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Wishpond vs. ClickFunnels: Which Landing Page Builder For Marketing Automation?

Are you looking for a platform that gives you all the tools you need for excellent lead-generation and fully automated marketing?

Would you like to be able to split-test, create, and instantly publish landing pages that bring customers to your doorstep?

Finally, are you in search of tools that make lead-management and list-making less of a chore, and don’t cost a fortune?

If you answered “yes,” or “maybe” to any of the above questions, it’s time to look at an up-close comparison between two of the most popular products on the market, both of which claim to deliver the goods, and both of which, frankly, do an acceptable job in most cases.

But, there are essential differences, and both ClickFunnels and Wishpond have their strong and weak points.

Let’s see what they are, and dig deeper into the nuts-and-bolts of the competing platforms.


Wishpond vs. ClickFunnels

Features Comparison

Head to Head

Both Wishpond and ClickFunnels have a lot of the same features, functions, and benefits for users.

I was actually surprised at the amount of similarity, but there are still quite a few differences.

In fact, there are enough that you should examine the following side-by-side comparison and see which product “wins” each particular category.

Building Sales Funnels

Both platforms are designed to do this task well, and they both accomplish that goal.

However, ClickFunnels goes a bit further by allowing a more complex, varied approach to building sales funnels based on your particular preferences, like email automation, various kinds of contests, ads, and landing pages.

ClickFunnels wins this one due to their more diversified offerings for users of all levels and companies of all sizes.



Click Funnels 00



Companies need to have lots of choices when it comes to building their pages and making them effective for channeling new customers to the proper next step of the process.

Both ClickFunnels and Wishpond have capable drag-and-drop website and page builders built into their functionality.

In this case, it’s more a case of what kind of drag-and-drop you prefer and enjoy using.

It’s a tie here because each product’s functionality with this feature is nearly identical. Do a trial for each and see which is more to your liking.



Click Funnels 00 Wishpond 00



Wishpond takes you just about 15 minutes and a half-dozen clicks to get all set up and registered. ClickFunnels is a bit easier and integrates the 14-day free trial offer right into the process.

ClickFunnels – you’re up and and running in minutes.



Click Funnels 00


Customer Support

Both ClickFunnels  and Wishpond are capable in this category. Wishpond has unlimited hours of contact, which means you’re never waiting for their customer service to “open.”

Plus, you can utilize chat, email, and phone to connect. Their FAQ section is excellent and answers most beginners’ questions right off the bat.

ClickFunnels has technicians available around the clock, and also offer chat, email, and other methods of contact.

They also get high ratings from users for responsiveness and expertise of the techs who help users.

Another tie. Both platforms have very good customer service.



Click Funnels 00 Wishpond 00



Wishpond works hard to make sure that all the data it collects only goes to the business that is using the platform.

None of the personal or financial info collected is sold, abused, or dealt with in any other way than for its intended purpose.

Likewise, ClickFunnels has built a cyber-secure environment in which its thousands of daily users get customer information that is protected from misuse.

Another tie. Both sites are known for their security and data protection.



Wishpond 00 Click Funnels 00



Pricing plans and differences are dizzying between the two products, but a simple range is the best way to look at the situation.

With Wishpond, you have a choice of three plans that range from $69 to $199 per month with all the bells and whistles.

For ClickFunnels, the range is much greater because there is more on tap for the high end of the pricing realm.

Beginners pay $97 per month, but for companies that want it all, the price is $1,497 per month.

Wishpond is the winner here because of their more affordable options, even for larger entities.



Wishpond 00


Standout Features of Each Product

Shoppers always want to know “which one is better” when they’re faced with two items that are similar.

The best way to approach this time-honored dilemma is to see what each company considers its product’s best points.

Additionally, you need to check those seller-based beliefs against reality by reading reviews like these, doing trials, and researching on your own.

Searching for these “standout features” is essential when you’re shopping for software that is going to be doing the heavy lifting in your marketing and sales functions.

What are the main selling points of Wishpond and ClickFunnels?


ClickFunnels offers:

  • Amazing customization, especially with regard to the pre-designed templates. But you can customize any of them to suit your particular type of company and selling style.
  • Top-notch integration for all sorts of functions, primarily shopping carts, is a major plus for ClickFunnels. The integration API available streamlines the entire shopping-cart process so you don’t lose sales at the most important point of the buying cycle.
  • Excellent mobile support means many things for ClickFunnels users. First, it means you get ideal screen-resolution for mobile device users who browse and buy on your site. But, it’s also about making every one of your pages totally mobile-responsive. That way, your potential customers and current ones will never be without access to your products as long as they have a mobile device with them.


Wishpond offers:

  • Some of the best marketing campaigns in the niche, complete with user-friendly functions and real-world features that bring new customers to you, like opt-in bars, attractive landing pages, pop-ups that don’t annoy, and website overlays that make sense.
  • Rapid onboarding with lots of easy options, like simple page setup, campaign launching, and lead importing without a long learning curve.
  • Effective conversion due to the three-step process the company designed. Wishpond begins with capable attraction of new customers, then lets you gather data about their behavior and demographics. The last step is the platform’s power to engage your newfound clients with social contacts and interesting interaction.


ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

Click Funnels Pros

  • Its sales/marketing funnel is extremely efficient
  • Does an excellent job of tracking and collecting buyer and site visitor information
  • Is a capable “all-in-one” platform, from lead creation to conversions
  • All the pages you create are automatically inter-connected

Click Funnels Cons:

  • It’s one of the pricier products in this niche
  • You don’t own the pages you create, so expect to lose out if you leave ClickFunnels


Wishpond Pros and Cons

Wishpond Pros:

  • Wishpond as an amazing ability to gather relevant site visitor data
  • Offers dozens of easy-to-use tutorials so anyone can use it
  • Customer support is top-notch
  • Can boost lead-generation with helpful pop-up pages

Wishpond Cons

  • There have been some complaints about getting refunds
  • Could use additional features to stay up with competitors


The Verdict

Both are capable of helping businesses generate leads, build lists, and do dozens of other essential marketing tasks.

ClickFunnels is cloud-based and Wishpond is not, but both offer excellent ROI, lots of useful features, and are easy to use.

Pricing is not even kind of similar, so be sure to check the features section above to see which arrangement is best for your company’s budget.

ClickFunnels is probably better for large businesses based on its features, but either platform can be tweaked for a company of any size.

Neither requires you to be an IT wiz or coding guru, which is a big plus for both. And, of course, you pay for those features in ClickFunnels with the higher price.

When push comes to shove, it depends what kind of platform you enjoy using, what your budget allows, and what type of company you have.

The best way to decide whether ClickFunnels or Wishpond is your platform is to trial the products, or check out our short list below.

Here’s the short version if you want to make a fast decision:


ClickFunnels Home 00


Select ClickFunnels if you:

  • Enjoy easy integrations with a separate email service-provider, for instance
  • Want super-simple landing pages that can host events, guides, and more
  • Prefer to use pop-up software for opt-ins and to collect customer data
  • Often do split-testing (A/B testing) for landing pages, offers, etc.
  • Are looking for a simple CRM tool that does it all for beginners


Wishpond Home 00


Opt for Wishpond if you:

  • Want a relatively short learning curve, drag-and-drop functionality, and dozens of pertinent tutorials
  • Love simple navigation. With Wishpond, all you ever have to navigate between are emails, lists, and content
  • Often rely on top-notch customer service when you have questions
  • Want true value when it comes to return-on-investment


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