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8 Ways to Send Better Email Marketing Newsletters

Your email marketing newsletters can be a great opportunity for your business and brand. Here are a few ways to make them better.



As a dedicated business owner, there are many ways to send better email marketing newsletters.

Email marketing, though one of the oldest digital marketing channels, continues to be a crucial part of any business’s online marketing strategy.

Email campaigns are among the most efficient and best converting marketing tactics.


Benefits of Email Marketing

In addition to having a direct communication channel with your brand’s audience, you will also be able to protect your business from the pesky algorithmic changes that frequently take place on both search engines and social media.

Sending out poorly written or haphazard email newsletters can have a negative impact on your brand’s online performance.

While this is not quite as bad as ignoring email marketing altogether, it is still something that you need to address.

If your business’s email marketing newsletter is not sufficiently engaging, then you will struggle to achieve your ideal open rates, and the conversion rates will be even worse.

Building up your business’s email list to the point that it can be a valuable marketing asset is important.

However, if your campaigns involve emails that are not relevant enough to your list’s recipients, then this will do little good for your brand.

How, though, can you craft a stronger email newsletter that is actually meaningful to your valued recipients?

Fortunately, we are about to go over some ways to send better email marketing newsletters.

If you can manage to send more effective emails to your brand’s list, then you will be rewarded with benefits like boosted conversions, click-through rates and open rates.

If you want your business’s email subscribers to eagerly await each branded message you send, then be sure to consider the following tactics for sending out better email marketing newsletters.


#1. Timing

How much thought have you given to the timing of your brand’s email newsletter?

It is highly important for brands to send out their newsletters at the most appropriate times for their audiences.

Otherwise, your business will have fewer eyes on its emails. Your email subscribers have their own schedules, and you need to adjust your newsletter’s timing accordingly.

Your brand’s geographic region, niche and demographic will all impact the optimal time for your newsletter to be sent out.

For certain demographics, it may be best to send out your brand’s email newsletter during office hours. For others, waiting until evenings and weekends may be a safer bet.

If you are in the restaurant business, for example, then sending your newsletters and coupons between 4:00 PM and 5:00P PM could be quite advantageous, as it will allow you to capitalize on your recipients natural inclination to already be thinking about dinner options at that time of day.

Tweaking the timing of your brand’s email marketing campaigns can be surprisingly effective. It does, however, take some experience and a reasonable sample size to get right.

Paying attention to which of your business’s emails receive the highest open rates and click-through rates will give you insight as to what time of day your company’s newsletter should be going out to recipients.


#2. Expectations

When your company begins receiving email subscriptions, this will be due to the understanding that these individuals will gain something of value from being part of your brand’s email list.

If your company fails to deliver the type of email content that its subscribers are seeking, then this could cause problems.

What specific information is your company’s email audience expecting to receive?

Sending out email newsletter installments that are not aligned with your recipients’ expectations is a serious mistake.

It can lead to lower open rates in the future as well as a portion of your email audience electing to unsubscribe.

Do not risk confusing your email list with newsletter content that does not meet their expectations or serve their needs. This will only end up frustrating your potential customers.

Matching your recipients’ expectations, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect.

Recipients will actually begin looking forward to your company’s newsletter, and they will be more likely to act on your newsletter’s calls-to-action as well.

Before sending out the next installment of your brand’s newsletter, ensure that its content is in line with what you have promised your valuable email list before collecting their information.


#3. List Segmentation

Segmenting your brand’s email list is definitely something worth considering. It can result in substantially higher open and click-thorough rates.

This is because list segmentation allows you to target certain portions of your email subscriber list with different types of content.

How do you go about list segmentation? You can begin sorting your company’s email list subscriber into lucrative segments based on which offers or pieces of content these members of your audience have interacted with.

Email campaigns that utilize list segmentation will often get to take advantage of a more receptive audience due to the more highly targeted information you will be able to deliver to each segment’s recipients.

One crucial aspect of list segmentation, though, is to always make sure that you are sending this specialized newsletter to the appropriate portion of your list.

If you end up sending the wrong segments a certain type of email newsletter that was intended for a different segment, then you could be creating issues for yourself.

Recipients who are not in the intended list segment may be disinterested enough in this piece of email content to either unsubscribe or send it to their spam folders.


8 Ways to Send Better Email Marketing Newsletters 2


#4. Mobile Responsiveness

Do you know what your company’s email newsletter looks like on mobile devices?

If you do not, then you could be severely hurting your email marketing campaign’s chances of success.

These days, a large percentage of emails are opened on mobile devices, which means that neglecting to optimize your email newsletter for mobile recipients will have negative consequences on the overall campaign.

Investing some time into ensuring that your email marketing newsletter is optimized for mobile responsiveness will certainly pay off long term.

Additionally, you will need to take into account the various mobile operating systems and email clients that your list’s recipients will be utilizing, as they can significantly affect how your newsletter will ultimately appear to these users.

In order to guarantee mobile responsiveness in your email marketing newsletter, it is a good idea to test our the newsletter on several devices before you eventually commit to sending it out to your company’s list.

Both the email newsletter and the email preview that your recipients will be viewing need to be taken into account.

Make sure that your newsletter is optimized for IOS Mail, Outlook for Android and IOS, Gmail for Android and IOS and more.


#5. Avoiding the Spam Folder

Will you brand’s email newsletter pass various email services’ spam filters?

If you do not know the answer to this question, then your email marketing campaign could be at risk of having its messages hidden from recipients due to modern, rigorous spam filtering.

If you want to test your newsletter’s performance with regard to spam filters, then there are plenty of tools around that can help you with this.

One of them is called Most professional email marketing software will also have this ability.

What can cause your business’s email newsletter to be pushed into the spam folder? Both the newsletter’s content and subject line can be at fault.

Pay particular attention to keywords that commonly appear in spam emails. These include terms like “exclusive deal,” “sale!” and more.

Additionally, look out for various untrustworthy-looking text in your newsletter. This can include affiliate links and tracking URLs.

If your recipients believe your newsletter’s content to be suspicious, they will be less likely to engage with it and complete its crucial calls-to-action.

Taking this issue seriously can increase the amount of newsletter recipients who actually open your important company emails.


#6. Improving the Subject Line

What doe the subject lines of your brand’s email marketing newsletter look like?

The subject line is actually among the most important elements when it comes to a successful email marketing campaign.

This is what will determine whether your list’s recipients will even open your newsletter. If you want to maximize the number of recipients who open and read your brand’s email marketing newsletter, then it is vital that you put some work into optimizing your subject lines.

What should an optimal email newsletter subject line look like, though?

You need to make sure that you keep your newsletter’s subject lines as concise as possible, as this will make the entire subject line visible in an email client’s preview, regardless of whether the recipient is using a desktop email client or a mobile email client.

In addition to being short, you should seek to make your newsletter’s subject lines unique and attention-grabbing. You need your prospective customers to be compelled to actually click you your newsletter and read through its contents.

There are a few ways to accomplish this. Using questions is a great strategy for crafting intriguing newsletter subject lines because it appeals to your recipients’ curiosity.

Furthermore, choosing vocabulary that invokes urgency and scarcity can be a smart strategy as well.


#7. Paragraph Length

Similar to your website’s content, you should strive to create email newsletter content that has short paragraphs.

This will make it easier for your recipients to read all the way until the end of your brand’s newsletter, which his where your call-to-action will be.

Making sure that the sections of your newsletter are of an easily readable length is crucial.

Additionally, make sure that the way the newsletter’s content is spaced out will look good on both smartphones and computers.

Before sending out the next installment of your company’s email marketing newsletter, make sure to get rid of any large blocks of text, as they will create a more difficult reading experience for your email subscribers.


8 Ways to Send Better Email Marketing Newsletters 3


#8. Clear Calls-to-Action

Finally, each installment of your well-written company newsletter should contain a clear call-to-action (CTA).

Including a CTA in your newsletter matters because otherwise your email subscribers will not know what you want them to do once they have finished reading the newsletter.

When it comes to placing CTAs in your brand’s email newsletter, it is best to only include one.

This way, the majority of the newsletter will simply be valuable information for your email subscribers to enjoy, and they will not become overwhelmed by too much promotion and too many calls-to-action.

It is also a good idea to make your newsletter’s calls-to-action as straightforward as you can while integrating them into the email’s content.


So What’s Next?

Email remains one of the higher ROI marketing investments for many small business. If you’re looking to maximize your results with email marketing, be sure to check out this email marketing platform.


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