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16 Tips For Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout

Are you an entrepreneur who is experiencing burnout while trying to run or build a business? Check out our list for avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur so you can stay in the game longer.



Being an entrepreneur will allow you to turn your dreams into a reality. Your passion can turn into a way to make money and enjoy success.

However, if you aren’t careful, you can start to feel burnt out rather quickly. Fortunately there are 16 things that you can do in order to keep this from happening.

Make sure to stay until the end so you don’t miss one that can make a big difference for you.



Ways to Avoid Burning Out in Business

#1. Practice Self Care

It’s imperative that you don’t put your needs last just because you are trying to get your business off of the ground.

You need to practice self care in order to be both mentally and physically healthy enough to run your business.

You can do things like taking a bath, writing in a journal or going on a walk every night. Don’t feel guilty about taking this time for yourself.

It will allow you to relieve stress, and you will be in a better place to run your business.

You may end up needing to try a few different things before discovering what works best for you.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it allows you to feel re-energized and gives you some time away from the business.


#2. Make Time For Exercise

You may be putting so much time into your business that you don’t feel like you have any time to exercise.

Unfortunately, this is all too common with entrepreneurs, and they often end up experiencing some negative health effects down the road.

This is why you need to make exercise a priority no matter how busy you are.

Carve out some time to exercise three or four days a week even if it’s just for 30 minutes at a time.

Keep in mind that if your health isn’t good, then you won’t be able to run your businesses as well as you should.

Always make the time to exercise even if you don’t feel like it.


16 Tips For Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout 4


#3. Get Plenty Of Sleep

There really just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done when you are starting a business.

This is why many entrepreneurs go to bed late and stay up early in order to try to catch up on some of the tasks that they’ve been neglecting.

If you’ve been doing this, then the lack of sleep will eventually catch up to you. While it’s fine to pull an all-nighter every now and then, you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing so on a regular basis.

Opt to get at least eight hours of sleep each night if you want to function at your optimal level.


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#4. Learn To Delegate

You’ve put your heart and soul into your business, and you probably feel as if no one can run it as well as you can. While this might be the case, you really can’t do it all.

You need to learn how to delegate tasks to others. You can start with small tasks, and then move up to tasks that require greater responsibility.

By delegating some tasks to other people, you won’t become burnt out because you are trying to do it all.

Make sure that you resist the urge to check on your employees all of the time to see if they are handling their tasks correctly.

This just defeats the purpose of delegating tasks to them.


#5. Spend Some Time Away From The Business On Occasion

Most entrepreneurs spend the majority of their time at their business when they are first starting out. However, it isn’t healthy to spend all of your time at your business.

If you do, then you are increasing the likelihood that you will become burnt out.

It’s a good idea to go on a short vacation on occasion. If you can’t spend that much time away from your business, then try to take a long weekend off.

Your business will probably be okay while you’re gone, and taking time away will allow you the opportunity to recharge.


16 Tips For Avoiding Entrepreneur Burnout 3


#6. Set Boundaries

It’s fairly easy to become a workaholic when you are an entrepreneur. Because of this, you need to set boundaries so that you don’t experience burnout.

Put a limit on the amount of hours that you work each day. When you leave your business, you shouldn’t go home and do additional work.

Turn the ringer off on your phone at a certain time each night. Don’t answer emails or do anything business related on the computer.

Most businesses don’t need the owner available at all hours to answer phone calls or respond to emails. Most pressing issues can wait until the morning for you to handle them.



#7. Spend Some Time In Nature

Being cooped up inside all day can lead to depression and lethargy which isn’t good for business.

Make it a point to get outside for a little bit each day. Sit outside for a few minutes each evening, or take a quick walk around the block during lunch.


#8. Have Some Quiet Time Daily

All entrepreneurs can benefit from having some quiet time daily.

It will allow you the opportunity to escape from some of the stress that you may be feeling. You can also reflect on what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Quiet time doesn’t have to last for hours in order to be beneficial. Even just 15 minutes can be enough for you to recharge and get into a good frame of mind.

You may find that you are even more productive after you’ve walked away for a bit to have some quiet time.


#9. Create A Schedule That Works For You

If you aren’t careful, you will find yourself spending way too much time at your business.

While it is important that you are there often, it shouldn’t be your whole life. It will be very beneficial for you to create a schedule.

Just make sure that it works for you and the business. Having a schedule will help you get into the routine of taking time off and not getting burnt out.

You may need to play around with it for a bit to determine what schedule is best for everyone involved.


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#10. Make Achievable Goals

A lot of entrepreneurs experience burnout quickly because they feel as if they are failing. They have set goals for themselves that are just too high.

While it’s important to have goals, you do need to make sure that they are realistic. Make sure you set goals that are achievable.

It’s fine to set some lofty goals, but you should also balance them out with setting some that will only take a minimal amount of effort to achieve them.

This will allow you to feel like you are actually doing something, and you will feel some level of excitement after you achieve a goal.


#11. Do Something New

You will find yourself feeling burnt out if you are doing the same things day in and day out. You can keep this from happening by doing something new on a regular basis.

This can include things like trying a new marketing campaign, or taking on a new responsibility.

Having something new to do will bring about a sense of rejuvenation that’s crucial to keep from getting burnt out.

Some of these tasks may be challenging, but they will provide you with a great sense of pride when you are able to complete them.


#12. Work With Capable People

You’ll find yourself feeling frustrated and as if you have to do everything if you are working with people that aren’t capable of doing the tasks that you need them to do.

Take the time to hire those that you feel will be able to perform some of the everyday tasks that are required to run your business.

It’s also imperative that you offer training on a consistent basis in order for you to give your employees the tools that they need in order to be successful.

You may find that not all of your employees are a good fit. You shouldn’t feel guilty about replacing people if they aren’t capable of performing the tasks that you need them to.

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#13. Have Staff Meetings On A Consistent Basis

There’s a lot of good things that come out of staff meetings.

Not only can you find out what isn’t working, but you can also open the door for positive feedback.

Make it a point to have your employees talk to you about something that they feel is working really well for your business.

You will find that their positivity may be all that you need in order to cope with some of the burnout that you may be starting to feel.


#14. Get Support

There will come a time where you will feel as if you need advice or a shoulder to cry on. This is why it’s essential that you build a support system.

You should have a network of people that are available for you to talk to whenever you feel burnout creeping.

It’s a good idea to reach out to other entrepreneurs so that you can lend each other support.

You need to establish a support system well before you start to feel burnt out.


#15. Find Joy

Your business may be your passion, but it can be difficult to find happiness as you are trying to perform your day to day operations.

You need to find joy as an entrepreneur.

Make sure you do things that you love to do both at work and on your time off.

This will allow you to have something to look forward to and keep you from getting bored.




#16. Prioritize What’s Most Important

You probably have a lot going on right now, and you may be struggling with trying to do it all. The good news is that you can probably let some things go.

Prioritize what’s important and what things can wait until another time. If you are just starting out, you may feel as if you need to do everything all at once.

It’s okay to eliminate some things until you are in a position to better handle them.


So What Next?

Have you hit a wall in your business or life? It may help to reevaluate your morning routines.

Check out this program to learn how you can start your days healthier and happier.




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