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9 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos



Finding effective ways to drive traffic to your YouTube videos can be tricky, especially as a beginner.

However, if you master this skill, then you will be able to garner a substantial amount of views.

If you have been hard at work creating the highest quality video content you are capable of, then it makes sense to also put some work into getting those videos in front of more YouTube users.

Being the internet’s second-largest search platform, the YouTube website has the potential to get your message out to a remarkable number of people.

Without the proper strategies, however, it can be difficult to drive a significant amount of traffic to a YouTube video.

Although content creation is a time-intensive process, content visibility is something far too few video makers think about.

Are you worried about your video content getting buried among the billions of other YouTube videos without ever gaining a substantial audience?

If this is something that concerns you, then the tips we will go over in this video will give your video content a much better chance of earning the audience that it deserves.

There is fierce competition for the level of organic traffic that a platform like YouTube can provide, and learning some effective methods for driving video traffic can help you win more clicks.

Promoting your YouTube channel’s videos is a complex topic, but the tips we will provide in this video will give creators a solid understanding of how they can increase the amount of traffic that their video content currently receives.

Simply recording compelling videos, unfortunately, is not enough to stand out from the vast array or YouTube channels that you are in competition with.

Leveraging these promotional tactics will give your content a greater chance of being consumed by YouTube’s eager use base.


1. Thumbnails

Too often overlooked, a video’s thumbnail graphic is the only chance a YouTube creator will have to make a good first impression on their potential audience.

Are your thumbnail graphics “click-worthy?”

If not, then this is the first thing you should fix. Without a click-worthy image accompanying your video, you will have a much harder time getting YouTube’s audience to view any of your content.

You can improve this aspect of your YouTube uploads by spending some extra time when it comes to customizing your thumbnail image.

When doing this, take a few minutes to consider if a different type of thumbnail graphic might be more appealing than the one you are currently using.

This step will be crucial with regard to gaining more attention for your videos.

Upon learning about the thumbnail image’s importance, some dedicate video creators will go back and alter the graphics that accompany several previously uploaded videos on their channels.

This can be a great way to begin attracting more traffic without having to create additional content.


2. Titles and Descriptions

Similarly, the titles you choose to include with your video uploads can also be a “make or break” factor.

Look over the videos you already have listed on your YouTube channel. How relevant are their titles? How intriguing are they?

If you are not satisfied with the answers to these questions, then you may benefit from brainstorming some new titles for your existing content.

In addition to being compelling to read, your video titles should also effectively target specific keywords that you have determined are highly relevant to your upload.

This will give your video content a much-needed bump in the site’s search rankings, which is an outstanding way to drive a bit more traffic to existing YouTube videos.

If you need some inspiration when it comes to appealing titles, then you may want to review some of the catchiest YouTube video titles you have seen recently.

What made want to click on these? How can you replicate the important elements of these titles in your own video headlines?


3. Channel Tags

You may not have considered channel tags yet, and you are certainly not alone. Many YouTube creators underestimate the importance of tags.

Tagging, however, is an essential step when it comes to driving extra traffic to your precious uploads.

You can use the settings option inside of your “My Channel” menu in order to gain a better understanding of channel tags.

Choosing to add channel tags can be a highly advantageous decision. This is because it will help your channel’s content show up in front of suitable audiences.

Do not neglect channel tags any longer. Implementing them is an easy way to garner a few more views.


4. Social Media

This is likely something you have already given some thought to if you are attempting to build your YouTube presence.

Social media platforms provide video creators with many opportunities to promote their creations to new audiences.

If you commit to one of these platforms, then you can use the influence you gain there to promote your various YouTube uploads to a relevant and engaged group of followers.

One thing to keep in mind when taking this approach, though, is that you do not need to waste your energy trying to promote your video content on every popular social channel.

Generally, it is best to choose one that is highly suitable to your target audience and your own preferences.

This will allow you to focus more on building up a high-quality social account. Which social channels are the people in your content’s target audience most active on?

Narrow your focus down to these platforms, and begin ramping up your promotional efforts there.


5. Playlists

How active have you been with regard to playlisting your YouTube channel’s videos?

If you have not been leveraging this feature of the YouTube platform, then you are likely losing out on some potential traffic.

You can build various playlists on your channel that feature your most recent uploads, most popular uploads or a group of videos around a single topic.

Similar to individual videos, it is essential to create compelling and search engine optimized descriptions and titles for your YouTube video playlists.

This will go a long way when it comes to generating extra video traffic via playlists.

A well-written playlist title or description should appeal not only to potential viewers, but also to the ever-important algorithms that YouTube and Google use in order to push relevant content out to their users.

It is for this reason that you should do you absolute best when it is time to optimize your playlists’ titles and descriptions.


6. Channel Branding

If you really want to impress the visitors that stumble across your YouTube page, then you cannot afford to ignore branding. How have been branding yourself and your channel thus far?

If your channel page and videos are not consistently branded, then take this opportunity to address that problem.

YouTube is just like traditional marketing channels when it comes to this aspect.

There are several ways in which you can successfully brand your YouTube channel, and many of YouTube’s features make this process relatively simple.

What are those features? You can display social network icons on your channel page in order to seamlessly integrate your YouTube channel with your overall brand.

Additionally, you can take advantage of things like custom headers and channel backgrounds.

While this step is not directly related to generating traffic, it is essential for converting your videos’ traffic into repeat viewers.

A well-branded YouTube channel will be more memorable and credible, which will result in a higher percentage of returning viewers.


7. Custom Backgrounds

One of the channel features that we mentioned when discussing branding on YouTube was your channel’s background.

Do not make the mistake of just sticking with the default images that YouTube provides. If you are committed to presenting your viewers with a clean and consistent channel, then it is vital that you spend enough time designing your channel’s background image and header.

Make sure that your graphics are both professional and unique. This is a great way to differentiate your growing YouTube channel from the countless poorly branded and forgettable channels on the platform.

If you are not confident in your ability to design this element yourself, then consider hiring someone to create an affordable and professional channel background for you.

Just like the other types of channel branding we discussed earlier in this video, an eye-catching channel background will go a long way toward retaining viewers.

Even though this will not result in new traffic, it will still generate extra traffic for your videos over time. This is because you will have more users sticking around to view your future content.


8. Metadata

Metadata is not the most glamorous or exciting part of creating successful YouTube content. It is, however, important to understand.

If you remember to optimize your uploads for metadata, then you will reap the benefits when it comes to search visibility. What, exactly, is metadata?

You video’s metadata includes the various information you provide with it when you hit the upload button.

This helps the website define your video’s subject more clearly. Examples of metadata include descriptions, titles and tags. If you fail to optimize these crucial sections, then the consequence will be poorer rankings for your videos not only within YouTube but also on Google, which is also a significant source of traffic when trying to grow a channel’s presence.

When users click on the “Videos” tab in a Google search, many of the videos that show up will be from YouTube.

This is no coincidence, as YouTube under Google’s ownership.

Making your metadata a priority is an excellent way to maximize the amount of search traffic that your uploads end up receiving from both websites.


9. Cross-Channel Promotion

Cross-channel promotion is a favorite traffic source of many successful YouTubers. How can you benefit from this practice?

One approach is writing up blog content that is highly relevant to your existing video content. You can then embed the YouTube video that you wish to promote with the text of this piece.

Similarly, you can use your YouTube uploads as cross-channel promotion for you text-based content.

By cross-promoting both your video content and your written content, you can maximize the number of people who ultimately hear your message.

If you would like to incorporate social media into your cross-channel promotion, then this approach can be even more effective.

You could, for example, promote your written content (with embedded YouTube videos) via your Twitter account.

At the same time, you could also promote your video content directly on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. This will allow you to bring eager viewers from multiple sources.


So What’s Next?



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