinking about the role you would like to play in public government, so you can follow the path that will help you reach that goal.

Similarly, if you want to have a family someday, do you plan to stay home with the kids or keep working?

If the latter, you may need to start saving money now to help with family expenses at that point. Clarity of your vision will help you make decisions now for eventual success.



#5. Weak Commitment

When the New Year rolls around, many of us make resolutions often linked to self-improvement, like losing weight or giving up tobacco use.

But studies show that most resolutions are abandoned within a few weeks due to lack of commitment.

Are you committed to reaching your future goals, or are you half-hearted about it? Are you willing to work hard to make those dreams come true, or are they pipe dreams with no real substance?

This is the time to make a full commitment to reaching your goals if you are serious about them. Those with a strong commitment have a better chance of meeting their goals.


#6. Divided interests

It’s natural to have several life goals that you hope to meet. However, being spread too thin while trying to work on several plans at the same time is counter-productive.

Reflect on which goal is most important or closest to this time in your life. Make that one the priority, and let the others rest on the back burner for now.

When you try to juggle too many interests at the same time, you run the risk of dropping them all.

Give the most important one your full attention and complete effort to have the best chance of success.


#7. Unorganized Schedule

Are you constantly busy but achieving little? In may be because you’re a bit unorganized. Your schedule may need to be reorganized and prioritized to get better results.

A hectic schedule is not conducive to creativity and diligence. You may be running around taking care of the details rather than carrying out large-scale plans.

Take a close look at your schedule to see what you up to. Are you days filled mostly with trivial pursuits or social engagements?

Or are you scheduling meetings with the movers and shakers who can advise you on your goals? Are there large gaps of free time unaccounted for in your planner?

Start penciling in specific activities that will help your dreams come true.

You don’t have to fill every hour of each day, but you should stay busy enough to accomplish important objectives relevant to your goals.


#8. Lack of Role Models

Are you unsure about how to fulfill your dreams? Role models and mentors can help. Contact a successful person whose work you admire to see if you can ask a few questions.

An email exchange or phone call wouldn’t take long and could render fruitful information. For example, you can ask your mentor how they got started, what pitfalls they encountered, and any advice they can offer you.

You can also ask specific questions about the business or industry goals the person has met and life lessons learned along the way.

Spending time with an experienced, skilled professional can save you years of mistakes and wrong turns in your quest for success.

Take advantage of someone’s expertise, and be sure to thank them for their help.


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#9. Sluggish Work Ethic

Do you get busy most days and stay busy? Short breaks from work are fine, and a day or two off each week is important to reduce stress and protect your your health.

Evaluate your typical daily work effort to see how productive you are. If you are not working to full capacity or taking too many breaks, you may find it difficult to be successful. Big plans require hard work and a strong work ethic.

Putting in a few hours daily will not move you forward quickly. Look for ways to be more productive in your regular job.

You could make a good impression and receive support for your future goals like tuition contributions.

You might impress the higher-ups and make valuable professional connections. In addition, you will learn helpful work skills that may help to pave the way to future success.


Things That Hold You Back From Success 1


#10. Lack of Accountability

Dodging responsibility for mistakes or flaws can be lethal to a cherished dream. A smart person can learn from their mistakes and become more effective as a result.

Someone who denies culpability is probably going to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Ambitious people often find an accountability partner.

They agree to be honest about their perceptions where a weakness is noted or the other person could be doing better.

They bounce ideas off each other and offer advice and feedback when asked. Both persons are willing to admit when they are wrong and find ways to make amends.

Avoiding responsibility can weaken a person’s character and keep them rooted in errors that will block progress toward success.


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#11. Being a Loner

Working alone is great for creativity and reflection. We can make good progress without being constantly hitched to a coworker or a team.

But there are times when working with others can be illuminating in learning how other people think and do things.

Group feedback is beneficial on important documents or major initiatives, especially when each person contributes individual strengths and skills.

Take advantage of a diverse pool of individuals to bring a cohesive approach to your plans.

Exchanging feedback and even criticism can make a project more effective and broaden your perspective on achieving success.


#12. Ingratitude

Most successful people have received help along the way. In their books presentations, they acknowledge the love and support of friends and colleagues who helped to make success possible.

Always remember to thank someone who helps you.

A person who suggests valuable resources or offers an insightful opinion should be as much appreciated as a financial backer or a long-term mentor.

People appreciate thanks for their good deeds, even if they are seeking recognition.

Showing that they matter to your plans builds character and could lead to further and more substantial support later.


#13. Shortcuts

Taking an ethical shortcut now and then is fine when it helps you meet your goals in a more timely of efficient manner.

But constantly looking for ways to reduce time or financial support needed for achieving your dreams can waste valuable resources.

For example, avoid spending much time looking for ways around demanding tasks. Just do it and move on to the next thing.

Wasting time looking for shorter ways to do things could delay your dreams even more.

Be careful with monetary shortcuts, as you could end up with cheaper materials that won’t last or workers who won’t stay to finish the project.


#14. Criticizing Others

Sometimes you have to report bad behavior by colleagues who break the company rules. You might need to confront someone face to face about an issue.

But don’t criticize others needlessly or relentlessly. Have the discussion and end it amicably with an expectation of improved relations.

Make a complaint objectively based on facts, not emotionally hinged on opinions. Maintain an upbeat mindset to encourage others around you, and everyone will be more productive.

Avoid office gossip and the rumor mill that is not only a timewaster but also will look bad on you and draw others’ distrust.


#15. Neglect Self-care

An unhealthy person is usually an unhappy person. In addition, poor health can be an obstacle to success if you often feel unwell or go to the doctor frequently.

Eat balanced meals, and maintain a doctor-recommended weight for your age and build. Get regular exercise to stay strong and enhance your immune system.

Take care of your teeth, and see the dentist twice a year. Socialize with positive people, and donate your time or talent to help worthwhile community causes.

Feeling good and guarding your health will reinforce your efforts to be successful.

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So What’s Next?

Our road to success would be a lot easier if we could just eliminate the things that hold us back from it.

If you’re tired of failing to achieve success and are committed to doing it in less than 100 days, be sure to check out this program.


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