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10 Ways to Boost Your Self-Discipline as a Business Owner

How do you boost your self-discipline as a business owner? Check out our list of improving your self-discipline if you struggle with this.



If self-discipline is something that seems to be evading you, then get ready to learn how you can begin boosting your self-discipline and willpower to improve your overall quality of life.

People seeking either to achieve lofty goals or remove unhealthy habits from their daily routines often struggle due to a lack of self-discipline.

Whether you want to quit sugar, score an important work promotion or fit consistent exercise into your schedule, you will be unlikely to succeed without the appropriate amount of self-discipline.

How, though, can you give your self-discipline a boost, so you can finally begin progressing toward your personal and professional goals?

Willpower is, of course, a tricky area to master. After all, factors like your diet and economic position can impact it.

However, there are definitely some steps that any motivated individual can take to start increasing both willpower and discipline.

It is important to understand that an individual’s discipline and willpower primarily come down to planning well and taking sufficient action when necessary.

Self-discipline and willpower are not about luck or inherent personality traits.

If you are ready to stop guilting yourself over missing workouts, sleeping in or failing to complete your to-do list, then you owe it to yourself to start implementing the following tips.

This way, your willpower and self-discipline will finally match your dreams and ambitions.



Becoming More Disciplined in Business

#1. Spend Time With Other Self-Disciplined People

If you are currently a rather undisciplined person seeking change, then one of the best things you can do is to begin surrounding yourself with people whose willpower and self-discipline are much stronger than yours.

Gravitating socially toward people who have higher levels of self-control might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can have dramatic effects on your results.

The benefit you gain from building a discipline-focused social circle is simple: a support group.

Being around such people will inevitably encourage you to hold yourself more accountable. Over time, your willpower could potentially become as strong as theirs.

A supportive environment like that is advantageous because many people’s willpower decreases when they are lacking social contacts who believe in their dreams.

If you are currently receiving discouraging words from family members, friends or a romantic partner, then it is likely taking a toll on your self-discipline.

You can fix this by searching for driven individuals who actually wish for your success.


#2. Track and Measure Your Discipline-Based Actions

It is significantly harder to make improvements in an area that you are not actually measuring.

Be sure to clearly track what actions you have taken toward your personal and professional goals.

This will go a long way when t comes to thoroughly understanding the shortcomings of your willpower.

Tracking and measurement not only gives you actionable information for your improvement but also lets you look back on the level of progress you may not realize you are already making.

Your tracking can encompass activities like time spent on exercise, time spent reading, time spent working toward a professional goal or personal passion and much more.

Whether you would like to use a digital device to log these willpower-based measurements or a notebook will, of course, be up to your personal preference.

Budgeting is another area in which undisciplined people often experience stress and confusion.

Be sure to track your habit-based spending so that you know exactly where your precious funds are ending up.

This is bound to increase not only your discipline but also your total monetary savings.


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#3. Make Self-Discipline Truly About Yourself

One trap that undisciplined individuals routinely fall into has to do with working on their self-discipline for external approval.

It is vital that you undertake these discipline developing activities with the sole intention of bring to your own life more value.

When your motivation to boost your self-discipline centers around your personal desires and goals, you have a much better chance of success.

Research has shown that those who are overdependent on social validation and “people pleasing” behaviors are likely to experience depleted willpower.

This is no coincidence.

Pleasing those around you is rarely sufficient long-term motivation. To truly succeed in the areas of willpower and self-discipline, you must hone in on your core desires and tangible goals.

Then, center your willpower boosting activities around those things.


4.Don’t Neglect Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep Habits

Those who seek to develop a stronger level of self-control need to being properly maintaining their bodies and minds.

Otherwise, they will be fighting a severely uphill battle. With insufficient sleep, unhealthy foods and a sedentary way of life, it will remarkably harder to boost your self-discipline.

Do not make this crucial willpower-depleting mistake.

On the other hand, fueling yourself with top-notch nutritious foods, while also engaging in sufficient physical exercise and getting 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep, will set you up for more consistent successes.

Working toward your goals, no matter how disciplined you believe yourself to be, will be far less difficult if you simply care properly for your brain and body.

Furthermore, these actions also are closely associated with having a more positive overall demeanor.

This makes it easier for you to avoid giving up on something entirely when various obstacles are making it harder for you to develop your willpower.



#5. Begin Your New Regimen on a Specific Date

Although this might initially appear to be an insignificant detail, researchers have proven that people are more likely to actually remain consistent for the long term if they begin their fresh routines on a specific date or alongside an event that is of importance to them.

Your goals, while attainable regardless, are much easier to remember and follow through on when you link them with a certain event or date in your mind.

This is helpful because you will know precisely how long you have been implementing a particular habit or making progress toward a certain objective. Interestingly, this also make it easier to implement the discipline tracking and measurement activities that were previously discussed.


#6. Avoid Time-Wasting Activities

You have likely already heard that that activities you do not engage in can be of equal importance to the activities you do choose to engage in.

This is where those pesky distractions come into play.

Far too many people give up their irreplaceable resource, time, to engage in activities that truly do not matter in the long term.

Whether this means watching television, endlessly perusing through various social media sites or any other time-wasting activity for you, it is crucial that you do your best to minimize the portion of your week you allow these activities to consume.

If you are skeptical about this, then imaging what you could get done in the same amount of hours that you currently give away to either entertainment or social media.

Surely, that will be enough to illustrate the power of instead spending your finite hours taking actions that truly matter to you.


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#7. List Your Motivations for Improving Your Self-Discipline

Do you have a clear idea of why you would like to boost your self-discipline? If you do not, then it will serve you well to get that handled right away.

What are your reasons for committed to the journey of developing your willpower? Are they related to material goals or personal values?

Regardless of your current motivations for seeking to increase your current discipline level, one of the most effective and simplest habits you can start is to begin writing out these various reasons.

Once you understand why you are setting out on this unique mission to boost your personal willpower, you will have an easier time when it comes to actually keeping your promises to yourself and following through on discipline-based plans.

When it comes to motivations and affirmations, you can use these to effectively strengthen your self-control.

Knowing exactly which core principles and higher values are leading you to this path will ultimately motivate you far more efficiently than basic impulses, outside validation or material-based gratification.


#8. Challenge Yourself When It Comes to Excuses

Instead of focusing so intently on your perceived limitations, what if you instead took the route of challenging each and every excuse that your mind came up with for avoiding taking positive action?

You will be surprised what discoveries can arise when you begin to challenge your limitations instead of fighting for them.

For example, if your current excuse for skipping out entirely on physical exercise is that a gym membership is simply outside your budget at the moment, then how could you challenge your perceived limitation in this area?

You could, perhaps, begin to list out all the forms of physical exercise you could be committing to that have no monetary requirement.

Activities like a short run through your familiar neighborhood or following along with an online workout video are examples that can effectively render this excuse invalid.

Whenever excuses arise relating to your personal and professional goals, make it a habit to challenge them right away.

You may be surprised at just how many of your “limitations” are not actually valid enough excuses to justify skipping out on your responsibilities.

This is a habit that individuals with higher levels of self-discipline have typically adopted and benefited greatly from.

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#9. Combine Necessary Actions With Fun Actions

If you would like to make it easier to complete necessary, but tedious, actions, then one potential solution is to begin combing these mundane tasks with something that truly enjoy and always want to do.

This makes the formation of discipline-enhancing habits a breeze.

Think about a task that you often elect to avoid, and think of an unrelated activity that you typically look forward to doing.

Do you have any ideas on how you can combine these? If it helps to write out a routine for linking your required tasks with your fun ones, then get out a pen.

This is a practical way to enhance your current willpower. By associating a “should activity” with a “want activity,” You will begin to dread your required task less and less.

Eventually, you will have no reason to avoid that particular responsibility anymore.


#10. Take Advantage of Visual Reminders

If you take the time to create meaningful messages and remind yourself that you can scatter throughout your home, then this can be an effective aid when it comes to boosting one’s self-discipline.

Whether you choose to place post-it-notes on a mirror or slips of paper on a cork-board, reminding yourself of your desires and motivations in this manner is quite beneficial.

As an alternative to physical notes, you can also take advantage of the various note-taking and scheduling apps that are available for your modern smartphone.

If that device is something that commands a large amount of your attention anyway, then using it to give yourself a helpful mindset and goal reminder is a smart habit to develop.



So What’s Next?

Do you need help boosting your self-discipline to reach your business goals? Then check out this intense program that spans 100 days that can help accelerate your progress towards your goals.




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