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Wobble Boards: Good to Use With Standing Desks?

You’ve probably seen wobble boards from people exercising outdoors or in the gym. You wanted to get one, but you can’t seem to find time and energy to workout before or after office hours.

Then why can’t you just bring it to your office? Let’s find out if wobble boards are good to use with standing desks.

Wobble boards are good to use with standings desks because they add dynamic movement to your static standing posture. In addition, it is excellent for physical therapy, where you can do balance exercises to stabilize body muscles. 

Even experts would tell you that standing alone has its benefits than sitting. What more if you can do mini exercises and some movements? This article will discuss wobble boards – their benefits, how you should use them, and for how long. So why do you need to add it to your office setup? Let’s find out.


Should You Use a Wobble Board When Working?

What Is A Wobble Board?

A wobble board, like any balance board, improves balance, functional strength, and mental focus. Thus, many working individuals add it to their office setup as a standing desk accessory. While standing, you can do different minor exercises which promote micro-movements.

Wobble boards can stimulate the body’s vestibular system. It is a sensory system that provides our brain with information about motion, head position, and spatial orientation.

The little exercises that you can do while using a wobble board have significant effects on keeping balance, stabilizing the body, creating body awareness, and maintaining posture.

Wobble boards look like a toy, but it offers unlimited benefits to the body when you use them for exercise.


Best Wobble Board For Standing Desks


Yes4All Wobble Balance Board #1 Recommendation – FluidStance Standing Desk Balance Board Gaiam Evolve Balance Board
The Yes4All Wobble Balance Board is one of our favorites because of the massage points that provide a secure grip while using it. The FluidStance Standing Desk Balance Board is a premium balance board made for professionals that helps you stand comfortably longer. The Gaiam Evolve Balance Board is a must have for standing desk owners that keeps your mind engaged and promotes micromovements that keep you alert and more productive.


What Is The Point Of A Wobble Board?

Wobble boards improve your balance, athletic, postural, and body coordination. Improving these parts of our body helps prevent falls while doing physical activities and even daily tasks.

It looks simple, but it provides several health benefits. Most of it includes balancing movements that we all need for our daily tasks. So let’s take a look at some more.

1.Wobble Boards Stabilize Muscles

Muscle stabilization is essential in our everyday lives. However, too little movement and lack of stability in the muscles often leads to stiffness, dysfunction, and degenerative changes. These all add up and increase the risk of injury.

Wobble boards are essential, especially if you have been working (and sitting) for the entire day. Wobble boards work on your lumbopelvic region to keep you upright. But if you sit all day, you can have struggles carrying your weight. Then, you’ll feel a lot harder to move around.

2.Wobble Boards Promote Micro-Movements

Even if you don’t do some wobble board exercises, it still moves even if you stand on it. These micro-movements beat sitting all day. Plus, a wobble board with a standing desk in the office makes working more fun.

The short and mini exercises you can make using a wobble board are better than nothing. It’s enough to avoid sitting all day and its unhealthy effects.

3.Wobble Boards Promote Low-Impact Movements

Did you know that low-impact movements help activate different parts of our body? It forces you to use muscles all over the body.

Unlike high-impact exercises, low-impact activities have a small risk of injuries. Thus, it makes wobble boards perfect for all ages, regardless of their fitness level.

4.Wobble Boards Keep You Alert

The longer you stay in the office, the longer you sit, and eventually, you’ll start to feel sleepy. Unfortunately, it’s true and happens to most of us who are working and sitting all day.

Even small movements will help you become more alert throughout the day. For example, a balance board can help you get the most out of your standing desk by activating your lower limbs and core while you stand.


How Do You Use Wobble Boards With Standing Desks?

It doesn’t seem very easy for a first-timer to use a wobble board. But if you choose the right wobble board based on your skill level.

Besides, wobble boards are perfect for all experience levels. So, there’s not much to worry about if it’s your first-time standing on it. But, here are some tips for using wobble boards with standing desks.

  • Wear a pair of flat shoes so that your toes and heels are at the same level. If you prefer standing with bare feet, pick soft wobble boards.
  • Focus on distributing your body weight evenly to make the wobble board stable. Slightly lean on your toes and heels whenever you get out of balance.
  • Align your neck, torso, and hips vertically. This position will be your center of mass.
  • Don’t look down or on your feet because it will cause the wobble to move. Instead, look far away and focus on your balancing.
  • Use wobble boards only if there’s enough space and a well-lit area. It will prevent any unwanted injuries.
  • If needed, change the office, or home office setup to avoid hurting yourself if you stumble and fall.
  • Put a carpet underneath the wobble board to avoid a slippery floor.



What Exercises Work On Wobble Boards?

One benefit of using a wobble board is that you can do various exercises. It’s gaining popularity among people working for more than 6 to 8 hours a day. These people don’t have time and energy to exercise.

That’s why wobble boards come in handy. It lets you do exercises while working on your standing desk. So, here are some activities to do on your wobble board.

Exercise #1 – Board Tilt

It’s a simple yet challenging exercise, especially if you’re a beginner. Board tilt strengthens and stabilizes your ankles.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Stand on the wobble board, find your balance, and start from a neutral position.
  2. Steadily tilt the wobble board forward until its edge touches the floor.
  3. Then, move backward until the back edge touches the floor.
  4. Do the tilting back and forth slowly for 30 seconds. You can also tilt the wobble board from side to side.

TIP: If you find it hard to find your balance, use our standing desk for support until you can tilt on your own.

Board #2 – Round The Clock

This exercise helps in improving your balance, core strength, and lower leg muscles. As the name suggests, you need to make a full rotation while standing on your wobble board – just like a clock.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Step on the wobble board carefully. Then, find your balance.
  2. Tilt your board forward steadily forward until the edge touches the floor.
  3. Slowly rotate the wobble word clockwise.
  4. Keep shifting your weight until you complete the rotation. Then, do the same in a counterclockwise direction.

TIP: Take this exercise to the next level by using one leg at a time.

Board #3 – Wobble Board Push-Ups

Push-ups alone improve your shoulders and upper strength. However, when you do it on a wobble board, it also targets your lower abs as you keep your body stable. Moreover, it is a great way to work on the ‘V’ shape around your waist.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Put your body in a regular push-up position. Then, place your hands on the wobble board.
  2. Keep your wrists in a fully-fledged position, and your hands stable on top of the board.
  3. Slowly push your body up and down until you get your pace.

TIP: If you’re having a hard time, you can do this exercise while on your knees. Once your body gets used to it, you can move to advance pull-ups for more challenges.

Board #4 – Calf Stretch

Calf stretches are beneficial, especially if you’ve been sitting for long hours. It improves stability to support the lower leg, foot, and ankle. Strengthening your calf also helps prevent injuries.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Start by placing one foot on the wobble board.
  2. Keep your heel flat. Once you find your balance, put another foot on the board.
  3. Lean forward until you feel the stretch in your calf muscle.

Board #5 – Wobble Board Dumbbells

Micro movements and small exercises are better than nothing. With this simple exercise, you can work on your arms while balancing on the board simultaneously.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Put your feet shoulder-width apart on the wobble board until you find your balance.
  2. Start lifting the dumbbell while balancing your weight on the wobble board.
  3. Add more challenge to this exercise by balancing on one leg and lifting the dumbbells.

Board #6 – Wobble Board Squat

Squats are one of the best exercises that you can perform on a wobble board, which is also perfect with standing desks. It burns fat and tones your muscles. At the same time, you can strengthen your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Start by positioning your feet wider than your hip-width on the wobble board.
  2. Slowly bend your knee until your thighs are parallel with the floor.
  3. Maintain this position for about a minute to start. Then, gradually increase the minutes longer as you can.

Board #7 – Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises are great for strengthening your core muscles. It includes the pelvis, lower back, hips, and, of course, abdomen. Thus, you can achieve better balance and stability.

How to do this exercise?

  1. Sit on the wobble words with crossed legs, straight back, and head up.
  2. Make a rational movement steadily, focusing only on your abdominal muscles. Then, repeat the same step in a different direction.
  3. Keep working on these abdominal exercises for minutes.

TIP: Make these exercises more challenging by kneeling on the wobble board and doing the same movement for longer minutes.


How Long Should You Stand On A Wobble Board?

If you’re standing on a wobble board while working on your standing desk, you can stand for about 20 to 30 minutes every hour. On the other hand, most exercises on a wobble board last for about 2 to 3 minutes each cycle.

Remember that muscle stabilization is extremely important when using a wobble board. You need to perfect this muscle memory since most of your brain needs to focus on work.

Don’t put too much stress on your lower body when you’re standing on a wobble board. Once your feet or lumbopelvic region feels tired, it’s okay to sit down again and take a rest. At the same time, you can use the board as a footrest while sitting down.

Also, it’s better if you can use the wobble board with a height-adjustable standing desk. So, you can adjust the height once you step on the board.


Does Standing On A Wobble Board Burn Calories?

Standing on a wobble board burns calories. There is no exact data about the number of calories burned while standing. But the National Institutes of Health says that an average 170-pound person burns 206 calories standing.

The more exercises and movements you make, the more calories you can burn. You can engage in various muscle groups constantly. It includes the core, lower back, and leg muscles.


How to Choose Wobble Boards for Standing Desk?

You’ve finally realized that you need a wobble board for your standing desk. So, how can you choose the best wobble words for a standing desk? Before you jump right into the market, consider some factors.

Deck Material

Most durable wobble boards use all-natural wood. It’s a rigid material that is enough to withstand heavyweight and long-term use. In addition, all-natural wobble boards are more environmentally-friendly and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The deck materials have a significant impact on your experience. It also affects the wobble board’s strength, looks, feels, movement, and longevity.

On the other hand, synthetic wobble boards are not as resilient as their counterparts. Their price is cheaper, but it doesn’t guarantee long-term durability most of the time.

Aside from the material, always check the finishing touches used. Some manufacturers use paints, lacquer, or oil. Regardless, make sure that the finish underwent a non-toxic treatment. It helps the wood last longer and avoids cracking, chipping, or flaking.

Weight Capacity

Most of the time, thicker, heavier, and high-quality materials offer higher weight capacity. Thus, look for a wobble board that matches your weight.

Every wobble board has a limited weight capacity. Most wobble boards can load up to 400 lbs or 181 kg. However, some thinner boards are less durable, so they can’t hold heavyweights.

Deck Size and Design

Find a size that would fit your height and weight and a design that would fit your needs. Too hard deck material will bring foot pain, especially if you use the wobble board without shoes.

Wobble boards come in different sizes and shapes. Each style comes in various widths, thicknesses, and designs. But the ideal wobble board is the one that is large enough for comfortable use.

‘Comfortable’ differs for every user. Since you’re an adult looking for a wobble board suitable for standing desks, what size and design would match your height, weight, and preference? It needs to be wide and strong enough for comfortable use.


Wobble boards should be curved enough for easy rocking. If it’s too flat, then the board would be too stable. Then, you won’t be able to do exercises and make micro-movements. It would be just like standing on a platform.

On the other hand, you also want to avoid curved wobble boards. It will rock too much, which is not ideal when working on standing desks. Besides, too curved boards are not usable in specific applications.

Anti-Skid or Smooth

Anti-skid and smooth finish on wobble boards are both good options. It all boils down to what do you need most? Are you more comfortable using wobble boards on a smooth surface? Or do you feel safer with an anti-skid pad on top of the board?

Wobble boards with an anti-skid pad are easier to balance and safer to use. However, the rocking ability might be a little bit limited.

Smooth boards are more versatile and more challenging to use. Besides, you’d probably use a wobble board with a pair of shoes while you work. Just make sure to wear rubber shoes to avoid slipping.



Final Thoughts

Wobble boards are good to use with standing desks. It’s a modern way of exercising in the office and avoiding sitting all day. The short exercises and micro-movements that you can make promote better health benefits.

You can do wobble board exercises while working for 20 minutes every hour. Doing low-impact movements can activate different parts of the body. Thus, it helps boost productivity.

If you think that you already need a wobble boar in your office or work-from-home setup, make sure to get the right one. Always consider the material, weight capacity, size, design, and curve.

At the end of the day, what matters most is to do some exercises while working rather than just sitting all day.


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